Meter Removals and Disconnection

What situations would a premise need a meter removed or disconnected? 

Realistically – not all of us will be involved in scheduling some type of meter or utilities work at some point during our lives. It is not something that you are taught how to deal with, even though it is commonplace.  

It is usually a lesser thought of aspect during both construction and demolition of properties, giving a nasty surprise to the property owner (as well as a headache from the delays). Reasons in which an individual may need to organise a meter removal or a full disconnection are as follows: 

  • Construction work is being carried out on property or on site. 
  • In order to upgrade consumption meter. 
  • In order to downgrade consumption meter. 
  • The property no longer needs a supply of gas or electricity. 
  • The property or site is being demolished.  

This list isn’t exhaustive and there may well be a litany of other reasons why you may need to disconnect your utilities supply. In this article we will primarily focus on gas and electricity siteworks (meter removals and disconnections) although this is not the only service we offer.  

I’ve never had a utility supply disconnected before – what is the process? 

We have included the general process from start to finish of a normal disconnection applicant: 

Step Action Description 
1 Apply Fill out our online application form or give us a call/email to begin. 
2 Preparation Let your current utility supplier know what your plans are, find out their process. 
3 Quote and Payment We will send you a quote for completion of work. Acceptance is needed before work can begin. 
4 Site Survey An in-person survey of your site will need to be taken. 
5 Planning Work We will prepare a comprehensive plan of action. 
6 Site Preparation Final preparations before construction work can begin. 
7 Works Completed We ensure our work is finished to the highest quality.  

Does ‘disconnection’ and ‘de-energisation’ mean the same thing? 

Disconnections are where we permanently disconnect the mains cable to your property. This is completed on properties that do not have an intended future use, and no longer require an electricity supply. It is possible to resupply the property with electricity again, you simply need to apply for a new connection. 

De-energisation occurs when the main fuse for the property is removed. This leaves the property connected to the electricity network but temporarily without power. This is most common for lighter or shorter-term construction work.  

How long until my premises is disconnected? 

This is a common question, and there is truly no way of telling. 

Because meter removals and disconnections are often such a bespoke service, both cost and timeframe cannot be estimated unless a quote is received. There is huge variety between projects as often larger projects require more planning, work, and bureaucracy etc. 

It is best to compare siteworks providers and their quotes of both price and duration. Some providers may offer slightly more expensive rates, but will complete the work much faster. Find a balance, or focus on what matters most to you. 

What information do I need before I apply to have my gas supply disconnected? 

It is advised that you are aware of a basic level of information prior to applying for your gas supply to be disconnected. This includes but is not limited to; 

  • The full address of your project site or property that is to be disconnected. 
  • If known, the diameter of the pipe to be disconnected. If you do not know this, do not panic.
  • The type, size, and serial number of your current gas meter. It is likely you will find a lot of this information within either your contract or invoice. 
  • A basic plan showing any site works you require at your property, including any and all changes you would like to make to your property. 

Why do I need to fully remove my gas or electricity meter? 

Unfortunately, most gas and electricity suppliers will continue to charge you even if you have stopped using their supply. 

This is not because of anything to do with consumption but because of a standing charge that is often included within your contract. Many meters are only leased out temporarily by asset companies, and a daily rate will continue needing to be paid.  

Over time these standing charges can really take their toll – especially when you consider that you are paying to not even use it. The only way to avoid this cost is to completely remove your meter – a service we offer. 

If you are concerned that you may have to pay this fee, it is advised to check with your current supplier. They will be well placed to advise you. It is also possible to check your latest invoice or your original contract. 

What factors to consider when choosing who to handle my meter removal or disconnection? 

There are dozens of utilities sitework specialists out there with years of combined experience between them. Often these are extensions of utilities suppliers, who have decided to lend their expertise to provision of this service. 

There are many providers of electrical, gas, and water sitework within the UK. It is sometimes difficult to know who to choose from the pile. As customer needs are so varied, it is important to consider what your needs are prior to agreeing to anything. Try to decide what is most important to you – scoring a sweet deal on the price, or the speed to get things running smoothly again? Outstanding customer service, or a proven track record? To help you make your choice we have put together a short list of factors to consider: 

  • Price: How expensive the site work will be. Many companies will be able to offer different prices for the same work. 
  • Customer-reviews: Previous customers are likely to leave reviews if service lies at either end of the spectrum. This is the quickest way to paint a picture of what a company is truly like. Try to stick to trusted review pages. 
  • Case-studies: Many providers will have content related to previous projects on their website – it is a good idea to have a read over some of their previous work to determine if they have any outstanding results. 
  • Experience: It is always a good idea to try to find a company for site work that holds considerable experience in the field. There are some things that can’t be taught and can only be learned through years of expertise. Experts are less likely to make routine mistakes and likely to provide a better service. 

Who should I contact to handle my meter removal or utilities disconnection? 

It is important to choose a reputable company with a proven track record of providing top class service. 

At Energy Solutions – we provide exactly that.  

For over twenty years we have built up our expertise in the energy sector, working tirelessly to procure the best prices for your energy. We handle all aspects of siteworks, including meter removals and full disconnections for a huge range of customers. There is nothing we haven’t seen before! 

So, if you would like to get in contact to organise a quote you can call us on 0131 610 1688 or email us at: 

We can also be reached through webform or WhatsApp at 07757 400 788 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why would I ever need to disconnect my meter or gas supply? 

It is much more common than you may think – reasons include but are not limited to; Construction work on site, upgrade meter, downgrade meter, no longer require a gas supply, site or property demolition. 

Who do I contact to remove my gas meter? 

There are dozens of providers to choose from, so it is important to choose the right one for you.  

Energy Solutions have well over 20 years of experience handling disconnections and removals – if you are interested in receiving a quote then call them at: 0131 610 1688 

How long does it take to remove a gas meter?  

Most customers will be looking at a time frame of 4 – 6 weeks, this will vary dependant on the size of the project. Delays can and do happen.  

Can I just pause my supply and keep my gas meter? 

If you stop using gas but the meter remains, it is likely you will incur standing charges from the owner of the meter. Often gas meters are only leased to customers, full removal is the most cost-effective solution. 

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