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"BRITAIN has the chance to fight climate change and become energy independent by going green, eco-entrepreneur @DaleVince told G7 leaders yesterday."

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Want to know more about how you can help protect our ocean?

As the #G7 convenes, our Cornwall based friends at @FinisterreUK are getting underway with #Sea7 - an ocean activist training camp.

Held virtually, you can sign up to join from 4pm today here:

What a brilliant way to highlight how much electronic waste - 53 million tonnes - we produce each year. Mount Recyclemore by sculptor Joe Rush reminds us to #reuse #recycle and dispose of unwanted items in a responsible way - too much goes to landfill. #G7

Wouldn’t it be greener and more ethical if animals weren’t used to generate energy? We're the only energy company in the world certified as vegan by @TheVeganSociety and @vivacampaigns Could your energy supply be greener? #VeganEnergy *No animals were harmed for this image*

It's World Environment Day today - and we've got behind a simple but brilliant concept that launched last night in Glasgow and is marking the countdown to COP26. #WorldEnvironmentDay @theclimateclock #ClimateClock

If you are a customer of Ecotricity, you are supporting new renewable energy generation and therefore helping Britain hit our target of 100% renewable energy on the grid. 👏

#renewableenergy #greenenergy #ecotricity #sustainability #recordbreak #windenergy #sustainableenergy

It's time to ban plastic bags! 🌎 The solution? Reusable ones which are less harmful to the environment.

@Daily_Express will highlight the impact of plastic waste through its Green Britain Needs You campaign 👊

Would you like a free ticket to @WOMADfestival? Join us, one of Britain's greenest energy suppliers, and we'll gift you a free ticket worth £225! Head to this link to join 👉 #WOMADfestival2021 #NME


The world music festival will return to Wiltshire this summer

At Ecotricity, we’re proud to offer our people green pensions 💰

We’ve signed @MMMoneyMatter and @CountUsInSOCIAL's Green Pensions Charter, as we are committing to making our pensions even more sustainable, and building a future we actually want to retire into.

Calling all customers 📢 Refer someone to us and you AND your friend will receive a free @WOMADfestival ticket worth £225!

Simply retweet alongside your unique referral code... And it's as easy as that! 🙌

DM us for guidance - we're happy to help!


Please be aware that our Customer Services will be closed on Monday for the May Bank Holiday. If you have a query, check out our support pages: or pop us a message and we will be in touch ASAP, early next week. Have a great weekend!

We are SO excited to announce that we're partnering with @WOMADfestival again this year! AND we're running our switch offer again, if you join us before 21st June, we'll send you a free weekend ticket to WOMAD! Head to
#womad2021 #ecotricity #greenfestival

We’re excited to tell you that we’re going to be working with Katelyn aka @inatinygarden over the next few months to bring news about Ecotricity’s green energy to keen gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts everywhere.

Read all about our new venture here:

Is 100% clean energy possible? What mix of policy and technology will it take to ditch fossil fuels completely? Without clean energy, we face accelerating global warming
Join @DaleVince & other industry professionals at the #TortoiseClimateSummit tomorrow:

We’re so excited to reveal what we’ve been working on!
This April, for the first time in Ecotricity history, we’re launching a television campaign!
For full information into why we have chosen an ad campaign, head to:

"So there we go! A brief insight into areas that you can consider to reduce your impact on the environment. Hopefully, it’s given you some ideas that you can consider introducing at home to make your household more sustainable.

"Finally, transport. As the world goes back to normal, we can now look at journeys and decide if they really need to be made or if an online call will suffice. How many of you have spent 3 hours travelling for a 45 minute meeting? It's environmentally damaging and wastes time.

@BudweiserUK might've thought Forest Green Rovers would welcome an offer to partner with open arms. It didn’t reckon on @BrewDog getting their first!
@FGRFC_Official #Gloucestershire #glosbiz @brewdog #Nailsworth @StroudDC @ecotricity

“Take a peek in your bin and see what’s in there. Can you cut out the rubbish completely by purchasing an alternative product or maybe reducing the waste by buying in bulk? Are there things going into the general waste bin that you can recycle? #EarthDay

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