Wholesale Prices rocket again


Oil is up by 1.57% this morning, along with Gas Front Month offers up 3.019% this morning also.
Electricity Front Month offers closed yesterday at 54.57 £/MWh – its highest level since 06/12/2013.
We have already received notification of 2 supplier pricebooks being withdrawn today so please be aware that other suppliers may follow although we have received no definitive confirmation.

Energy Portal is Live


After many months of development, our new client procurement portal is live. The portal allows you to see full details of all supplies, half hourly, non half hourly and gas for all locations.  You can drill down to see current and previous contract details, including consumption data, or you can look at the overview for all sites and measure annual spend by utility quickly and easily. Change of...

How de-aggregating gas meters will increase costs


What’s an aggregated gas supply? Aggregated gas supplies are created when two or more meter points are joined together to form one supply point, and are billed and priced together. In the past aggregation was generally allowed when meter points were used by the same person or business for the same purpose, and they were close together. What’s changed? In 2013 Ofgem, the energy industry regulator...

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