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We're investing a further £1m into @zap_map - supporting the company's growth as the UK's leading electric vehicle mapping service.

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Are we throwing away our future with our food?

Fun and thought provoking episode of #GreatGreenQuestions on food waste this week. I was joined by the brill & lovely @MelissaHemsley, @frucool and @carolynsteel.



Today we are announcing the appointment of our new CEO, Nigel Pocklington.

An experienced senior executive with a strong commercial, digital, and operational track record, Nigel will succeed Juliet Davenport in the CEO role from 1st May 2021.


How green is your 'green' energy tariff?

Episode 2 of #GreatGreenQuestions is on talking climate change with children.

My brilliant guests were @BirdgirlUK, @Bobby_Seagull and @AndyAndyField.

Lots of you gave me Qs for this one so give it a listen!



"I love Good Energy customers, they are the reason we exist and they are so important and so powerful"

In episode three of our series, our Founder @DavenportJuliet celebrates how our customers are truly helping to make a difference.

Today we launched an 'industry first', the Uswitch Green Accreditation for green tariffs - to help consumers understand the different approaches suppliers are taking on renewable energy tariffs. Find out more here:

"For too long companies have operated with the profit motive as their guiding light. The consequences have been devastating for both people and planet".

Our CEO, @DavenportJuliet, writes in @ForbesEurope on the central role for businesses with purpose.

This weekend wind power made up to 57% of the UK’s electricity.

Our ability to capture energy from wind seems like magic. But of course it’s not, it’s science!

The news that @Octopus_Energy is acquiring 2.8GW of renewable generation assets from its sister company is a big blow for greenwashed energy supply.

But what does it really mean for the fight against fake green tariffs?

Episode 1 of #GreatGreenQuestions is here!

Had huge fun recording this with the brilliant and hilarious @eshaanakbar and @bobbyllew.

We answer the question can you be an environmentalist and still love cars?



A clear explanation from the @FT on the problem of greenwashing in the energy market.

@kitdixon1 explains: "It amounts to mis-selling in our eyes...suppliers are using this label of 100 per cent renewable because they can, it’s easy.”

The UK government has set ambitious carbon reduction targets. How can you hold your MP to account on delivering them?

In the last, bumper episode of #BetterBusiness, we turn the format on its head and give all of our guests a chance to ask Juliet a question.

Greenwashing, energy efficiency and inspiring change are all covered.

Watch the full episode:

The trailer for my new podcast #GreatGreenQuestions is here!

Each episode features an amazing panel of experts, celebs and comedians grappling with the grey areas of being green.




🟡 Want to hear the story of Good Energy? 🟡

Our new series goes behind the scenes with our Founder, @DavenportJuliet, to uncover why she's dedicated to her life to renewables and fighting climate change.

Here's episode one, on being a challenger 👊🏔

Only 17 per cent of teachers said climate change is mentioned in core subjects other than science and geography, a survey by @_TeachtheFuture has found.

If you heard about about green tariffs on the radio today, but still aren't sure how you can use '100% renewable' electricity, watch this.

In the penultimate episode of #BetterBusiness, @DavenportJuliet meets Jonathan Finnerty of sustainable building company @GreenUnitUK.

They discuss beginnings, beautiful buildings, and providing a sanctuary for stressed out NHS workers.

Full episode:

Most energy suppliers are offering 100 per cent green electricity tariffs backed up by “flimsy” sustainability credentials.

@EC_Magazine on choosing renewable a supplier: "avoid the ones which are only buying REGOs – they don’t really do anything."

Here’s to @GoodEnergy who had a good chat with our COO @lou_zed about #BetterBusiness💚, food waste 🌎 and our latest Rise Up Belgian Wheat Beer🍻.
Check it out here 👉

We've updated our guide to Energy Suppliers, after many small energy companies going bust or have been bought out. we look at energy prices, UK renewables targets and give our recommended buys @ecotricity @GoodEnergy @green_energy_uk #GreenEnergy

"A climate scientist, economist and very successful entrepreneur walk into a bar with the goal of changing the world...

Her name is @DavenportJuliet." #IWD #InternationalWomensDay #interview

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