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Rapid workplace testing is now available for all businesses, for free.

This will help:
▶️find more #COVID19 cases
▶️prevent workers from unknowingly spreading the virus
▶️keep workplaces safe

Businesses should register interest by 31 March.


📣 Businesses of any size in England can now apply for free #COVID19 rapid testing kits for employees, even if currently closed due to lockdown restrictions.

Testing is important. Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 have no symptoms.

Register by 31 March:

Ahead of #IWD we’re celebrating female representation in British business.

@DiageoGB has the highest ratio of female board members in the FTSE 100.

Chief HR Officer Mairead Nayager explain how promoting women in senior leadership roles is making their business even better 👇🏽

We're delighted to announce that @ASollowayUK Minister for Science, Research & Innovation @beisgovuk will be joining our #InternationalWomensDay #womeninnovate opening session @innovateuk👏

Take part in celebrating the achievements of Women in Innovation:

WATCH LIVE: #Coronavirus press conference (5 March 2021)


⚫ @MattHancock, @DHSCgovuk Secretary
⚫ Dr Susan Hopkins, @PHE_uk

The government's new Help to Grow: Management scheme provides world-class training for leaders of small and medium sized businesses.

Take your business to the next level. Register your interest:

#Budget2021 #PlanForJobs

Take your business to the next level. The government's new Help to Grow: Digital scheme will give small and medium sized businesses free technology advice and discounts on software.

Register your interest:

#Budget2021 #PlanForJobs

Ready, steady, SCIENCE 🔬✨

Today #BSW2021 kicks off, and we're celebrating scientists, innovators, engineers who are helping to make the UK world-leaders in STEM.

Watch the story of two #WomenInScience working at the @OxfordVacGroup and how they are #SmashingStereotypes 👩‍🔬

We’ve almost completed preparations for our #hydrogenhome near #Gateshead.
Excited to be working in partnership with @beisgovuk and @CadentGasLtd, plus leading appliance manufacturers to bring a hydrogen home of the future to the public for the very first time
#hydrogen #netzero

New rules for business with Europe have arrived.

Braden Harris of @DP_Lighting_Ltd on how they are keeping their business moving.

Act now 👉

Bold ideas coming your way next week to shape a new kind of regenerative normal for people, climate and nature from @TYFAdventure @innocent @BulbUK @IntelliDigest hosted by @KwasiKwarteng @beisgovuk

@NowPartners @BCorpUK @BizDeclares @jyotib @DOLectures #carbon #biodiversity

The package of support announced in the budget yesterday will help protect jobs and livelihoods.

Extensions to existing schemes, and the introduction of new grants and loans will support businesses as we carefully reopen the economy.

Find out more:

Yesterday we announced £30 million for Wales’ Global Centre for Rail Excellence 🇬🇧🚆

💡Driving innovation and technology across the UK
🌳Making our railways greener
👷Creating and supporting jobs

Find out more about #Budget2021 👇


We’ve updated our advice to help employers provide adequate ventilation in their workplaces during the pandemic. Help protect your workers with our step-by-step guidance: #coronavirus

#Budget2021 is designed to protect jobs and livelihoods through the #COVID19 pandemic

Our department will have a key role to play in delivering its commitments

From business grants to support for green projects, find out more about BEIS in the Budget 👉

Next week top green business leaders from companies like @innocent and @BulbUK will share their experiences of creating and working in green jobs live here on Twitter, hosted by @KwasiKwarteng.

🗓️ Weds 10 March
🕚 11am

Send in your questions for the panel in the replies 👇

"This Budget shows promising commitment to harnessing UK scaleups' potential, while addressing some of the obstacles they face."

💸👀Tech Nation takes a look at #Budget2021 #uktech

I’m utterly over the moon that more investment and energy is going into supporting our young people who need our help more has ever and it’s great to see more investment in both traineeships and apprenticeships.

Thanks @RishiSunak @hmtreasury Hope, skills and opportunity!

Our @britishchambers main asks for #Budget2021 were:

1️⃣more coronavirus support for affected firms;

2️⃣ avoidance of immediate business tax rises;

3️⃣ big incentives for biz investment.

All three priorities visible in @RishiSunak @hmtreasury announcements today.

Today's Budget provides extraordinary levels of support to millions of businesses and workers across the UK

Extensions to furlough, self-employed support, grants, loans, rates relief, and VAT cuts – bringing total fiscal support to over £407 billion


WATCH LIVE: #Budget2021 press conference (3 March 2021)


⚫ @RishiSunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, @HMTreasury

Following the delivery of #Budget2021 in @UKParliament. Chancellor @RishiSunak is hosting a live press conference.

With the new Help to Grow: Management scheme, SME leaders will be able to access world-leading business management training to spur innovation and growth. Here’s Chancellor @RishiSunak to tell you more. #PlanForJobs #Budget2021

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Ofgem News and Updates

We want to hear your views as we update our guidance documents for our:

✅Renewable Obligation scheme
✅Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme
✅Feed-in Tariff schemes

Learn more and share your feedback by 31 March 📅👉


🔥⚡ Received a ‘back bill’ for your gas or electricity? 📑 We’ve put in place strict rules suppliers must stick to for unbilled energy beyond 12 months.

👉 Your rights and who to contact if you’re having problems:

Do you know about the extra help available to you from #energy services? Learn more in our online guide ➡️


One of our successful grantees, the Birmingham Disability Resource Centre, has developed e-learning modules for their clients on being a savvy energy shopper, keeping warm and consumer rights, billing and tariffs when it comes to energy.

Ofgem awards licence for grid link to world’s largest wind farm

Learn more 👇

#Renewables #RenewableEnergy #EnergyIndustry

Need extra help managing your energy? You might be eligible for the Priority Services Register 📘

Learn more 👉


The Non-Domestic #RHI Scheme is closing to new applicants on 31 March, with the one month window for extension applications now open🗓️

Follow our guidance and submit your application👇

Guidance for extension applicants ➡️

#RenewableHeat #Renewables

🔃Problems with your energy switch? You will automatically receive £30 if you experience delays or mistakes when switching supplier

Learn more 👉

#EnergyBills #EnergySwitch

18 energy suppliers pay £10.4 million for contract renewal failures

Learn more ⬇️

#EnergyIndustry #EnergySwitch

The #EnergyPriceCap limits the price a supplier can charge you for each unit of #energy you use but you could save more 👇

📢Talk to your supplier to see what tariffs are available
💻Use a price comparison website to switch supplier

Learn more 👉

🏠If you’re worried about your #EnergyBills our guides can help:
✅ Switch for a better deal:
✅ Check if you qualify for extra help:
✅ Contact your supplier if you’re struggling to pay:

Can't remember the last time you switched #energy supplier? You may be on a poor value 'standard variable tariff'. These tariffs are capped under the #EnergyPriceCap - but you could save more by switching supplier.

Learn more➡️


The first major #NationalPark project to remove pylons & overhead power lines, replacing them with underground cables, now has both planning permission & @ofgem funding ​approval. The Peak East​ VIP project will reduce the visual impact of energy infrastructure in @peakdistrict.

The Non-Domestic #RHI Scheme is closing to new applicants on 31 March🗓️

Join our online event to hear more about the closure & our proposed changes⬇️

Event register👉
Read our Draft Closure Guidance👉

#RenewableHeat #Renewables

Do you know about the extra help available to you from #energy services? Learn more in our online guide ➡️


Need extra help managing your energy? You might be eligible for the Priority Services Register 📘

Learn more 👉


Are you a local authority with projects ready to be delivered and that underpin the transition to #NetZero?

Then be sure to take part in @energynetworks' #greenrecovery call for evidence with @ofgem.

But hurry - it closes on 19 March. More info👇

🏠If you’re worried about your energy bills our guides can help:
✅ Switch for a better deal:
✅ Check if you qualify for extra help:
✅ Contact your supplier if you’re struggling to pay:

It's #SimpleToSwitch 🔁 #DidYouKnow you only need your #energybill to find out if you could be on a better deal? Find out more about the myths of switching in this blog from the Energy Switch Guarantee: 🔌 💡 🍳

The four tests which must be met before we can move through each step of the COVID-19 roadmap.

Decisions at each step will be made on the latest data and we will be cautious so that we do not undo the progress we have achieved so far.


Are you a former Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) customer of Green Network Energy? To continue receiving payments you’ll need to select a new SEG tariff👇

Smart Export Guarantee supplier list ➡️
More info ➡️


💷💷💷 Are you owed credit on your energy bill?

Learn how account balances work and how to get a refund if you think your current or previous supplier owes you money 👉

#Energy #EnergyBills

🔥⚡ Questions about your energy but not sure who your #energy supplier is or the tariff you are on? This guide can help:

🏠If you’re worried about your energy bills our guides can help:
✅ Switch for a better deal:
✅ Check if you qualify for extra help:
✅ Contact your supplier if you’re struggling to pay:

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Ofwat Business Customer Protection Code of Practice

One of the ways that businesses are protected in the opening of the water market is a number of rules and guidelines set on how you should be treated. Known as the “Customer Protection Code of Practice”.

Retailers represented by a third party, such as a consultant or comparison website are also held to comply with these standards, and we have put together a shorter explanation of how this affects you, in a number of different ways. For example,

Overall Service

All retailers dealing with you must be fair, transparent and honest. This is part of another aspect of the code that means putting clients at the heart of the business, with their best intentions at heart. Suppliers should use plain language and avoid jargon to ensure that the everyday consumer can clearly understand what you are telling them, and can be provided with information to enable them to make informed choices, within an appropriate and timely manner.  Of course, this also means that information given to you should be complete and accurate, with nothing misleading involved, such as hidden costs and contracts, and offer accessible and effective customer services for any questions or concerns that arise from these interactions.

Sales and marketing

If you have less than 10 employees (you are often referred to as a micro-business, and) a retailer must provide you with some basic information before switching your account or agreeing to terms and conditions with you. These details include;

  • Relevant prices and charges on tariffs that are offered to you – Including whether or not they have underlying costs and taxes, and any assumptions underlying the proposed prices, charges and tariffs. For example, if you agree on a tariff a month before the details of this change, you should be aware before you are contracted.
  • The ‘terms and conditions of supply’ that come with service levels included in your contract.
  • The type and frequency of bills and payable methods available to you. For example, whether you will be billed monthly or quarterly, and how the company will expect to receive their payments.
  • Lengthy of the contract being offered and its expiry date
  • Contact details of the retailer; this means full name, address and a phone number that does not charge premium rates to call.
  • Any rights that you have to cancel the contract cost-free
  • Any rights that you have to cancel the contract that would incur costs or fees, such as an early exit fee. This includes details of the costs or fees and the notice period you must give to avoid them.

Cooling Off Period

You should have a cooling-off period of 7 days before your switch goes ahead. This is usually free to cancel unless specified.

Third Parties acting for retailers

If a third party is acting on your behalf, your company must give written consent to confirm;

  • That the chosen third party may act on your behalf
  • The limits of authority given to that third party
  • How the fees to this chosen third parties will be paid
    If your business holds 10 people or less, the written confirmation must be provided in this template letter.


Bill frequency, tariffs and other services you are paying your supplier for all must be transparent as part of the terms and conditions of your contract, and you should be informed as soon as possible about any changes to these.

If your retailer sends your terms and conditions in a letter or email, this needs to be written in plain and simple language to avoid jargon and confusion for a client.

If your contract is due to expire, your retailer must contact you at least 30 days in advance to tell you;

  • That you contract is expiring and when
  • If you are able to renew your contract on the same terms as before, and how
  • Other options are available from the supplier for your contract. This includes their current charges and if you are on the cheapest available deal.

Your retailer should be telling you about;

  • The rights you have to dispute the money you owe under your contract
  • How it is possible for you to make a complaint and the time constraints (e.g, deadlines) you have to do so
  • If there are options for reasonable payment plans for outstanding debt
  • What a retailer can do to stop you from switching to a new retailer until your debt to them is paid in full, and what will happen if you fail to pay any outstanding balance or raise a dispute about it.

Extra protection for micro-businesses

If you are a business with fewer than 10 employees, you need to know:

  • The details of any changes made in your contract as soon as they can, within reason. The minimum information considered here can be found in the “sales and marketing” section above.
  • That your retailer will provide you with any information you request to receive in writing, as soon as possible, within reason.
  • Your retailer must give you some minimum information (found in the “sales and marketing” section) once you renew your contract at expiry, as soon as it is reasonably practicable to make the changes.


Your new supplier should have a valid contract set up with you before they request to switch you. They also must send you at least one accurate bill or invoice annually, which is based on a reading taken from your water meter.

Suppliers may choose to take a meter reading that you submit to them, including when you give them a final meter reading before you switch. If you are a micro-business, your retailer should:

  • Send you a final bill on expiry of your contract, or within 6 weeks of your switch
  • For any outstanding debt, you should be offered a reasonable payment plan

Making a complaint

All businesses must have a good complaint handling procedure that has been proven to work in the past. This must be accessible at no cost and should be used for every complaint received. They should also have an effective alternative process (redress scheme) that is readily available to you under the circumstances that you are not fully comfortable with the current options.

Your retailer’s complaint handling process must:

  • Be in plain and clear language
  • Allow you to make complaints both in person, over the phone and in writing
  • Describe the process your supplier will take on receiving and resolving your complaint, as well as how to investigate each problem and the timescales each step should take to complete.
  • Describe any resolutions available to settle your complaint. These options may be but are not limited to
    • An apology
    • An explanation
    • Remedial action, meaning changes to services or products that may have caused offence.
    • Compensation where remedial action is not possible or is insufficient
    • Describe any rights you have to refer the complaint to a redress scheme

Code Modification and Governance arrangements

Ofwat and any appropriate supplier or person can propose a change to the Customer Protection Code of Practice. You can find the process and governance arrangements for doing this in the full Customer Protection Code of Practice linked above, but proposals may also be submitted via email at by using the proposal form available here. There have been a number of changes made to the code of practice from February 2019 to more recently in December 2020, as you can see here.