How Do You Compare Business Water Suppliers?

Pricing water is infamously difficult to do. From misleading suppliers to the confusing job of comparing and contrasting offers, it is not an easy task to undergo by yourself.

Energy Solutions are market experts, and they know exactly how to judge and assess the business water market in order to find and agree upon the best deals for your individual needs.

Below I will explain how and why pricing water and assessing the water market is so difficult, and exactly how Energy Solutions will make your business, and your life, run smoother.

The Background

The deregulation of the water market for businesses in the UK in 2016 created the opportunity for companies who:

  1. were based in England, and
  2. had usage higher than 5 million litres per year,

To change and switch their water supplier.

Imagine the commercial water market much like the energy market. Switching suppliers based on deals and prices is a common occurrence for energy users, the only difference between the two markets is that switching is allowed for everybody in the energy market whereas the water market only allows commercial users to switch their supplier.

However, many users are likely far more confident switching their energy supplier than they are their water supplier because of the recent nature of this switch to a commercial water market. Only since 2016 has switching been possible, and so many business owners would probably agree that they do not know what to look for in a water deal as opposed to an energy deal. What factors should be considered? What options may make you want to switch suppliers? How can you judge your current supplier in contrast to its competitors?

Energy Solutions can help you to do this. Many businesses have just chosen to ignore the change in the water market and have not reassessed their water contracts. Failure to readdress the situation is costing businesses massive losses in potential savings on their water bills. Especially following the hard year many businesses have faced in 2020/2021, there is no time like the present to be saving money wherever you possibly can.

Overpaying for your utilities takes valuable money away from investing in your own business. Energy Solutions want to help you change that.

Where to Start

The first, best step you can take when beginning to approach the commercial water market and switching suppliers is to take a step back and to gain an accurate impression of your water consumption. This information will be needed by any future potential supplier, so it is a good idea to have a strong idea of how much water you use.

It is also important to consider how, where, and why your business uses water. Energy Solutions, and other advisory services, will also be aiming to help you to reduce your water consumption and increase your water efficiency. If there is a particular area where your business is costing you a lot of money in water consumption, then perhaps that is an area where your business could increase its water efficiency.

Water efficiency saves you money and it also saves the planet – a win-win situation!

Additionally, the more water you consume as a business, and the degree to which water is essential to elements of your business (e.g. do you just use water for taps and toilets, or do you need to facilitate larger-scale water consumption entities such as pools), then the more significance saving on your water bill will have for your business and your finances.

Now that you have a good idea of your actual consumption at the moment, it is also a good idea to start looking into and studying your previous consumption and water bills. Considering and comparing your own water bills can help you understand if there are any significant changes in your water consumption that may be costing you unnecessary money (such as if your water equipment is getting old, and less efficient, meaning you are spending more money on your water consumption).

Why an Expert Can Help

Getting advice from an expert about your water bill is invaluable to your business. Experts like us here at Energy Solutions can ensure that your precise and unique water needs are being met by the lowest possible tariff. No two water contracts are the same and so comparing offers from multiple suppliers is near-impossible, and would create a large and unnecessary drain on your business resources for managing the admin.

A water expert will compare business water contracts on your behalf and then help you to find the best option for your company. This saves you time and money.

A specialist water consultant from Energy Solutions will obtain quotes and tariffs from a wide selection of relevant UK suppliers on behalf of your company, using your details and address etc.

As well as comparing new potential contracts your water specialist will review and analyse your current contract terms in comparison to your usage. This will help them to gauge an idea of what things you need to be included in your contract, what additional terms may aid you and save you money, and which parts of your old contract may have been redundant.

Contracts are designed to be tricky and put people off reading them, as this means suppliers can keep your contract and keep raising your rates. The jargon of a water contract is easily broken down by a water expert who will explain it back to you. Here at Energy Solutions, we do not just want to save you money but also help you to save money for yourself.

A water expert will be invaluable to your business and help guide you through the process of understanding your water consumption and considering potential contract switches.

Benefits of Switching

Lower PricesThis can help you to save money as a business and inject the saved money in areas where it is especially necessary.
Consolidation of BillsYour water expert can help you through the admin of consolidating all of your bills across multiple sites into one monthly expense. This can save you money on admin costs and increase your business efficiency
Participate in the MarketThe water market has been de-regulated, so is designed to be shopped around in. Taking advantage of deals and lower prices encourage other suppliers to readjust their prices and create better deals to attract customers. Participating in the water market means better water services for everyone, for longer.

How Energy Solutions Can Help

It is important your water expert fully understand your needs and your individual requirements as a business. Here at Energy Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that you are receiving the best deals possible for your business.

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