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How can I switch to Octopus business energy?

Switching to Octopus business energy is a straightforward process that can be initiated by contacting their dedicated business contact number. You can easily find the Octopus business contact number on their website or by searching online. By calling Octopus Energy, you can speak to their knowledgeable customer service team who will guide you through the switch and provide you with a business energy quote tailored to your specific needs.

As a leading energy company, Octopus Energy offers a range of services and products designed for businesses. Their commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices makes them an attractive choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. With a strong company profile and a focus on using technology to revolutionize the energy industry, Octopus Energy has garnered a significant customer base and positive reviews from business customers.

Led by CEO Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy has positioned itself as a competitor in the energy market, offering affordable and reliable energy solutions. Their financials demonstrate their success and growth as they continue to expand their renewable energy generation capabilities. By leveraging renewable options such as wind and solar power, Octopus Energy provides businesses with access to greener energy sources.

To switch to Octopus business energy, you can request a quote and discuss your energy requirements with their team. They will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition and helping you benefit from their sustainable and affordable green energy. With their transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and commitment to sustainable practices, Octopus Energy is a trusted energy provider for businesses across the world.

Can you join Octopus Energy with a prepayment meter?

Yes, it is possible to join Octopus Energy even if you have a prepayment meter. Octopus Energy offers energy solutions for various types of customers, including those with prepayment meters. They aim to provide affordable and sustainable energy options to all customers, regardless of their meter type.

To inquire about joining Octopus Energy with a prepayment meter, you can contact their business contact number or visit their website for further information. Their customer service team will be able to guide you through the process and provide you with a business quote tailored to your specific needs.

Octopus Energy is known for its transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and commitment to sustainable practices. They have gained a significant customer base since their launch in 2016 and continue to provide energy solutions to millions of domestic and business customers.

By joining Octopus Energy with a prepayment meter, you can benefit from their renewable energy options and affordable green energy tariffs. They have built a strong reputation in the energy market, and their innovative approach, led by CEO Greg Jackson, has transformed the industry.

Regardless of the meter type, Octopus Energy is dedicated to helping customers navigate the energy market, provide competitive pricing, and support sustainable energy solutions. With their wide range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction, Octopus Energy is a reliable choice for businesses seeking a supplier that aligns with their values.

How many business customers does Octopus Energy have?

Octopus Energy has a significant number of business customers, contributing to their growing success in the energy market. While the exact number of business customers may vary over time, Octopus Energy serves millions of customers across the world, including a substantial base of business clients.

Since its launch in 2016, Octopus Energy has rapidly expanded its customer base and established itself as a leading provider of renewable and affordable energy solutions. Their commitment to sustainability, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service has attracted a large number of businesses seeking greener and more cost-effective energy options.

With their innovative approach and use of technology, Octopus Energy has transformed the energy industry and continues to gain recognition as a reliable supplier. Led by CEO Greg Jackson, the company’s mission to provide sustainable energy solutions has resonated with businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact while ensuring reliable and competitive energy supply.

Octopus Energy’s success can be attributed to their strong financials, robust business division, and focus on renewable energy generation. Their portfolio of services, including gas and electricity supply, tailored tariffs, and renewable options, appeals to a wide range of businesses across different sectors.

By continually expanding their customer base and embracing new technologies, Octopus Energy has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking a reliable and sustainable energy supplier.

What is Octopus Energy doing for customers?

Octopus Energy is dedicated to providing exceptional services and innovative solutions to its customers. As a global energy company, they are committed to driving the green energy revolution and transforming the way customers use and perceive energy.

One of Octopus Energy’s key focuses is on offering affordable and renewable energy options. They prioritize the generation and supply of renewable energy, including solar and wind power, to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability. By providing customers with access to clean energy, Octopus Energy contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Octopus Energy also emphasizes transparency and customer-centricity. They aim to build trust and maintain open communication with their customers. Through clear and straightforward pricing, customers can understand and manage their energy costs effectively. Octopus Energy’s customer service team is readily available to address inquiries and provide support, ensuring a positive experience for all customers.

Moreover, Octopus Energy leverages technology to empower customers and offer them greater control over their energy usage. Their smart meter and online platform enable customers to monitor and manage their energy consumption in real-time, leading to more informed decisions and potential cost savings.

With millions of customers across the world, Octopus Energy is revolutionizing the energy market by offering sustainable and affordable energy solutions. Their commitment to transparency, innovation, and exceptional customer service sets them apart as a trusted energy provider.

Who is Octopus Energy owned by?

Octopus Energy is primarily owned by Octopus Capital Ltd, a prominent UK-based investment management company. Octopus Capital Ltd was founded in 2000 by Simon Rogerson and Chris Hulatt, who also played crucial roles in establishing Octopus Energy. As the parent company, Octopus Capital Ltd provides strategic guidance and financial support to Octopus Energy.

Octopus Capital Ltd has a strong focus on sustainable investments and is committed to driving positive change in various sectors, including renewable energy. Their investment approach aligns with Octopus Energy’s mission to provide affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

Octopus Energy has also received investments from other sources, including institutional investors and venture capital firms. This financial backing has enabled the company to expand its operations, develop innovative technologies, and provide exceptional services to its customers.

With its solid ownership structure and financial support, Octopus Energy has achieved significant growth since its launch in 2016. The company has attracted millions of customers across the world, becoming one of the leading providers of renewable energy in the UK and beyond. Octopus Energy’s success can be attributed to its strong leadership, customer-centric approach, and commitment to driving the green energy revolution.

Company History

Octopus Business Energy

Octopus Capital Ltd. is a national conglomerate in the United Kingdom. The company was founded by a trio of firm executives, Simon Rogerson, Christopher Hulatt, and Guy Myles, with its intended purpose as a fund management company. Rogerson and Hulatt remain executives at the company while Myles left in 2014 to found Flying Colours Ltd., another investment management company. The company is headquartered in London, England, where it was founded 20 years ago. The company has multiple divisions including investments, renewable energy, venture capital, wealth management, real estate, and its largest, energy. Octopus Energy was founded in 2015 and has grown exponentially to its current market position with over 1.35M customers. Recently, Octopus Group has been championing a program they are calling “UK Springboard” to help fund struggling businesses after COVID-19. Octopus Group also funds Octopus Giving, a companywide initiative that funds grants for students, teaches financial literacy, and encourages firm volunteering.

Operations in the United Kingdom

Octopus Capital Ltd., more commonly referred to as Octopus Group, has many different divisions. Octopus Investments Ltd. is focused on upending the traditional investment strategies for individuals and institutions. Octopus Investments offers products including, Venture capital trusts, Inheritance tax investments, Property backed lending, Cash savings, Discretionary portfolio managements, and Quoted funds. Octopus Renewables is committed to powering the world through clean energy in the near future. The company invests its money in large scale clean energy projects and currently has portfolios full of renewable energy assets. These assets are in place to help build a clean energy future and presently include solar and wind farms. Octopus Ventures invests in a number of start up companies specific to health, money and technology. The firm is backed by a number of institutional investors rather than individuals and has over £1B under management. A list of the company’s investments can be found here.

Octopus energy is the company’s main division. In June of 2020, the company accepted a £507M investment from Origin Energy, an Australian firm, in exchange for a 20% equity stake in the company. This level of investment would mean that the company is valued at roughly £2.5B. A major part of Octopus Energy is its Customer Relationship Management system. Kraken allows customer support teams to view a customer’s entire profile on a single dashboard so that they can solve issues quicker and increase their own productivity. Kraken allows customer relations staff to handle far more customers with fewer support staff. Some estimates point to Kraken handling as many as 65,000 customers with just 10 support staff. Kraken’s pairing with AWS also allows Octopus to analyze smart meters across Great Britain to better understand consumption. Kraken is being licensed to Origin Energy as part of the equity deal. Other utilities that are using Kraken include Good Energy, E.ON and nPower.

Similar to Octopus Investments, Octopus Wealth provides personal investment advice to individuals. The firm pairs each individual to an advisor who can provide advice and ensure that goals are established and met. Lastly, the firm operates Octopus Real Estate. Octopus Real Estate was founded in 2019 when two divisions, Octopus Health Care and Octopus Property merged. Octopus Health Care focuses on investing in projects for the aging population while Real Estate has over £2B in assets under management that can be used for residential or commercial projects.

Octopus Energy Power

Octopus Energy plays a very unique role in the energy supplier market. Octopus does not generate their own energy; they purchase Kilowatts of power on the wholesale market which is then pumped into the National Grid transmission system. Because there is only one transmission network, all of the power from various sources, renewable and fossil fuels is mixed together. According to internal company documents, Octopus Energy only purchases power from renewable energy sources. They are far ahead of the rest of the energy industry that purchases on average just over a third of all power from renewable sources.

Fuel TypeOctopus EnergyNational Averages
Natural Gas0%39.4%

Octopus Energy has only been reflected on Ofgems market share report for the past two years with their first appearance coming in the third quarter of 2018. Since their initial inclusion and a miniscule 1.3% market share, the company has exploded with growth. In the first quarter of 2020, Octopus Energy had risen all the way to holding a 4.9% electricity market share. The company was also included as a recommended energy supplier by Which? for the third year in a row. It was the top rated company of the 35 suppliers surveyed by over 7,355 members of the public.

Octopus Group Board of Directors

Simon Rogerson - CEO Octopus Energy

Simon Rogerson founded Octopus Group in 2000 and currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He attended St. Andrews to study modern languages and play golf. Upon graduation, he worked for an asset management company researching large US companies such as Disney. In his current role, he spends a considerable amount of time researching new opportunities for expansion while also monitoring the day to day operations of the company. 

Chris Hulatt Octopus Group Founder

Chris Hulatt founded Octopus Group alongside Simon Rogerson 20 years ago in London, England. He attended Cambridge and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Chris has taken a more active role in expanding the number of institutional investors. Along with Simon, Chris also worked in global equity prior to the founding of Octopus Energy.

Ruth Handcock Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Investments

Ruth Handcock currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Investments. She attended Cambridge where she studied Natural Sciences. In her day to day role, she manages retail fundraising, growth and innovation, and the centres of expertise at Octopus Investments. Prior to leading Octopus Investments, she worked as Chief Customer Officer at Tandem Bank. Twitter 

Jonathan Digges Chief Investment Officer of Octopus Investments

  Since 2015, Jonathan Digges has been the Chief Investment Officer of Octopus Investments. Jonathan sets the investment strategy for the six Octopus managed investment businesses. When he joined the company in 2015, he served as a Product Head in the tax service. He attended Oxford where he has a degree in Geography. 

Paul Latham Head is the current lead for Octopus Investments Tax Products

Paul Latham Head is the current lead for Octopus Investments Tax Products. He has been with the firm since 2005 and spends much of his time researching tax incentive-based investments and generating new investment ideas. He also acts as the Chief Executive of the UK’s largest producer of solar energy. He graduated from Imperial College and worked at Capital One prior to joining the firm. 

Kirstie Hawton at Octopus Group

Kirstie Hawton is the lead regarding all things people and culture at Octopus Group. Prior to joining Octopus in 2010, she worked for Virgin Atlantic establishing global contact centers. At Octopus, she prioritizes ensuring that all employees feel welcomed and empowered to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. 

Websites and Social Media

As Octopus Group was founded in the 21st century by relatively young, outgoing professionals, they have placed great emphasis on social media and advertising. Similar to other companies in the energy sector, Octopus Group utilizes their social media platforms to engage with customers. However, Octopus Group also utilizes their platforms to attract customers rather than other utility companies that draw their customer base as the only distributor. Octopus Energy uses Twitter to put out updates regarding ongoing projects and converse directly with customers. gather information from customers and relay that information to the wider general public. It is especially important for Octopus Energy to attempt to attract new customers through Facebook because Facebook tends to be a platform for older demographics that are actively paying bills. On their Instagram and LinkedIn profiles Octopus is constantly posting about new products offered to the public as well as company updates. They were recently posting about acquistions and new customer bases. A unique part of the Octopus Group website is the blog section. The blog section simplifies complex topics through the energy simplified tag. The blog also has sections dedicated to the global community and the company’s alliance with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Contact Information

Company DivisionContact
Octopus Headquarters+44 (0)203 432 5972
Octopus Investments+44 (0)800 316 2295
Octopus Investments in Australia+61 (0)3 8658 5863
Octopus Real Estate – Healthcare+44 (0)345 0404 555
Octopus Real Estate – Property+44 (0)800 294 6850
Octopus Ventures+44 (0)800 294 6831
Octopus Energy+44 (0)333 344 2268
+44 (0)808 164 1088
Octopus Growth Companies+44 (0)20 7710 2873
Octopus Wealth+44 (0)20 3350 1598
For Press Enquiries, Call the PR Team+44 (0)20 7776 7968
For Press Enquiries, Email the PR Teampress@octopusgroup.com


Octopus Group is structured through a holding company, legally referred to as Octopus Capital Ltd. The company and its subsidiaries were originally founded by Simon Rogerson, Christopher Hulatt, and Guy Myles as a fund management company in 2000.

Recent News

Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, Octopus Group has been busy making large scale acquisitions and equity deals to advance the various divisions of the company. As mentioned previously, in June of 2020, Octopus Energy sold off a 20% share of itself for a £507M investment from Origin Energy, an Australian firm, in exchange for a 20% equity stake in the company. Octopus Energy is independently valued at over £2.5B, an astounding figure for having been founded in 2015. After accepting the deal with Origin, Octopus energy lost its endorsement by Friends of the Earth, a group hoping to save the planet from overly greedy corporate interests. The group said that while it still believes in Octopus Group, it cannot align itself with Origin, a fossil fuel company.

In addition to the Origin energy deal, Octopus Energy has made a series of smaller acquisitions over the past few months as well. The company acquired 14 French solar farms for approximately £58.9M. It is estimated by the company that the electricity generated from the acquisition will be able to power 48,000 homes annually. The other acquisition that the firm made recently was also in the solar industry. The company purchased a number of solar panels across as many as 2,700 UK rooftops. The assets will generate up to 9.1MW of energy each year, enough to effectively remove as many as 8,000 cars off the road.

Key Financial Data

Using the most recent financial data available from 2018, Octopus Energy group has grown tremendously over the past 5 years since it was founded. Octopus Energy has been able to sustain its growth of up to 1.5M customers in 2020 by acquiring other companies and intaking their customers.