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Great to catch up with @kenyon_isaac and the @Pedal4Parks team as they head up to the start line to begin their #epicadventure. #greenspace #purpose #cycling #jogle #GreenEnergy

5 eco adventurers and a mission: biking across the UK's National Parks trying to understand how human interference is impacting UK's green spaces, parks, and marine environments. Proud to be supporting you, guys.
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The #EKOEnergyTariff is particularly special because it has been certified by the international ecolabel for electricity and gas – @EKOenergy_ and it’s generated in locations that ensure marine and bird habitats are safeguarded.

By making some simple but sustainable adjustments to the way you live you can have a real and positive impact on the environment. And with TIDE, you can take back control of your energy bill at the same time.

The energy generated for our #EKOEnergyTariff means that our suppliers need to ensure that their wind farms are located away from bird migration paths – making it uber-environmentally friendly.

It's #WorldEnvironmentalDay! Change begins with each and every one of us. We cannot turn back time but NOW we can take meaningful actions towards protecting and conserving our environment.

We are the generation that can make peace with nature. 🌱#GenerationRestoration

Just two weeks before the @Pedal4Parks start their epic journey from the #Orkney Islands to the Isles of Scilly - cycling across land and sea. We are delighted to be a main sponsor of their adventure

One of the most powerful ways to help the UK lower its carbon footprint is to encourage your friends and families to choose renewable energy too.

Don’t keep your choice to purchase real, green energy a secret! @EKOenergy_

We believe that one day, everything will be powered using only energy from sustainable and renewable sources. That’s why we’re fully committed to playing our small but vital part in the UK’s green journey to a future in which people and nature thrive together. #GEUK

The EKO Energy Tariff is particularly special because it has been certified by the international ecolabel for electricity and gas – @EKOenergy_
And it’s generated in locations that ensure marine and bird habitats are safeguarded.

Wine tastings are a great #ZeroWaste gift idea. If you fancy a glass of something local and want to support UK vineyards, the majority of whom are small businesses, check this map and arrange a visit.
#EnglishWineWeek #BuyLocal @WineCellarDoor

Children love being in the garden, watering, or growing plants, and this is a great and fun way to engage with nature, and discover the benefits that gardens hold for children. @peppapig @savechildrenuk @RegattaOutdoors #NationalChildrensGardeningWeek

Following last week's publication of the #Flexibility in GB Report, Andrew Lever of @thecarbontrust has penned this article.
#NetZero #heatdecarbonisation #systemflexibility

Whilst you sleep, your car can be charging while prices are low. And if you want to be extra savvy, soon you’ll be able to use your car battery as energy storage and avoiding purchasing energy during peak times when rates are at their highest. #TideTariff

One of the simplest ways to attract bees to visit your garden is by growing flowers rich in pollen and nectar. It's well known that bees are vital to our ecosystems due to their amazing capabilities to pollinate, help plants grow, breed, and produce food. #WorldBeeDay 🐝

Fully flexible UK energy system could cut net-zero costs by £16.7bn a year, says report by @thecarbontrust via @NSEnergyNews @James_BG

As @EnergySvgTrust mentioned, net-zero isn’t just about cutting emissions, it's about living a better and healthier life, breathing in cleaner air, have more green spaces, and provide better habitats for the wildlife.

Read more here:

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Great news for the UK! 👏
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Water is a valuable resource that makes our planet habitable and unique. By making simple lifestyle changes as conserving water, we help preserve our environment, avoid shortages, and save energy and money. #GEUK #WaterSavingWeek @Waterwise 💦

You could look at this as another article telling a terrifying story about #climatechange. Or you could think that perhaps, if so much of the problem stems from so little...that maybe its not impossible to #believe we can do this. #hope #action

The UK’s National Park landscape is also marked by ecological decline. @Pedal4Parks is an ambitious cycle tour in search of regenerative solutions to this problem, as team member @AlexPierrot2 explained to us.

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