Finding the right electricity supplier and best prices for your business takes time and mistakes can cost thousands.

We’ll help you avoid them.

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At Energy Solutions, we spend all day talking to energy suppliers. We receive an average of 84 email updates from suppliers, National Grid and Ofgem every week.  It’s our job to know about what’s happening in the wholesale markets, whether there are any upcoming changes to regulations and taxes and, more importantly, which suppliers are currently offering the best balance of price and service.

Working closely with our customers, we make sure we have a full understanding of your electricity meter portfolio, your current electricity contract situation and your buying goals moving forward.
We can also advise you on any changes that you could make to your electricity meters and any impact that might have on bills and security of supply.

Our tender process is just as transparent. We’ll tell you about the suppliers that we’ve approached and who responded and report on all of the prices that we receive back. We’ll also provide recommendations based on our view of the market and our rating of each supplier. We should also mention that we don’t approach every electricity supplier for prices. Indeed, if a supplier is having financial difficulties or is known for providing abysmal customer service, we’ll immediately exclude them, thus protecting you, the customer.

Once the tender process is complete and you’ve chosen your new electricity deal, we’ll work to ensure that the contract goes live as smoothly as possible. This includes handling any objections, queries or issues that may arise. Then, during the life of the contract, we’ll validate and approve all bills to make sure you’re being charged the agreed rates, and highlighting any potential savings.
And, if you want to add new sites to your electricity contracts, for example if you change locations, or make any other changes, we’re on hand to help with that too. We also watch the wholesale markets so that we can recommend the best time to renew your contracts. It’s all part of the Energy Solutions service.

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