Water in Scotland

What is the Wholesale Charges Deferral Scheme? In June of 2020, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland introduced support measures aimed at helping non-household customers affected by COVID-19. Premises with a 25mm or smaller meter size, and unmeasured premises can apply for a deferral of up to 60% of their wholesale fixed charges (backdated all …

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Who are our Main Water Suppliers?

This infographic seeks to explain who the biggest water suppliers are in the world so far, from where they operate to what sector of the water industry they specialise. An encompassing long-term view is necessary to protect our water, fluid infrastructure and the planet.

Who is my Water Company?

Have you ever found yourself wondering where your water comes from? Well, look no further. Water suppliers cover a range of cities across the UK and so perhaps if you are moving to a new area, or if you are just intrigued, knowing who your water supplier can be useful information. Spanning England and Wales, …

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