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Succeeding in a #greencareer requires persistence to put sustainability at the forefront of everything you do. As we wrap up #GreenSkillsWeek, find out why Louise believes persistence is such an important skill.

As part of #GreenSkillsWeek, Dina Potter, @nationalgriduk Global Head of Social Impact, speaks to @edie about how we can get the next generation excited about green jobs and align futureproofing the country’s workforce with UK climate ambitions

How can we use hydrogen to ensure people are able to access the energy they need, when they need it most? Tony Green from @nationalgriduk explains, in the latest of our #GasGoesGreen #H2Explainer blogs 👇

Being inspired and excited about a green career is the first step. This #GreenSkillsWeek, find out how being driven to find a better way could be the start of a green career to help the UK reach #netzero.

The UK energy split has been reported on TV for the first time! 📺
Realtime @ng_eso data showing the split of #renewables, #nuclearpower and #fossilfuels will be aired on @SkyNews #DailyClimateShow Monday to Friday at 6.30pm & 9.30pm.
#netzero #COP26

Last week UK Executive Director, Nicola Shaw and @nationalgridus President, Badar Khan joined @UKinBoston & @ItalyinBoston to discuss how we're tackling #climatechange. Read 4 things about our role and what we're doing. 🇬🇧🇺🇸
#COP26 #TogetherForOurPlanet

Year 12 students! Check out this opportunity with @youngenterprise and @nationalgriduk.

Apply to learn about the energy sector, the skills employers look for + how to get noticed in applications.

You can also receive mentoring and support with apprenticeships. #GreenSkillsWeek

"Knowledge and creativity improve things but imagination is at the heart of all breakthroughs." Iliana Portugues has shared why imagination is such an important skill for a green career.
Find out how you can help build a #netzero future:

What is the best #greenskill for a young person to develop? This #GreenSkillsWeek, we asked our colleagues this question to find out how young people can prepare for a career that helps the UK to reach #netzero.

#Didyouknow the Victorians used sewer gas to power street lights? Discover six surprising facts about #biogas, including just how many homes could be heated with our annual Christmas food waste.
#renewablenergy #greenenergy

Hear how @nationalgridus and @nationalgriduk are #decarbonizing our energy systems by watching LIVE:

#ClimateAction New England: The Road to #COP26

Nicola Shaw of @nationalgriduk speaking at the @UKinBoston "The Road to COP26" says wind is producing 10 GW of power in UK, that number will climb to 40 GW by the end of the decade. Reference - 1 GW could power 300,000 homes. #RenewableEnergy #ClimateAction

It's a lovely sunny ☀️ day for many of us and solar is making up almost a quarter of all our power ⚡️ in GB right now!

Download our app for more stats and data 📈 👇

Where are we going to get all the power from to charge electric vehicles?

Russell Fowler @nationalgriduk answers the key questions as the nation’s electricity distributor gears up for the 2030 deadline.

Listen to our podcast here:


Delivery by drone, self-driving buses, London to Edinburgh trains in 45 minutes – we explore the change that’s already here and the #transportrevolution that's fast approaching. Find out how #renewableenergy will power travel.

We’re used to seeing a blue gas flame inside our boilers or when we ignite our cooker hobs, but the colour could change with the introduction of #hydrogen. Aside from flames, find out what the different hydrogen colour codes mean.

President of @nationalgriduk Nicola Shaw will join us to discuss utility's role in bridging the equity divide in #climatechange

What are the lessons @nationalgriduk & @nationalgridus can learn from one another? Sign up to find out! 🔗 #ClimateActionWomen

It's #GreenSkillsWeek in just under two weeks!🙌

We are proud to be teaming up with @ManGroup, @nationalgriduk and our supporters @AnglianWater and @SkyCorporate to inspire young people to pick up green skills!

#Sustainability #NetZero #GreenJobs

1,000 schoolchildren living near the #VikingLink interconnector route in #Lincolnshire will receive a new workbook this week. 'Nessa and the Interconnector' is aligned to the National Curriculum and inspires children aged 7-11 to learn more about #cleanenergy.

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