20 Reasons to use Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions offer price comparison and advice that allows customers to compare energy prices and packages to choose the one that matches their needs and save money. Brokers have great knowledge of the energy industry so they help businesses get the best energy rates available. There are a number of reasons why using an energy broker is a good idea.

1. Saving money – if you are considering switching from your current energy provider to a different one, saving money is probably the main reason to do it. Using the services of an energy broker allows you to make sure that you get the cheapest deal there is.

2. Good market knowledge – energy brokers have many tools to compare energy deals that might not be available to you. Moreover, they know what energy prices are like, so they can tell whether a deal is worth switching to.

3. Saving time – comparing energy prices, getting in touch with energy providers and negotiating the terms of a new deal can be time-consuming. If you use a broker you don’t have to do the extensive research and fill out all the paperwork yourself. Instead, you can focus on other commitments.

4. Expertise – not all the customers have good knowledge of the functioning of the energy market. Energy brokers specialise in gas and electricity so they can answer all your questions and explain the tariffs.

5. Good market knowledge – energy brokers have many tools to compare energy deals that might not be available to you. Moreover, they know what energy prices are like, so they can tell whether a deal is worth switching to.

6. Wide selection –  if you are comparing energy tariffs yourself you might only be focusing on a few providers or offers. Brokers know the industry so they will compare numerous suppliers and you can be sure you’re not missing any great deals.

7. Lower energy consumption – in addition to helping you find the cheapest deal brokers can help you get the greenest one, thus lowering your household’s emission. If you want to be getting all your energy from renewable sources, brokers will help you find the company that offers such an option.

8. Easier choice – reading about numerous different energy providers and tariffs can be overwhelming as there are many options available. Brokers put all that information together to let you focus on a few best deals, hence facilitating making the decision.

9. Future assistance – even after you sign a new contract your energy broker will be able to assist you. You can contact them if you have any further queries about the tariff or if you’re thinking you didn’t make the best decision and want to find out what your options are.

10. The right contract – there are many types of contracts available. An energy broker can tell you which one is the right one for your business, and it can help you avoid being automatically placed on one of the contracts you can read about in the table below.

ContractWhen is it appliedDisadvantages
Deemed RateYour current tariff ended and you did not contact the energy supplier about extending it or getting a new dealRolling tariffs
Out-of-contract rates
The most expensive prices
RolloverYour contract ended and you did not cancel it nor switched to a different providervery expensive rates
lasts at least a year

11. Easier future expansion – if you think you might expand your business in the future and open new offices, you will need to install meters and get energy contracts for all of them. Arranging that can be complicated but if you tell the broker about your plans and they will help you choose a provider that will make setting all that up easy.

12. Knowing your options – most people have heard of the big six that refers to the largest energy providers in the UK. If you haven’t you can find them in the picture below. There are, however, many other energy suppliers available and sometimes their offer might be most suitable for your needs. Using a broker will ensure that you’re looking not only at the energy providers you have heard of but also at those less popular that might be offering more competitive prices.

The Big Six Suppliers

13. Wide range of services – in addition to assisting you with getting the cheapest energy bill, the broker can help you, for example, monitor your energy usage and carbon footprinting. You can also talk to analysts and consultants who can advise you on energy management.

14. Inside contacts – brokers have partnerships with many energy suppliers. Thanks to those connections they have the power to negotiate energy prices and they can propose you deals that you wouldn’t find otherwise.

15. Bundle all supplies – brokers can put your electricity, gas and water needs together to find a provider that matches your requirements for all supplies not only one. If you compare prices on your own, most comparison pages available online handle them separately, which means you would have to sign several separate contracts.

16. End-to-end process – brokers not only give you the overview of the best deals available but they also complete all the necessary forms and paperwork for you. They also read all terms and conditions of the offer and explain it to you so you don’t have to go through long documents yourself.

17. Looking at all the charges – if you’re looking for an energy contract yourself, you will most likely be looking at the unit price. Nevertheless, there are many other charges that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a supplier. Brokers will look at all of them and prepare a cost breakdown to show you what exactly you’ll be paying for in each of the deals.

18. Analysing all elements of the deal – in addition to looking at the price, there are other aspects that are important when choosing an energy supplier. That includes the duration of the contract or possible ways to terminate the contract early. The broker will analyse all these elements to ensure your deal is not only the cheapest but also the most convenient.

19. Managing multiple contracts – if your business has several sites you might have different energy contracts for all of them. If each of the deals has different conditions and prices, managing them can be difficult. Brokers can help you move all the sites to one supplier, making it easy for you to settle the payments.

20. Good relationship with the supplier – brokers interact with energy suppliers all the time. Suppliers care about forming long-lasting partnerships with them so if you use the broker’s services you might enjoy not only better prices but also better customer service.

There you have it, 20 reasons to choose Energy Solutions as your energy broker for your next contract renewal.

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