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1 day until the #G7 summit where countries will address climate change. The UK is at the forefront of tackling this, particularly with plans to ban fossil fuel cars and traditional gas boilers.

What do you think about these recent changes? #UKGovernment #Climatechange

Looking for ways to save money on your energy bills every year without thinking about it? We’ve partnered with Cactus Energy to bring you great deals on the latest renewable energy tech, including £200 off your install

In 1918 the conservation of energy was proved - energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred from one place to another. A simple concept with far reaching consequences #energy #history

The idea of global warming was first proposed in 1896 by renowned scientist Svante Arrhenius. 125 years later world leaders are only beginning to take it seriously #energy #history

The first electricity-generating wind turbine was invented in 1888 in the US. It generated a mere 12 kW of power, tiny when compared to the 8,000 kW beasts that exist today #energy #history

We’ve got lots of new offerings coming up this year to provide you with more for your home. Our latest announcement is a partnership with HomeShield Direct who offer breakdown cover for home appliances ranging from TVs to dishwashers. Find out more here:

This week its #gardenweek so celebrate the little critters near you by putting out suitable food or setting up a wildlife camera in the garden. We recently captured a little visitor, who knows what you could find!
#wildlife #gardens

Most UK homes use heating systems that burn natural gas, releasing millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year. Green gas is one possible way to combat this. Check our blog to find out more

Congratulations to our National Trust winner on Facebook! They'll be receiving a £20 voucher to help make their next day out special 🙌 #nationaltrust

A sustainable future means more than just going green. We need to make big changes to our lifestyles, including what and how we eat. For #StopFoodWasteDay we are highlighting that in the UK alone, nearly 7 million tonnes of food is wasted every year. #waste #sustainable

The recent release of the @netflix documentary #Seaspiracy has opened our eyes to the destructive nature of industrial fishing. It's worth a watch and if it resonates why not try to limit your consumption or cut it out altogether? #nature #fishing #sustainable

There's still time to win a £20 voucher towards your day out at a National Trust location. Just post a photo of your faourite walk with #PFPwalks to be entered.
#NationalTrust #giveaway

Wind is set to take a leading role in our transition to net zero, and even in the last year has contributed to over 75% of renewable energy generation. Find out more in our latest blog #wind #renewable #energy

#earthday is today and 2021 brings with it a global climate summit convened by the Biden Administration. It's great to see world leaders discussing what needs to be done to protect our planet.
#climatesummit #bidenadministration #earthday2021

It's #TeachChildrenToSaveDay! We've prepared an activity to keep your kids busy whilst you head off to the pub (supervised of course)! You can also check out our energy saving tips here: #energy #save #kids

The snow leopard is an elusive challenge for a photographer. These beautiful creatures live in some of the harshest conditions on Earth, kings of the lands they roam #snowleopard #nature #beautiful

Boilers are nearing medieval status, so we say out with the old and in with the new. Find out more about how heat pumps can be a greener alternative in our latest blog: #Energy #HeatPump #LowCarbon

For #DiscoverNationalParksFortnight we are offering you the chance to win £20 in National Trust gift cards. All you have to do to enter is post a photo from your favourite walk and use the hashtag #PFPWalks. #NationalParks #Nature #GetActive

In the deep ocean, nature does its own thing. Prime example? The barreleye. These amazing fish have transparent heads, so light can get to their eyes. Bizarre. #nature #barreleye #weird

Lockdown has affected many businesses, with those that are local often being hit the hardest. Remember while you're out and about to #shoplocal as it gives back to your community. #community #lockdown #smallbusiness

Our winner for the Easter Seed-and Bean giveaway is mpworley on Instagram! Thank you to everyone who participated and keep your eye on our socials for more like this.
#giveaway #chocolate #seedandbean #fairtrade

It's #WorldHealthDay today which is a global health awareness day supported by @WHO The focus of this year is on health inequalities which have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more here:

The Northern Lights. Pretty stunning, right? This spectacular light show is created when the Earth's magnetic field shields us from solar wind. We have more weird and wonderful images of nature coming up this month so keep your eyes peeled! #nature #beautiful #stunning

There's still time to win our £50 chocolate bundle from @SeedandBean. Simply comment your favourite chocolate below to enter. Closes 6th April 2021.
#chocolate #giveaway #easter #seedandbean

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