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Yorkshire Gas and Power Company Overview

Yorkshire Gas and Power supply commercial gas and electricity to businesses in the UK. They deliver 100% renewable electricity across the UK, including English, Welsh and Scottish businesses. Founded in 2009 by Rishi Raichura, Yorkshire Gas and Power aims to provide competitive gas and electricity prices to all businesses, no matter their size.

Yorkshire Gas and Power are aiming to become a member of the UK ‘big six’ energy suppliers and hope to have a refreshing view on how business energy customers should be treated. The energy supplier vows to take full ownership of any complaints their customers make. Via regular contact, they have a focus on updating customers and efficiently resolving all complaints.

Yorkshire Gas and Power also recently agreed on a contract with UD Group. UD Group’s intuitive customer relationship management platform and innovative technology will benefit the energy supplier and hopefully push them towards their goal of becoming one of the biggest business energy companies in the UK.

Yorkshire Gas and Power Products

Yorkshire Gas and Power provide contract types that suit multiple businesses, with different tariffs and plans tailored to each company. Yorkshire Gas and Power currently have the following tariffs available:

  • Fixed price products: Their fixed price products range from 1-, 2- or 3-year fixed price business gas and business electricity contracts.
  • Flexible pass-through products: Allowing business customers to use the changes in the market to their advantage, the flexible tariff fluctuates with the market prices.
  • Multi-site contracts: For businesses with numerous business sites, Yorkshire Gas and Power can create one contract for all the premises, with competitive and flexible prices.

Yorkshire Gas and Power Fuel Mix 2019/20

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s fuel mix disclosure for 2020 is listed in the table below. As you can see, Yorkshire Gas and Power use 100% renewable energy, ranking them as of the greenest energy companies in the UK. The average renewable energy source for suppliers in the UK is 37.9%, a lot lower than Yorkshire Gas and Power’s percentage.

Fuel TypeYorkshire Gas and PowerAverage for UK
Natural gas0.0%39.4%
Other fuelsn/a2.2%

Board of Directors and Notable Staff

Rishi Raichura – Chief Executive Officer

Rishi Raichura was the founder of Yorkshire Gas and Power back in July 2009. His first role was managing director at the firm. Before founding Yorkshire Gas and Power, Rishi Raichura also founded Efficient Energy Solutions in November 2008 and worked with TOTAL in commercial sales. He studied at the University of Warwick, earning a bachelor of science, mathematics and computer science.

Mark Whitton – Sales Director


Mark Whitton has extensive experience in the energy industry but joined the Yorkshire Gas and Power team in July 2015 as head of TPI’s. Other roles at the company include head of sales before his current role of sales director. Previous roles in the energy sector include head of TPI at Total Gas and Power, UK sales manager at Hudson Energy and numerous roles with both RWE Npower and Npower Business.

Lauren Blake – Head of Operations


Lauren Blake joined Yorkshire Gas and Power back in March 2016 as an energy specialist. Lauren has held numerous roles at the energy supplier, such as operations team leader and operations manager before her current role as head of operations in 2020. Other experience in the energy industry includes a pricing analyst at Energy Services Business Power ltd.

Yorkshire Gas and Power Key Financial Data

According to Yorkshire Gas & Power’s group strategic report for March 2020, they saw significant growth throughout the year. In comparison to the 2019 financial year, the consumed energy volume increased by 82% for electricity, but there was a 6% decrease in gas.

There were large investments made into new sales channels which have seen their customer portfolio almost double with expected growth to continue throughout 2021.

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s turnover for the financial year 2020 was £18.06m, a 17% increase from the previous financial year of £15.40m. Gross profit also saw a huge increase of 17%, from £2.95m in 2019 to £3.46m in 2020. The overall balance sheet value was at £61k net assets and the directors of the company were satisfied.

Operating profit for Yorkshire Gas and Power decreased from £1.01m in 2019 to £0.8m in 2020, with administrative expenses increasing to £2.65m from the previous year’s £1.94m, however, this is expected with their budget and investments. 

UnitFinancial Year 2020Financial Year 2019
Gross Profit£3.46m£2.95m
Operating Profit£0.8m£1.01m
Administrative Expenses£2.65m£1.94m

Yorkshire Gas and Power Websites And Contact Information

Yorkshire Gas and Power currently have no social media presence, apart from a LinkedIn profile. They do have a website and a customer service team. You can reach them via the phone numbers and email addresses below.

Customer Service Team:

0113 856 0056



Common Questions

Who is the CEO of Yorkshire Gas and Power?

Rishi Raichura is the CEO and founder of Yorkshire Gas and Power. He founded the company back in 2009 and became the chief executive officer in 2019.

Where are Yorkshire Gas and Power Based In The UK?

Yorkshire Gas and Power have their headquarters based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Their address is:

4305 Park Approach,
Thorpe Park,
LS15 8GB

What Are Yorkshire Gas and Power Opening Times?

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s opening hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

What is Yorkshire Gas and Power’s NAICS and SIC code?

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s NAICS: 22,221
Yorkshire Gas and Power’s SIC: 49,492

When Do I Pay My Yorkshire Gas and Power Bill?

At the moment, Yorkshire Gas and Power only offer a monthly billing service, so quarterly and yearly payments are not an option at this present time.