All You Need to Know About Switchgear – What Is It, How Does It Work and Types


The combination of circuit or fuses, electrical disconnects switches or breakers used to isolate, protect and control electrical equipment or gears from the defective condition are usually called switchgear. Listed below are some examples of switchgear: Fuses,SwitchesRelaysIsolatorCircuit BreakerPotential and Current TransformerIndicating DeviceLightning Arresters Let us discuss what switchgear...

Wholesale Prices rocket again


Oil is up by 1.57% this morning, along with Gas Front Month offers up 3.019% this morning also.
Electricity Front Month offers closed yesterday at 54.57 £/MWh – its highest level since 06/12/2013.
We have already received notification of 2 supplier pricebooks being withdrawn today so please be aware that other suppliers may follow although we have received no definitive confirmation.

Wholesale Prices Soar – EVI-e hits 670%


Day ahead prices are high and rising fast.  today’s opening price is £179 MWh. The price increase has been caused by a combination of weather – not as windy as expected – reducing generation and much hotter than expected in the South – increasing load for cooling, reduced nuclear generation in France and issues with the interconnector from UK to France means less power available from Europe.  We...

Meaford Energy Limted Granted Development Consent Order For 299mwe Gas-Fired CCGT Power Station


Meaford Energy Limited, a 50/50 joint venture between St. Modwen Properties PLC, the UK’s leading regeneration specialist and Glenfinnan, a property investment company with expertise in infrastructure and energy projects, has secured a Development Consent Order (DCO) from the Rt. Hon. Greg Clark MP, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for a £300m combined-cycle gas...

Brexit and Energy Prices


It is hard to quantify exactly the importance of this week on Equities, Currencies and Commodities markets; after months of uneasiness, speculation, argument and counter argument we have reached the week where the UK decides if it wants to remain within the European Union, or become the first ever Nation to leave the group. Another thing that is hard to quantify is just to what extent this vote...

Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) major update


There are industry changes being made to Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) Identifier codes which we want to make you aware of. This change will take place from 30th June 2016. What is a Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) Identifier code? A LLFC is a three digit numeric code which is used by Distribution System Operators to categorise customer types and voltage levels. This is then used to allocate...

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