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How can Britain get to zero carbon emissions by 2050?

Join this expert panel on 22nd June as we discuss some of the radical options in our new report.

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#NetZero #Renewables #ClimateCrisis

"The technologies we need already exist and are coming down in cost."

Our founder, @DavenportJuliet, discusses how we can create the zero cabon home of the future.


Want to know more about how you can help protect our ocean?

As the #G7 convenes, our Cornwall based friends at @FinisterreUK are getting underway with #Sea7 - an ocean activist training camp.

Held virtually, you can sign up to join from 4pm today here:

The phrase 'wherever possible' is doing *a lot* of heavy lifting in @BulbUK's green claims.

Our CEO Nigel Pocklington takes a look at this greenwashing culprit.

It's officially two weeks today until we host the Renewable Nation event! We will discuss the findings of our major new research report with some of Britain's leading energy experts.

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#NetZero #RenewableEnergy #ClimateCrisis

🐬 It's #WorldOceanDay 🐠

Our oceans store huge amounts of carbon, but global heating and pollution is limiting this.

How you can help?

🌊Sign the World Ocean Day petition
⚡️Support the transition to renewable energy
♻️ Reduce the plastic you use


It’s #WorldEnvironmentDay, and we’re imagining what our homes and cities could look like here in the UK if we’re to put a stop to global heating.

🌳 More trees
🌿 Green spaces
🚲 Streets safe for cycling
🔋 Electrified transport
🏡 Solar on every roof possible

Let’s reimagine…

#Newcar registration figures for May are out today from the @SMMT.

⚡️It's a great result for pure #ElectricCars, with #BEVs taking 8.4% of market share. That means there are officially more than 250,000 battery-electric cars on UK roads. More stats and analysis to follow. ⚡️

Join us on 22nd June for the launch of our new Renewable Nation report. It's a bold vision for a zero carbon Britain.

We will discuss the findings with some of the UK's leading figures in energy and sustainability, including The Rt. Hon @annietrev.


Happy Pride Month!

We are celebrating with a new range of t-shirts on our @Teemillstore that are all about pride in people and planet.

All profits go to LGBTQIA+ charity @GiveOut_Org's Climate Fund 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌍

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Can we invest our cash today without threatening tomorrow?

For the latest #GreatGreenQuestions ep, our founder @DavenportJuliet was joined by @MMMoneyMatter's Huw Davies and the writer @IsabelLosada.



This June we’re taking Pride in people and the planet. We’ve teamed up with Teemill to launch two new t-shirts, with 100% of the profits being donated to the Climate Fund set up LGBTQIA+ charity GiveOut. Take a look on our Teemill website:


Our Clean Energy Specialist Rory Fox-Evans took on an unusual task in lockdown:

Inventing a new kind of biodigestor to support Tanzanian communities, and help protect elephant populations, via @wild_survivors.

Here's his story for #BiodiversityDay

Our director @CarysTaylor reflects upon the findings of albert's subtitle reports in the latest episode of #GreatGreenQuestions 🌎

Listen to the full episode hosted by @DavenportJuliet at the links below 👇



What impact does the media's coverage of climate change have?

For this #GreatGreenQuestions ep I was joined by @GMB's @LauraTobin1, Director of @WeareAlbert @CarysTaylor and comedian and writer @NjambiMcgrath.



We've teamed up with Good Energy. They will be using Vattenfall's Energy Trader platform to help balance their renewables portfolio, as they often have excess wind and solar power to sell back to the grid.

#energytrading #renewableelectricity

Today is the UK's #EarthOvershoot day, meaning if everyone consumed as much as we do here, we'd have used a year's worth of planetary resources already 🤔

Here's a throwback to our project last year with @GoodEnergy. Let's #movethedate! 🌍


🇬🇧Today is UK Earth Overshoot Day.🌍

If everyone in the world used resources at the rate that we do in the UK, today is the day humanity would use up its yearly ecological budget.

Find out more:

#EarthOvershoot #MoveTheDate @EndOvershoot


Our latest blog post looks into some of the common claims made about green energy certificates, and separates myth from reality.

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#greenwashing #greenenergy

We’ve signed @MMMoneyMatter and @CountUsInSocial's Green Pensions Charter, to match our pensions with our values.

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Lovely to see advice from @Carolinehickma featured in the latest blog by @GoodEnergy.

" is a mentally healthy response... We should be feeling anxious, sad, scared, guilty, grief, anger & frustration. These are ...a sign that we care…"

The @IEA has published its global 2050 #netzero analysis. Key points:

🛢 No new oil or natural gas fields or coal mines
⚡️ Renewables form 29% of power to nearly 90%
🔋 EV charge points from 1m to 40m by 2030
🚙 By 2035 nearly all cars sold are electric

Is there a new, low carbon form of holiday which can replace our addiction to air travel?

@frucool literally wrote the book on slow travel & @sachadench is reimagining it altogether.




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