What are water audits and what do they do?

A water audit has the potential to give you greater knowledge and control over your water accounts through identifying savings and efficiencies.

The first thing Energy Solutions will do when we work with you is to carry out a desktop water audit; this compares your water use (including how much) to how much you are being charged, and bring up any inconsistencies or irregularities with you, as these have the potential to result in you being billed incorrectly. An audit also allows for us to give specific advice and recommendations on how you could reduce your water usage and in turn, lower the charges that come with that.

Our water audit experts take around 7 to 10 days to consider the information given to us and give a response. We are also able to quickly determine whether the information we are working with is widely accurate, and inform you if it is not. The water audit report will also include costed recommendations for improvement to water efficiency and suggest how to reduce future costs. This response will cover all professional fees and provide an estimated return on your investment, with the goal of seeing improvements between 9 and 12 months. Once approved, the next step would be to undertake a full site survey and confirm the detailed changes laid out for you.

Most people see a 30% reduction in their bills for waste and water supplies after going through an audit with Energy Solutions, and we even work to consider your historical bills to see if you deserve a refund on previous water or waste charges, ranging from £500 to £500,000.

Energy Solutions offers in house experts and advice by combining software development expertise with knowledge of the deepwater retail industry and water efficiency services and consultancy. This is why a number of water retailers also use us.

We will supply you with a desktop water audit for free, helping you understand your bill and whether it is accurate – But, this is not the only service we are offering.

We have an exceptional track record of saving organisations of all sizes a percentage on their water bills and have a strong reputation for the quality of our services.

Energy Solutions does not receive any payments or commission for savings and refunds, instead, we discuss all payments upfront and your savings go straight into your pocket, in full.

Based on a number of clients like yourself, we are sure that you will be interested in a handful of our other money-saving opportunities for all sizes of businesses, for example:


A Water Bill Analysis Though it can be difficult to bring together 12 months of water bills for your free audit, the intention to foster full visibility of your own expenditure will help you gain control over a significant business overhead. You can find a large variety of different additional charges and hidden obscurities in your tariff that may not always show in one simple water audit. Analysing your bills helps you remove uncertainty around your billing and allows you to be confident that what you are paying for is sure to be correct.
A Water Use Survey With the bills we explained above, EnergySolutions can also provide you with a water use survey with no extra faff. We will ask for details on how your water is used at each site a client operates to give us an idea of how the premises operate and how much water would ideally be used. This information, compared to your bills, is where we can build an opinion based on our extensive industry expertise.
Manufacturing, Process and Plant Operations We may ask for more in-depth details for manufacturing, process and plant operation businesses due to the high volume of water often used in industrial facilities. We ask manufacturing and industrial clients to give us an idea of how water is used across the whole production process, including washing down and in-product use and disposal, as well as copies of trade waste bills and any waste flow sampling and monitoring data.
Landlord and Third Party Water Charges Landlord and third party water charges are often forgotten when we ask for billing and usage information, but they are always worth considering and examining. Even though they are not under the same authority as a water company, including them in an audit is a wonderful way to save, by acknowledging them as part of the overall process and looking at their specific costs.


Additional information we may request (dependent on your individual business) includes:

  • New and used car dealerships:
    Staff levels, number of public toilets and details about car valeting bays, etc.
  • Pool and leisure clubs:
    The number of members, swimming pool capacities, spas, plunge pool details, etc.
  • Schools and colleges:
    The number of pupils, staff levels, details of any leisure facilities (e.g, on-site pool) laboratories and catering, etc.

Energy Solutions works to help provide you with all of the information you need, alongside a team of experts in the field of commercial water consultancy, so if you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us.

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