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There’s no better time to switch to natural gas!

Enjoy £200 cashback to spend as you please when you make the switch to natural gas this April!

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Our team has successfully raised £10,000 for our charity partner AANI, building on this we are THRILLED to extend the partnership across 2021 🩺🚁#FundrasingFriday

Check out our Blog to follow the story so far:

We're pleased to announce that @firmusenergy has joined Women in Business as a Corporate Member!
We're looking forward to providing valuable support & help to build connections and develop career progression with the Firmus Team!
#corporate #womeninenergy #professionaldevelopment

#TestimonialTuesday Our customer Gary has enhanced his living room with a stunning gas fire and outside he's been busy growing his own herbs and spices.🌿🌱

Sounds like Good Thymes at Gary's! 😊

To make the most of the space at your place visit:

👋 Goodbye Oil Tank, Hello new garden!

If you have had natural gas installed, one of the many benefits is gaining extra space in your garden!

Check out our blog to make the most of the space at YOUR place this spring! 👨🏽‍🌾👩‍🌾

Explore the great outdoors right from your back garden, and enjoy the space at your place this Easter!🐣🌼🐰

Check out our blog for fun ideas to keep the entire family entertained!👪

firmus energy: Helping NI forge a long-term green future

The @UlsterBusiness cover featuring @firmusenergy

One of the company’s main strengths, and what helps it stand out from the crowd, is that all staff are trained to @cityandguilds standards in energy efficiency. - Michael Scott, managing director @firmusenergy



Sorry folks, looks like we best get back to the lab! 👩‍🔬🍊
We have been receiving lots of reports of excess gas 🙈 from our firmus energise tasting panel! 🌪️🌬️🌪️
Stay tuned for further updates!

📣 Coming to shelves near you VERY SOON: firmus energy is bringing a splash of summer to soft drinks shelves this April with the launch of our new firmus energise range of natural energy drinks 🍊🔋🙌

Our cover story for April features @firmusenergy

Helping Northern Ireland’s transition to a low-carbon economy, before eyeing up a net-zero green future in the years to come

A massive congratulations to @weareincredABLE who are the winners of the @socentni "PITCH" 🎊🎊🎊

Well-done to all Pitchers, thank you for sharing your vision & passions with us. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Special thanks to the fantastic team @Cjstirling59 @Mandymo4 @darthurs86 and @ComFinanceIr✨

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to @weareincredABLE for winning our pitching event today in partnership with @ComFinanceIrl 🌟 all pitches were outstanding and the judges struggled to pick a winner. Thank you to Ciara @firmusenergy for being a judge today aswell🙌🏻

Lots of luck to all #socent Pitching today, we can't wait to hear your ideas.
Thank you to @socentni and @ComFinanceIrl
for inviting us to join the judging panel! #BuildBackSocial

The April edition of @UlsterBusiness is hitting desks this week. We speak to @firmusenergy about planning for a green future, showcase our Next 200 SME list with @KPMG_Ireland along with a host of analysis, profiles, interviews and much more


Let us take the hassle out of your Spring Clean? 🧽🧹🧼
With natural gas you will be giving the chores the thumbs up, all year round!👍

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Don't miss out on our fantastic £200 cashback offer, when you switch to natural gas!
This offer will only available until 31st March 2021.

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This weeks #TestimonialTuesday comes from our customer Christopher, who has used the space where his oil tank used to be to enhance his garden with a stunning floral area. 🏡🌼

To learn more about the many benefits of natural gas visit:

With instant hot water and heating at the touch of a button, you'll have lots more time for family fun! 🎪📖🎲
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Happy Mothers day to Everyone 💜
Whether it's Mum, Step-Mum, your lockdown Mum or somebody who just like A Mum, tag them below to thank them for being caring and supportive! 🙏
#Mothersday #Everymum💐

Sticktoitiveness, if you can find yours make sure you never lose it!
@ErinBrockovich Thank you for sharing your secret sauce to success with us! #IWC2021

✨Out of this World
Just a few of the many great things we have to say about the #WLC2021
Congratulations and thank you to the team at @IoDNI for yet another fantastic conference.👏👏👏

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