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Founded in 2000’ in Dusseldorf, Germany, E.ON is one of the largest investor owned utility companies and a proud member of the big 6 leading energy and gas suppliers alongside the likes of or British Gas and Scottish Power, the latter of which is now owned by the company. 

E.ON is a renewable gas and electricity supplier based in Essen, but now operates in over 30 countries around the world from the UK, US, Europe, Oceania continent, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, and more, holding different websites for each region. 

E.ON is decided into two main businesses; Energy Networks in Germany, Sweden and Turkey, and Customer Solutions in Benelux, Germany, the UK, and others. 

E.ON’s regulated asset base (RAB) is 3.8% Sweden at €3.8bn, 21.9% Germany at €21.9bn, and 7.6% CEE & Turkey at €7.6bn, with most countries receiving at least 50% power and gas, in contrast to just power. 

Their customer solutions are 6x top three and 4x top 1 marketing leading positions, claimed by their November Capital Markets overview. 

“Strong operational performance in Q3 2020 

Key financials

✓ 2020 EBIT guidance of €3.6 – 3.8bn confirmed 

✓ Current selective lockdown measures in E.ON countries 

without significant impact on E.ON FY 2020 

✓ Mid-term targets and dividend guidance confirmed 

✓ Integration of innogy and synergy delivery fully on track” 

Over €60bn of potential EU funding for E.ON is already being considered for climate projects, with 200 already identified to cover; 

  • Efficient and decarbonised district heating and cooling systems 
  • Energy efficiency in the industry sector and for SMEs 
  • Renovation of private and public buildings (schools and hospitals being a main focus) 
  • Smart Grids 
  • Storage infrastructure 
  • Infrastructure for renewable energy 
  • Renewable hydrogen 
  • Smart and sustainable mobility 
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Last year, E.ON’s Capital Markets Story leaned heavily on (green) finances and saw 78,948 in employment at 0.46€ dividend per share, and a -€1.6bn Net Income. As of November 2020, its Capital Market Story focuses heavily on sustainability, claiming 100% renewable electricity. This year’s document shares E.ON’s contribution to carbon reduction goals, alongside global challenges, and even posted “Hello Hydrogen: Role in the future energy landscape” on YouTube this week, explaining the link between Hydrogen and the EU climate targets. As a gas that can be produced 100% emission-free, E.ON feel that Hydrogen is a leading asset to achieving these goals. 

Their sustainable development foals are highlighted as, 

  • Affordable green energy 
  • Sustainable cities and communities 
  • Climate action 
Global Challenges E.ON’s contribution 
IPPC long term goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C  Avoided emissions together with our clients 2019: >100m tons of C02 
German greenhouse gas emissions to be cut by 55% by 2030  One out of five renewable assets in Europe are connected to E.ON’s grids 
Green Deal: The EU will be climate neutral by 2050 E.ON will become carbon neutral by 2040 
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There are five key players when referring to E.ON’s board of directors, starting with… 

CEO Johannes Teyssen,  

Hildesheim born Joannes Teyessen originally started his career with the E.ON Group in 1989 after joining the VEBA company, who eventually grew into E.ON, and from 1998 to 2001, he managed a sister company of the supplier, offering around one million customers electricity and gas sales in Germany, especially Lower Saxony and Sachsen-Anhalt.  

He was associated with various other leading roles in companies such as Eurelectric, the European leading name within the electricity sector, from 2013 to 2015, and represented Europe as World Energy Council’s Vice Chairman. 

Tyessen has held various positions within the E.ON Group company since starting his professional career, firstly in Legal Affairs and Key Accounting Sales after his studies in Law and economics in Gottingen and Boston. He received a doctorate in Law after spending a number of years working at the Gottingen university. 

From 2001 to 2006, Teyssen took his place on the Central Board of Management for their Munich branch as Chief Financial officer, and later as Chief Executive Officer –  responsible for both general and large scale electricity generation, transmission grids and direct sales businesses in Germany to distribute the product.  

In 2004 he also held a title at the Board of Management in Dusseldorf’s building, where he worked closely with marketing and customer related projects. 

From 2008 to 2010, he held the title of Vice Chairman of the Board of Management, and was tasked with managing the groups ongoing operations. In 2010, Johannes also became a member of the Presidential Board of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), and a member of the Shareholder’s Committee of Nord Stream AG seven years later.. 

Since 2010, Teyssen has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Management, after 6 years as a member of management. He is now leading a list of things at E.ON SE, such as Strategy and Innovation, Communications & Political Affairs, Human Resources, Compliance & Security and Legal, with history in Culture & Performance and Corporate Audit as well as Health, Safety & Environment and Sustainability. 

Dr. Ing. Leonhard Birnbaum

born in Ludwigshafen, Germany, has also held various positions within the industry since 2013, starting his career as a management consultant at McKinsey, Düsseldorf. Birnbaum studied Chemical Engineering in Karlsruhe and earned a doctorate from the University of Cottbus to later become Senior Partner for the energy and industrial sector. He was promoted to RWE AG’s Board of Management the American year he joined in 2008 and acted as Chief Strategy Officer and the group’s Chief Commercial Officer for five years following. 

Since then, Leonhard has joined the Board of Management of E.ON SE, and now acts as Chief Operating Officer (Integration). He is currently head of the innogy integration project, nuclear coordination activities and internal consultancy.  

Throughout his career with E.ON had served as; 
Chief Commercial and Chief Regional Officer and Chief Operating Officer in Networks & Renewables with the company. 


+49 171 9758264 

Dr. Thomas Konig

now stands as a member of E.ON SE’s board since 2018, and holds the title of Chief Operating Officer (Networks). 

Konig spent time at Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat in Munster, earning a doctorate after taking on work at the institute of corporate research. He studied business administration and started his career at E.ON as which was formerly known as VEBA AG. He held a leading role in merging VEBA AG and VIAG AG, being promoted from 2005’s role of Chief Financial Officer to Chairman of Board of Management in the same year. 

From 1995 to 2005, he was involved in corporate planning and business administration, but under his patronage, E.ON Group were met with savings of over €1billion, which unsurprisingly led him to be appointed as Chief Financial Officer and Labour Director at E.ON Ruhrgas AG. From here, Dr. Thomas Konig was the leading man in the reorganisation of German sales and Network business with E.ON. 

In 2018, Konig took a significant role in E.ON’s German network business, as CEO and CFO of Energienetze Deutschland, and now rests as Board of Management, responsible for Energy Networks and Supply Chain, including Turkey. 

Dr Marc Spieker

 now stands as Chief Financial Officer after joining E.ON in 2002 as an expert in corporate planning and control. He holds a doctorate in business administration from Wissenschaftliche Hochschule Fur Unternehmensfuhrung and Madrid and was granted an MBA from the University of Texas (Austin). 

After his initial interest inside E.ON, Spieker moved to Sydkraft AB and E.ON’s Swedish sister in Malmo, where he supported the integration of the companies but came back to the Group as the head of the department for controlling and reporting of group activities in Scandanavia, UK and the US as well as global trading in 2006. 

Following a clearly fluent developing career, Snieker later returned as a division head in the Group’s energy business section, overseeing commercial strategy and optimisation of the entirety of E.ON’s commodity portfolio. 

Finally, Marc has settled into his new role in 2017 as CEO of Renewable Energies. During this time, he too became a Member of the Board of Management. 

Former CEO of E.ON Espana in Madrid, Dr. M Snieker is responsible for; finance, investor relations, and risk management. He stands as project head of Strategy Project One2two and deals with Mergers & Acquisitions, Accounting & Controlling, Tax and S4 Transformation. 

As a member of the Board for Management at E.ON SE since 2016, Dr. Karsten Wildberger now stands as Chief Operating Officer (Commercial).  

He studied physics at the Technical University of Munich and RWTH Aachen University where he earned his doctorate in theoretical physics following a period of academic work at the Julich Research Centre. Karsten also gained  MBA from the INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France. 

Working inside a number of trusted companies before joining E.ON, he held management positions with the Boston Consulting Group as a Management Consultant, and other leading roles over time with both T-Mobile and Vodaphone, later being appointed as Group Managing Director of the consumer business and digital transformation of the Australian company, Telstra, based in Melbourne. 

Wildberfer is responsible for; Retail and Customer Solutions within E.On as well as Market Excellence, Energy Markets and general Marketing, Digital Transformation and IT. 

Alongside these names, Supervisory Board Employee Representatives as seen in table 2. 

E.ON’s Supervisory Board Employee Representatives

Andreas Scheidt Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board 
Monika Krebber Chosen for her knowledge of business administration and experience in the supervisory board 
Eugen Gheorghe Luha  
Szilvia Pinczesne Martin Gaining her place with a strong knowledge of the network business and co-determination matters 
Stefan May  
Rene Pohls  
Christopher Schmitz  
Fred Schulz  
Elizabeth Wallbaum An expert in energy generation and IT-based process control 
Albert Zettl  

E.ON Next’s Board in the United Kingdom

Justin Miller, CTO  CTO 
Anthony Ainsworth Member of the Management Board Member of the Management Board 
Matthew Timms, Chief digital and Technology Officer and CEO Chief Digital and Technology Officer and CEO 
Phil Gilbert, Transformation Director Transformation Director 
Damian Kirk, Director of Residential Director of Residential has held multiple roles within the company over 18 years. Former Information Risk Manager at Powergen. 
Andy Fairey Lead Digital Experience and Innovation, Nottingham Trent University Graduate and former Web Editor at National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. 

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