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Why do teenage girls drop out of sport? Is it peer pressure, pushy parents or do they feel body conscious? Join us and our panel of sporting professionals and experts in mental health as we address the topic on Thursday 11th March, 7pm via http://gamechangersni.com #GameChangersNI.

🗣 "We'll do what we can to make the dream happen"

⚽️ @marissac_17 and @Furney1988 react to the defeat against the @Lionesses and the upcoming play-off 👇 #GAWA #GameChangersNI @ElecIrelandNI

A great effort by each and every member of our @NorthernIreland Women’s Team today, as they battled against the @Lionesses! #GameChangersNI #GAWA

Best of luck to our Game Changers @NorthernIreland National Women’s Team who take on England, tomorrow at 12:30pm in preparation for their Euro 2020 play offs!

Available to watch via BBC iPlayer and Red Button.

Come on Ladies, we’re right behind you!
#GameChangersNI #GAWA

Parent or Teacher? Download our free colouring sheets for your shooting stars and show your support for our Game Changers @NorthernIreland National Women’s Team from the comfort of your home as they take on @Lionesses on Tuesday 23rd February!  #GameChangersNI ⚽

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Catch a new bonus episode of #GamechangersNI from @ElecIrelandNI with panellists including Northern Ireland Women's manager Kenny Shiels #sp https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/game-changers-podcast-bonus-episode-19807276

A special episode - have a listen now! @elecirelandni #sp https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/game-changers-podcast-bonus-episode-19807276?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar

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"Knowing when they need a boost or a boot!" ~ Briege Corkery, Cork GAA Player and 18x All Ireland Medallist discusses the importance of confidence building within coaching at our latest webinar event.

Watch and listen to the discussion unfold over at http://gamechangersni.com

“Trust.... you can’t do anything without trust.” ~ Kenny Shiels, Manager of the @NorthernIreland Women’s National Football Team discusses the biggest challenges of coaching.

Catch up on the conversation and the sporting insights over on http://gamechangersni.com #GameChangersNI

It's often used, but Reverse psychology "never really works in #sport... It undermines the player/coach relationship... better to be "deadly honest" with the player.

Great insight from @ElecIrelandNI #GameChangersNI webinar - thanks coaches!

WATCH >> http://www.gamechangersni.com

Our Virtual Coaching Event is now LIVE! If you you have a question for our sporting panel, visit http://gamechangersni.com and click on “Ask a Question” #GameChangersNI

Some great insights from the panel this evening on #GameChangersNI with @ElecIrelandNI delighted to have @Cause1981 representing Netball NI and loving this quote from @tandy_tj

Key themes #Trust #BuildingRelationships #KnowYourPlayers


#GameChangersNI LIVE Webinar:

“Empower the players and get them engaged, try and make the coaching process more of a two way conversation, than a dictatorship”

~ Neal Johnston, Female Rugby Officer at @UlsterRugby discussing chemistry.

#GameChangersNI LIVE Webinar:

“Female athletes find it hard to separate the performance from the person”

~ @Cause1981, Club & Workforce Manager at @netballni discussing player confidence.

#GameChangersNI LIVE Webinar:

“There are two types of people in sport - there’s the ego lead, and the task lead.”

- Kenny Shiels, @NorthernIreland, Manager of the Women’s National Football Team

✨And we’re LIVE! Join our Coaching Webinar Event over on http://gamechangersni.com where a panel of local sporting professionals are discussing... “if there’s a difference in coaching male and female athletes!” #GameChangersNI

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