Energy Saving Guide For Offices

How does cutting up to 20% of your office’s energy bills sound?

Well, by applying just a few simple measures, you will see massive improvements to your energy efficiency, as well as saving some money.

At Energy Solutions, we are here to help our customers, by offering free advice on how to improve their energy efficiency.

These simple, inexpensive energy efficiency steps such as switching off your office equipment, controlling your lighting and using energy-efficient lamps can go a long way.

Here are some questions to monitor how your company uses energy:

  • Does your office leave the lights on all day and all night?
  • Is it difficult to keep your office temperature at a comfortable climate?
  • In the summer, is the air conditioner always on?
  • Are your electronic appliances such as computers, photocopiers and printers always turned on, even when they’re not being used?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then with our help, you will likely be able to save yourself a lot of money, all in an easy and simple way.

Here are some statistics that may shock you:

  • A PC monitor that is left turned on overnight costs on average £45 per year and can waste enough electricity to laser print over 500 pages.
  • An energy-efficient office will pay less than 65% less than a typical office.
  • By air conditioning your office for an extra hour each day, you could use this energy each month to supply energy to power a TV for over a year.
  • If you left a computer switched on overnight, each year you could create enough CO2 to completely fill a double-decker bus.

So, what steps can you make to save yourself some money and become more energy efficient? Let’s dive right in.

Lighting Tips

  • Purchasing daylight sensors and time switches can be a great investment to save some money and reduce your energy usage. This removes the possibility of leaving lights on for long periods of time when they aren’t in use as they help to avoid leaving lights on.
  • You should encourage staff to only use lights when necessary. Leave posters near light switches to make employees more aware of how using lights can decrease energy efficiency and impact the environment. When there are reduced numbers of staff in, use lighting only in the areas that are needed, rather than lighting up the entire building.
  • Energy-efficient lights are another popular method for reducing energy consumption. Replacing bulky, old lamps for newer, compact fluorescent lighting could save around 80% of energy usage in your office space. What a neat swap.
  • It should be made clear and obvious which lights are required to be left on and which lights should be turned off when they’re not needed. An example could be leaving on the reception lights, but turning off the canteen lights when there is less use.
  • How about this statistic, just by installing correct office lights, you can reduce your energy costs by more than 15%. These office lights include compact fluorescent and LED lights.
  • Do you have exit signs in your office? Well, by replacing these inefficient signs with LED exit signs, you can see lower maintenance costs, as well as longer life spans. This means less money spent on replacing lights, as well as lower energy costs.

Business Equipment Tips

  • Many newer office appliances have energy-saving features. Think about purchasing these types of equipment when improving your office efficiency. It will save you in the long run. 
  • Even when office equipment is in standby mode, you are still using energy which will all add to your monthly bills. Try to show your staff the benefits of turning off office equipment when it isn’t in use to improve your energy efficiency.
  • Upgrading your office equipment is a tidy way to save some energy. Old heaters and air conditioning may not be working at their peak efficiency, which means you’re drawing unnecessary power, which in turn costs you more money. Look for energy star appliances.
  • If you have a kitchen or canteen, your refrigeration appliances could be costing you money. Look at purchasing or upgrading to a high energy efficiency rating fridge or freezer. Another tip is to keep them out of direct sunlight, cleaning fans and motors, checking seals on the doors as well as regularly defrosting your machines.

Heating Tips

  • To reduce heat loss in your office, try using window blinds. If you close your window blinds at night, or before the last person leaves the office, you can trap the heat indoors which can help to decrease heat loss.
  • Investing in a modern, programmable thermostat can help you to save a lot of money. When there is no one in the office, your thermostat can adjust the room temperature to reduce wasting energy.
  • One of the most expensive energy sources is electric heaters. They can easily increase your energy bills without you realising. Try to avoid using these if necessary and watch your bills come down.
  • Overheating can be a common problem in office spaces. A good tip is to make sure your radiator circuit is weather compensated as this will decrease the chance of overheating. Instead of turning down the heating, you can open windows when overheating occurs.
  • Try to advise your staff to lower the thermostat in your office when the heating isn’t required. Many offices have their heating turned up during the summer months. These months can be great times to save some money and reduce your energy consumption.

Building Upgrade Tips

  • Did you know that 10% of heat loss in most buildings is due to draughts? If you can fit some self-adhesive thermal strips around your office’s windows and doors you can massively reduce the likelihood of draughts. Easy fix to save some cash.
  • A neat upgrade could be fitting automatic closures on external doors. Losing heat through open doors will no longer be an issue for your office.
  • Have you considered installing solar panels? They could be a great investment for your office. After the initial cost, you will be rewarded with low maintenance, renewable energy that can have a massive impact on your energy bills as well as improving your carbon footprint.
  • Planting trees outside your office is another simple method that can improve energy efficiency. Trees will help to protect your office from warm weather during hot summers, as well as insulating your building during the colder winters.

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