Top 10 tips for cutting your energy bills

All businesses are able to pay less for energy bills if they change their energy consumption habits and implement some inexpensive, simple solutions. Just by changing the way in which business owners and employees use energy, they can cut their business energy bills by at least 10%.

In addition to paying less for energy, consuming less electricity allows businesses to contribute to fighting climate change. That in turn enhances their reputation and encourages more people to use their services.

Where do I start?

Knowing where to start saving energy can be difficult. Luckily here at Energy Solutions, we prepared a comprehensive guide that includes the best ways to do it. If you follow the advice we included here, in next to no time you will be paying less for your energy bills.

  1. Switch off the equipment that’s not in use

If at your business’s premises you have computers, printers, or vending machines, it is important to switch them off when they’re not being used. Many people overlook that because they forget that equipment continues to consume energy even in standby mode. You should educate your staff about such things and encourage them to be more environmentally- friendly.

  1. Change lights to energy efficient ones

Nowadays LED bulbs that consume less energy are easily available. If you want to cut your energy bills, you should change all light bulbs at your business’s premises to them. LED bulbs consume 80% less energy than regular light bulbs and they generate less heat, which allows you to use the air conditioning system less frequently.

  1. Use lighting sensors

There are several types of lighting sensors you can use. Daylight sensors will turn off lights in areas that receive enough natural light. Motion sensors, on the other hand, will turn the lights on when someone enters the room but will keep them turned off when there is no one in the area. They are a good solution for rooms that are rarely occupied such as meeting rooms, storage rooms, or toilets.

  1. Do not turn the heating and cooling systems on at the same time

It is a common practice for employees to get too hot and turn the air conditioning on when the heating is also on. This way, your business uses a lot of energy and your energy bills are likely to be very high. Such situations can be avoided by keeping the temperature at around 21°C, making sure that it doesn’t get too hot but that employees do not get cold either.

  1. Raise awareness about being energy-efficient

Promoting energy efficiency should be an important part of running your business. Even the smallest behavioural changes can have a big impact and can help you lower your company’s energy bills.

  1. Switch energy suppliers

Prices of supplies tend to change each year and new energy tariffs are constantly being introduced. That’s why it’s always a good idea to compare the available tariffs and switch suppliers if you find a more competitive energy deal.

  1. Make the most of natural heating and lighting

When the sun is out make sure to keep the blinds open to let the sunlight in. On warm summer days, you might not even need to turn the heating on when you do it. Similarly, when it’s bright outside it is not necessary to turn the lights on, many people just do it automatically.

  1. Insulate the building

Investing in insulation might require some upfront costs but it will have great financial benefits in the long run. If your building is well insulated, less heat will be leaving it. This way you will easily keep it at the desired temperature and you will spend less money on energy bills. You should always use insulation with the highest R-value available because the rate indicates the amount of thermal resistance.

  1. Regularly service heating and cooling systems

Many people forget to regularly check and service heaters, fans, or air-conditioners. Nevertheless, frequently making sure that they work properly and that they are dust-free is essential to keeping your energy bills low. If these systems are not working properly, they will be consuming more energy to achieve the desired temperature.

  1. Consider solar panels

In recent years solar panels have been becoming more and more popular. They allow you to generate electricity using the sun, so you can significantly lower your energy bills. They do, however, require a big upfront investment so you need to calculate whether they are a good option for your business.

Energy-efficiency figures

Have a look at some statistics that illustrate how important saving energy is:

  • Lowering the temperature at the business’s premises by as little as 1°C can cut fuel consumption by 8%.
  • Establishing and following a lighting maintenance schedule can lower energy costs by as much as 15%.
  • Switching a computer and a monitor off when they are not in use can reduce the annual cost of using them by around 30%.

Additional tips

If you have applied the 10 top tips and have been trying to consume less energy but your energy bill is still too high, there are some additional things you can do to save energy.

  1. Understand your energy bill – understanding what you pay for is essential to know how much gas and electricity you use each month. Once you realise that, you will be able to identify periods of the day/month/year when you use more energy and you will be able to think of ways to cut back. The best way to know how much energy you use in real-time is to install a smart meter. Contact your energy supplier to get one!
  2. Don’t leave equipment plugged in – many people assume that if they’re not using certain electronic equipment, there is no harm in leaving it plugged in. Nevertheless, most devices still consume power on standby. According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you unplug all the devices you’re not using, you will be able to save up to £35 a year.
  3. Time your showers – many people enjoy having a long shower in hot water. Nevertheless, if you want to save energy and money, you should make sure that your showers are quick and that you do not overheat the water. There is no point in standing in the shower for too long so you should try to cut your daily shower from 10 minutes to 5, for example.
  4. Wear warmer clothes – that might seem simple but many people tend to have the heating on all the time and they walk around the house in shorts and t-shirts. If you’re trying to cut your energy bills, a quick and easy way to do it is to lower the temperature. If you put on a warm jumper and socks you will not notice the difference, and soon you will realise that your energy bill is much lower than before.
  5. Only put the heating in the room that you use – if you live on your own, there is no point in having the heating on in all the rooms. You might consider only having it on in your bedroom or in the living room, depending on where you spend the most time. Similarly, make sure that the heating is off in rooms such as box rooms or storage rooms where it is not needed.

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