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As a direct debit customer, the best way to make sure your bill is accurate every month is by submitting your meter reads. It’s quick and easy! Just head over to our website here:

With the fresher and brighter days on their way, there’s never a better time to utilise the sun we have and get your washing out on the washing line. 🌻☀

Whilst you're Spring cleaning, make sure to dust and vacuum around your radiators. Any dust on the columns will prevent the heat from flowing freely, so giving them a good dust will make sure you don't waste any money on your energy!

Today is the first day of Spring 2021! 🌷🌸🌺🌼🌻💐 A change in the seasons means a change in the way we use our energy. Find out how a spring clean could save you energy by clicking the link below!
#FirstDayOfSpring #SpringCleaning #Spring

We understand it’s not always easy to run out to the shop to top up, so we cover our customers with Friendly Credit during evenings, weekends and bank holidays.
Find out all about how Friendly Credit works on our website at:

Unfortunately, we are experiencing website issues at this time. Don’t worry though, we’ve called the exterminators who are on their way to flush the bugs out the system and will be back up and running as soon as possible!

Today is International Women’s Day and we wanted to celebrate by sharing a couple of our favourite influential women in technology; Dr Shirley Ann Jackson who's responsible for the creation of caller ID 📱 and Grace Hopper, the creator of the first compiler! 💻


If you have an Economy 7 meter and you're working from home, try charging your laptop overnight to save money on your energy! #WFH #WorkingFromHome 💻⚡

Molly and Finlay may both love their screens but they’ve also spent a good portion of this past year reading through their favourite books, books they’ve never read before and some books they weren’t so sure of! Let us know what you’ve been reading this lockdown. 📚

Lloyd and Hattie always tell Molly and Finlay to be careful of their screentime, reminding them of the impact it has on their energy usage and strain on their eyes!

The sun is shining, Spring is fast approaching, it's time to turn the thermostat down a touch!
Did you know turning down your thermostat by 1 degrees could save you up to 10% on your energy bills?

Topping up without having to leave the comfort of your own home is just one of the benefits of our app!
Head over to our website to download the new Nabuh Energy app.

Direct debit customers, make sure you only pay for the energy you use by submitting monthly meter readings.
Submit your meter reads at:

We know that topping up at certain times can be difficult or inconvenient, so we cover our customers with Friendly Credit during evenings, weekends and bank holidays.
Click the link below to find out how Friendly Credit works.

It's Ash Wednesday! Are you making ash for the whole family today? If you are, remember to match your pan to the best ring size, or one smaller. This will save you from using unnecessary energy to make your tasty pot of ash!

The Nabuh Energy v.2 app has made topping up with us easier than ever. Watch Hattie as she shows you how to top up on our app.
Download the app at:

Our Grace tariff is still the UK's cheapest fixed prepayment tariff , so why not do your friends the favour of referring them to Nabuh! You'll each receive £20.00 free credit when your friend goes live with us!

In a weeks time there'll be an hours more daylight meaning an extra hour of daylight! Use this extra hour to save on energy by keeping your blinds open and let in the sunlight!

Did you know streaming on your gaming console uses 15 times more energy than streaming on other devices? 🎮 Try to stream your favourite shows on different devices to save plenty on your energy.

Need to chat about your energy? You can now speak to a member of our team - right from the Nabuh app! Register with our v.2 app to speak to us today.
Download the app at:

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Nabuh Energy is an Energy company, with a new proposition for its customers.

Nabuh have observed the way the big 6 treats prepay customers and as a result, Nabuh Energy decided to do something different and produced a proposition that makes things more honest, simple and cheap.

Keeping the focus on the latest technology, Nabuh Energy is able to be exceptionally productive at the centre of both prepay and direct debit customers. Our unique energy trading solution means we can always provide our customers with market leading products.

Nabuh Energy can provide exceptional deals on both gas and electricity supplies and our aim is to save customers money 24/7 365 days a year.

For more information about this post and how Energy Solutions can help with your Electricity, Gas, or Water, click on the links, or check out the contact details at the bottom of the page.