Triad Season 2015-2016


The Triad demand season has started! The National Grid Triad demand season has started and that we’ll be sending our cliennts alert and cancellation communications over the next few months. To sign up email or visit our Intelligence area. When we think that there is likely to be a Triad reached on a day we’ll send you an email alert with the date and time of the...

Danish Heat Supply Act


Unofficial translation from Danish Consolidated Act No. 772 of 24 July 2000 THE HEAT SUPPLY ACT Hereby announces the Heat Supply Act No. 382 of 13 June 1990 with amendments according to Article 1 in Act No. 96 of 9 February 1994, Article 1 No. 1, in Act No. 213 of 29 March 1995, Article 1 no. 2 in Act No. 436 of 10 June 1997 and Article 1 in Act No. 451 of 31 May 2000 Danish_Heat_Law_2000EN[1]...

Fuel Mix for Domestic Energy Suppliers


supplier coal gas nuclear renewable other CO2 nuclear waste* disc. year British Gas 22.0 31.0 31.0 15.0 3.0 0.339 0.00248 2014 Co-operative Energy 17.0 9.8 3.1 68.0 2.1 0.210 0.00030 2014 e.on 46.7 27.1 8.4 12.0 5.8 0.578 0.00100 2014 Ecotricity 7.2 4.1 1.3 86.5 0.9 0.089 0.00010 2014 EDF Energy 26.8 3.5 56.1 13.5 0.1 0.259 0.00450 2014 First:Utility 46.8 27.1 8.4 11.9 5.8 0.579 0.00070 2014 Flow...

SWALEC Case Study


How regional press helped an energy supplier generate increased custom and record-breaking profile ratings Deregulation of the domestic electricity market commenced in September 1998, meaning that all existing regional electricity companies (RECs) now faced direct competition from other suppliers. This case study looks at how one of the RECs made full use of the power of local press to protect...

Meters, Metering and Meter Numbers!


What kind of electricity meter do I have? There are 3 main types of electricity meter. A single rate meter (which is the most common) for users of standard rate electricity; a multi-rate meter, which allows you to take advantage of cheap-rate electricity at off-peak times such as at night (for example, Economy 7), and a pre-payment meter, where you pay for the gas or electricity that you use, in...

What are MPANs and MSIDs?


This guidance clarifies the definition of Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) and Metering System Identifiers (MSIDs). Each point of entry and exit onto a Distribution System Operator’s Distribution System has an associated Metering Point and each Metering Point has an associated Administration Number (MPAN) and Metering System Identifier (MSID). MPAN is the term used in the Master...

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