Interactive Water Supply Map

Knowing your region and supplier will help you save

The map below shows which water company supplies each area of England and Wales. There are 32 regulated companies in the water and sewerage sectors:

  • 10 regional companies provide both water and sewerage services.
  • 9 regional companies providing water services only.
  • 5 local companies providing either water or sewerage services or both.
  • 8 water supply licensees offering water and sewerage services to large use non-household customers who can access competition.

The majority of customers are served by monopoly suppliers for their water and sewerage services. Your bill should tell you which company supplies your water and sewerage services.

You may receive your water supply from one company and your sewerage services from another. This means that you may get two separate bills.

Click on a water company to find its contact details.

Water supply licensees are not tied to specific areas of the country. Find their contact details.

Map of water supply companies in England and Wales

Dee Valley Water Bristol Water Cholderton & District Water Bournemouth & West Hamphire Water Portsmouth Water South East Water Sutton & East Surrey Water South East Water South Staffs Cambridge Water Affinity Water Essex and Suffolk Affinity Water Affinity Water Essex and Suffolk Southern Water Southern Water Southern Water Southern Water Thames Water Thames Water Southern Water Southern Water Thames Water Thames Water Wessex Water Wessex Water South West Water Severn Trent Dwr Cymru United Utilities Dwr Cymru Northumbrian Water Hartlepool Water Yorkshire Water Anglian Water

  • AFW = Affinity Water
  • BRL = Bristol Water
  • CHL = Cholderton & District Water
  • DVW = Dee Valley Water
  • ESK = Essex & Suffolk (part of Northumbrian Water)
  • HPL = Hartlepool (part of Anglian Water)
  • PRT = Portsmouth Water
  • SBW = Sembcorp Bournemouth Water
  • SES = Sutton & East Surrey Water
  • SEW = South East Water
  • SSC = South Staffs Water

Local water companies’ contact details

There are a number of other companies who provide regulated water and sewerage services whose areas are too small to show on this map. They are:

Albion Water Ltd

Head Office Address:
Harpenden Hall
Southdown Road
Phone: +44(0)1582 767720

Independent Water Networks Ltd

Head Office Address:
Driscoll 2
Ellen Street
Cardiff, CF10 4BP
Phone: +44 (0)845 055 6196

SSE Water Ltd

Head Office Address:
55 Vastern Road
Reading RG1 8BU
Phone: +44 (0)118 958 0100
Fax: +44 (0)118 953 4028

Peel Water Networks

Peel Dome
The Trafford Centre
M17 8PL
Phone: 0161 629 8200
Fax: 0161 629 8332

Veolia Water Projects

Kings Place
90 York Way
Fifth Floor
N1 9AG
General enquiries: 0207 843 8500
Fax: 0207 843 8560