New Supplies

Contestable Works

What does the term ‘contestable works’ mean? When applying for a new electricity connection – the work that is needed to be completed in order to fit a new supply can be split into contestable works, and non-contestable. It is a strange differentiation to make, that is true. There are certain types of reinforcement works …

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11kV Supplies

11kV, if you did not know is the main voltage used for distributing energy. For domestic and (most) business use the voltage of energy is dropped to 415 or 240V. This makes the energy safe to use and be interacted with by users (such as plugging in an appliance, so the risk of electrocution is …

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What are CTs? (Current Transformers)

CTs – Overview Current transformers are measuring devices that are used to safely reproduce a low-level current that accurately represents a higher current level. They are mainly used for the purpose of metering (measuring) and protection. They come in numerous different sizes, shapes, and ratings to fit the broad range of applications. Current transformers are …

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