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In this week’s episode of #betterbusiness, @DavenportJuliet speaks with Mridula Pore and Max Landry, Co-founders of fertility, new parent and menopause support app, @Peppy_Health.

Watch the full episode on YouTube:

Want to take an easy first step towards reducing emissions and switch to renewables for your business? Join @wearealbert's Creative Energy scheme to take advantage of affordable green energy from @goodenergy

Hydroelectricity is a really reliable form of clean green power.

Hydro turbines harness the power of water by diverting part of a river through a turbine, which turns a shaft generating electricity.

We’re proud to work with around 100 hydro generators all over the UK.

BREAKING: Our new research with @transition_econ shows over 500K people aged 16-24 are out of work.

We're calling on the government to invest up to £10 billion in 5 years to create 250K green apprenticeships.

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A brilliant new report from our partners @friends_earth calls for 250,000 new green apprenticeships in the UK.

A year ago today @GretaThunberg spoke to thousands on Bristol’s College Green.

Today plans have been announced for the rewilding of the space:

👏👏👏 @avonwt @YourParkBB @bristolYS4C

We are so excited to be a part of this partnership @BristolCathedra @BristolCouncil @avonwt @YourParkBB 💚 Thanks for all your donations to the original repair fund and to @GoodEnergy . We can’t wait to see College Green transform 🌻

A year on from @GretaThunberg visit & @bristolYS4C rally, we’re delighted to announce the launch of an inspirational re-wilding project on College Green @BristolCathedra It’s thanks to everyone who donated to the original crowdfund, & @GoodEnergy.

In this week's episode of #BetterBusiness our founder @davenportjuliet chats with @Lou_Zed, co-founder of sustainable beer company, @ToastAle.

Watch them chat food waste, Belgian beer and purpose in the full video here:

When you join Good Energy, you support our community of over 1,600 independent renewable generators in Britain.

One Price is a unique service we designed to offer our generators a fair rate for their power. #supportsmallbusiness #renewables

Solar power is vital in driving forward the UK’s transition to clean, green energy 🌞

I am delighted to support @GoodEnergy's innovative solar project that champions independent renewables and will help create new green jobs across Flintshire.

Today, we are announcing a new subsidy-free power agreement with @FlintshireCC. The deal has meant two solar farms have been able to enter construction, and will provide clean power for over 1,000 households.

Another reason why Good Energy is different in the market.☀️🌥️⚡️

This is Dan from @EgniCoop.

Egni is part of @AwelAmanTawe, a community driven charity committed to developing local renewable energy projects.

Egni’s solar rooftop installations are among the +1600 generators providing power to Good Energy customers.

In 2020, our community of renewable generators generated a huge 775GWh of clean, green electricity. That’s enough to power the London Underground for over 6 months!

Find out more about where our electricity comes from:

The first episode of Better Business series 2 features @DavenportJuliet speaking to Ben Pugh, Founder of sustainable online grocer @farmdrop.

Ben and Juliet talk start up struggles, putting purpose first, and ethical sardines. Watch the full video here:

Our CEO and Founder, @DavenportJuliet, writes in @ForbesEurope on how innovation needs to be tailored to fit the climate emergency.

"If we don’t put ambition at the heart of innovation, then we erode the meaning of the word."

Our series better business, which sees our founder @DavenportJuliet chatting with a new line up of inspiring business founders, is back.

Join us this Friday for the first episode with Ben Pugh, the founder of sustainable online grocer, @Farmdrop.


We've updated our guide to Energy Suppliers, after many small energy companies going bust or have been bought out. we look at energy prices, UK renewables targets and give our recommended buys @ecotricity @GoodEnergy @green_energy_uk #GreenEnergy

Do you want to understand greenwashing and how to read beyond energy industry jargon? Our friends at @GoodEnergy have produced a hub of resources around greenwashing among energy suppliers.

💨🚨New wind power record alert!🚨💨

This weekend the UK set a new record for wind power, clocking 17.5MW from wind on Saturday, according to @NG_ESO.


Want to take an easy first step towards reducing emissions and switch to #renewables for your business? ⚡️🌎

Join @wearealbert's Creative Energy scheme to take advantage of affordable #GreenEnergy from @goodenergy

How do we combat the short-term thinking laying waste to our planet?

@romankrznaric on being a #GoodAncestor, featuring our Good Future Board.

It's Valentine’s Day this weekend. Why not swap red roses for a green gift that shows some love for the planet?

Today is #InternationalDayOfWomenInScience.

Amazing to see @Stemettes speak to the Prime Minister today, but last year founder @aimafidon spoke to another leader — Good Energy's @DavenportJuliet.


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