Electricity and Gas Suppliers – 2021

When you’re choosing an energy broker to help you find the best deal for commercial electricity, gas and water contracts, it is important that they have access to a broad range of suppliers and the knowledge and experience to guide you to the best supplier for your business.

Utility suppliers in the UK energy market.

We work with the majority of suppliers, and are happy to explain why we don’t work with all of them.

E.on Next (Eon has taken over npower.)

One of the big 5 suppliers.
 Gas and Power


Taken over by E.on, the name may disappear soon.
 Gas and Power
SSE – Scottish and Southern Energy

Another of the Big 5, but has now sold its domestic arm to Ovo Energy
 Gas and Power
Scottish Power

One of the Big 5, and the largest domestic supplier
 Gas (SME Only) and Power
EDF Energy

One of the Big 5, and the largest Nuclear generator.
 Gas (SME Only) and Power
British Gas

The original and still the largest gas supplier (domestic and commercial combined). The last of the Big 5.
 Gas and Power

The largest commercial gas supplier.
 Gas and Power
Haven Power

Green supplier, owned by Drax, who also own Opus.
 Power only
Opus Energy

Green supplier, owned by Drax, who also own Haven Power.
 Power only

They supply around 14% of the commercial gas market.
 Gas and Power

The largest offshore wind electricity generator
 Gas and Power
Total Gas and Power

Part of a large European supplier.
 Gas and Power
Brook Green Supply

Green supplier, with a trading background.
 Gas and Power

French energy giant, green supplier
 Gas and Power
Octopus Business

One of the fastest growing new entrants.
 Gas and Power
Dual Energy – Taken over by Smartest Energy, now trading as Smartest Energy Business

Early promoter of smart metering.
 Gas and Power
CNG Energy

recently renamed from Contract Natural Gas.
 Gas Only
Crown Gas and Power

Oil, Gas and Power supplier
 Gas and Power

Small Supplier based in Manchester
 Power, Gas and Water

Very flexible on credit ratings.
 Gas and Power

LPG and Mains Gas Supplier
 LPG and Gas
United Gas and Power

Based in Leeds.
 Gas and Power
Yu Energy Gas and Power
Yorkshire Gas and Power

The other Leeds based supplier.
 Gas and Power
Dyce Energy

Small Gas Supplier
Gas Only

Major Green supplier.
 Gas and Power
Bulb Business Energy

The fastest growing energy supplier.
 Gas and Power
Smartest Energy

Half hourly meters only, flexible energy.
 Power Only
Niccolo Gas

New entrant, based in Scotland.
 Gas Only
 Valda Energy

Small supplier, launched in 2019
  Gas and Power

Contacting Suppliers

Contact details for most suppliers can be found on this page

Domestic Energy Suppliers

For a full list of domestic energy suppliers here