DNO – Distribution Network Operators

The electricity distribution network carries electricity from the high voltage transmission grid, which is owned and operated by the National Grid, to industrial, commercial and domestic users. The distribution network stops at the electricity meter, which is owned by the meter operator.

Your energy supplier is not the same as your network operator or meter operator. This is one of the reasons that arranging a new supply can be a long and difficult process.

There are 14 licensed distribution network operators or DNOs in Britain and each is responsible for a regional distribution services area. The 14 DNOs are currently owned by six different groups. The DNOs are sometimes referred to as Pes Areas. PES means Public Electricity Suppliers and refers to the original post-privatisation suppliers.

The DNO groups and individual DNOs are:

DNO Distribution Network Operator Map
Electricity Distribution Networks Map

If you’re not sure which area you’re in, you can use our handy PES Area search.