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Better energy for Europe. At the ENSTROGA Group we are dedicated to offering friendly and reliable service and competitive prices throughout Europe. Because we believe that wherever you live, you deserve better energy . #EnergyForLife https://www.enstroga.co.uk/about

Celebrate #Christmas with #ENSTROGA! In Germany children leave a shoe outside their bedroom door. If they’ve been good, a branch covered in sweets will be their reward. If they’ve been bad, they’ll only get the branch. http://www.enstroga.co.uk

#Christmas with #ENSTROGA In Catalonia you’ll find a a hollow log with a hat and face that must be ‘fed’ every day under the Christmas tree: On Christmas Eve, he’s put in the fireplace and beaten with sticks until he 'poops out' small sweets http://www.enstroga.co.uk

We are now part of the #EnergySwitchGuarantee, ensuring that your switch to #ENSTROGA is safe, secure and fast https://www.enstroga.co.uk/switch/

Can you give us the name and location of this famous European sculpture? Tweet us your answer. http://www.enstroga.co.uk #ENSTROGAinEurope

Time for a change? Discover our new #Autumn Attraction tariff and save up to £150 on your bill with #ENSTROGA https://www.enstroga.co.uk/savings/

At #ENSTROGA Group it’s not just what we do it’s how we do it. An approach based on competitive pricing and reliable service #EnergyForLife

Haven't signed up yet? Don’t sweat, you’ve still got seven days to get your #ENSTROGA Summer Splash Tariff! http://www.enstroga.co.uk/savings

Switch to #ENSTROGA and get a new tariff to help you start the Autumn with a spring in your step. #AutumnEquinox https://www.enstroga.co.uk

At the #ENSTROGA Group #innovation is part of our DNA. The result: better service and prices for our customers around Europe. #EnergyForLife

Hello UK! It’s time to plant the seeds and get ready to make some savings for the year ahead! http://www.enstroga.co.uk #gardening #energy

Did you just get your fingers burnt by a massive price rise? Check out #ENSTROGA's tariffs https://www.enstroga.co.uk/ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-gas-price-hikes-energy-most-expensive-day-customers-households-2017-uk-power-a7947066.html

EUROPEAN #MobilityWeek starts tomorrow (16-22 Sep). What ideas do you have to improve #sustainability in our cities? http://www.enstroga.co.uk

At the #ENSTROGA Group we're 100% independent, which means we’re free to put your needs first. #EnergyForLife http://www.enstroga.co.uk

Happy #firstdayofschool from #ENSTROGA! Check out our Summer Splash tariff and bring back the #summer https://goo.gl/2R1yvG #backtoschool

#HelloUK! Whether it’s writing poetry in the park or tending to your garden, enjoy the #BankHoliday your way http://www.enstroga.co.uk

Need more cash to pay for that holiday? Our Summer Splash tariff could save you up to £150 a year on your bill. https://www.enstroga.co.uk/savings/

One of the 3.1M British Gas customers facing a 12.5% rise on 15 Sept? Switch to #ENSTROGA to refresh your tariff! http://ow.ly/Qch730e88jX

Portugal has now joined the #ENSTROGA club. Have you ever tried Bacalhau à Brás (Salt Cod, Eggs and Potatoes)? https://www.facebook.com/EnstrogaUK/

In just 3 easy steps, say goodbye to expensive & confusing tariffs and hello to energy for life! http://www.enstroga.co.uk/switch #ENSTROGA

Jump into the summer with ENSTROGA! #WeLoveSummerLikeYou so check out our refreshing new Summer Splash tariff http://www.enstroga.co.uk/savings

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