Switching water suppliers in 2021

Business in Scotland and England no longer need to settle for a water supplier that they do not think suits them. Before April 2017, businesses were expected to suffer in silence and take what they were given to keep themselves running. Now, since we have deregulated the water market, businesses all over England have the opportunity to choose their own supplier and their own services, and as a result, we are opened up to all sorts of new positive experiences with our water.

It can still be quite confusing to begin the process, and most people that have not had the opportunity to consider switching business water suppliers in the past may feel overwhelmed.

The first step to take is to calculate your water usage; you can do this by looking at your bills, how much water you use, and how much you pay for it. Keep a note of your SPID, the supply point identification number; your yearly usage, current payment method, and any other bills and charging information.

In order to be eligible to switch, you need to have at least one site operating in either Scotland or England, but there are still so many options for retailers that it can be hard to find what you are looking for.

Although it’s always good to switch your water supply and waste removal, make sure to reach out to your current supplier first. Often, knowing you are looking to switch leads them to make better options for you and generate further discounts.

From here, you can look at the options and compare deals based on your needs. Today, businesses are predominantly driven to switching is the opportunity to save money through another supplier offering lower costs for the same service. You may also find that you experience better service levels and improved customer service if this is something that has been a problem with your current supplier in the past. This is also a good way to encourage more accurate billing and a faster response to your enquiries. Checking out the likes of Trustpilot for the most up to date reviews of the supplier you are currently working with or considering.

By switching, businesses also have the potential to make running their operations a lot more efficiently by consolidating some of your water supply across multiple sites and regions.

In England, the average water bill reduced by 5% to 10% after switching in a deregulated water market, and up to 18% in Scotland.


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