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Fun fact of the day: if you switch one car trip a day for walking, you could reduce your carbon footprint by over 0.5 tonnes a year! (As noted in Imperial Study:

Who follows @CarbonBrief? We've been enjoying their analysis on climate change developments - the most recent graph showing how 70% of extreme weather events recorded were either caused by or made more severe by climate change. Take a closer look here:

This week's #InvisibleHeroes Q&A is with Prashant Raizada, Founder & CEO of education & innovation platform http://Lumi.Network, and his son, Nikhil, Junior Co-founder

Explore why collaborating young minds to tackle global issues is so important here

Small actions can make a huge difference, and that's why this Saturday 27th March for @earthhour millions of people around the world will be switching off their lights at 8.30pm.
Find out more about #EarthHour here:

2021 is going to be a big year for renewables. Here's a look at some of the stats behind renewable energy sources #EarthHour

Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt lightbulb for four hours #GlobalRecyclingDay

Ahead of @GlbRecyclingDay , we've taken a look at a few steps we can all take to be better at recycling #GlobalRecyclingDay #recycling

Have you ever heard of Community Energy?

Our friends @RepowerLondon are working on a research project with @LSBU to explore more about attitudes to Community Energy and would love to hear your thoughts via this quick poll:

This week in our #InvisibleHeroes series we speak to Dave Fuller, Programme Manager @RepowerLondon

Find out how Dave gets school children excited about renewables and what the concept of 'community' means to him.

Thanks to @farhanaclimate @ELPinchbeck @DavenportJuliet @CHerweijer @mendiluce + more for contributing to @BusinessGreen's #IWD2021 coverage

Clear the green economy has made strides but has a long way to go before its actors represent and reflect society

Did you know that if you refer a friend to us and they make the switch, we’ll give both of you £40? Simple as that.

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Five solar solutions from around the world

Orange Juice? Seville is turning its famous fruits into electricity 🍊⚡️

This week in our #InvisibleHeroes series we speak to @ELPinchbeck, CEO of Energy UK

Find out what Emma, the Prime Minister and the Energy Secretary all have in common, and her thoughts on what the UK energy sector will look like in five years' time.

Fighting climate change is about doing the little things that, when everyone takes part, add up to make a big impact.

Through global cooperation we may achieve far more than tackling #climatechange. We may finally create a stable, healthy 🌎

Bored of the same view everyday? Window Swap lets you watch a stranger's view and it's incredibly calming

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Picking up a pen and paper and writing an old-fashioned letter really does create a memorable experience for you and the person receiving it


Fun fact: Live TV has never been so green


VAT on low and zero carbon products needs to be cut or removed to encourage more energy efficient homes

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