Wave Utilities

Wave Utilities Key Facts

  • Help over 300,000 UK businesses.
  • Excellent score on Trustpilot with over 600+ reviews.
  • SMEs to large commercials to public sector organisations.
  • Wide range of efficiency services, designed to help customers save water.
  • Support national charities.
  • Work with Deer Tech, installing innovative meter reading devices.
  • Energy comparison services.
  • Over ten years’ industry expertise.
  • Named Water Retailer of the Year at Water Industry Awards 2021.
  • Help keep local landmarks such as the Falkirk Wheel looking great.

Wave Utilities Company History

Wave is a retailer of wastewater and water services to non-household customers in both Scotland and England. They were formed in 2017, after the merger of Anglian Water Business and NWG Business.

The combination of NWGB’s knowledge of the energy markets, along with the history of AWB, the first English company that was granted a retail licence for operating in the competitive Scottish market created an efficient team.

The two established regional entities have been involved in the industry as far back as 2008, providing services in the Scottish market after the deregulation. AWB and NWGB have a combined turnover of over £500m.

The merger was a 50/50 joint venture, allowing businesses, public sector organisations and charities to decide who their water retailer would be back in 2017.

AWB had built up their customer base in the east of England, which is the driest region of the UK. NWGB specialise in trade effluent and wastewater treatment. The goal of Wave was to become a multi-utility retailer, supplying both gas and electricity services, along with the current water and wastewater services that were provided.

Wave Utilities Today

Wave currently has more than 300,000 business customers across the UK. They are one of the leading national water retailers in the UK and work with businesses of all sizes. From local shops to large hotel chains, Wave provides services to all sized businesses.

Who is the CEO of Wave Utilities?

Lucy Darch became CEO of Wave Utilities in September 2017.

Where Is Wave Utilities’ Headquarters?

There are numerous addresses listed online for Wave Utilities. Below is a table of the addresses found online.

England (registered office)England (website address)Scotland (gov.uk listed office)
Priory House,
 Abbey Rd,
 Pity Me,
 DH1 5RR
Wave Utilities PO Box 4998, Lancing. BN11 9AYC/O Brodies Llp,
 15 Atholl Crescent,
 EH3 8HA

Wave Utilities Products and Services

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Services

For small or medium-sized enterprises, Wave offers to help companies to lower bills and reduce water usage. Businesses can benefit from competitive market prices, along with suited direct debit payments and online account management.

Find out more information here.

Large or Multi-Site Organisation Services

Larger or multi-site organisations can save time and money with Wave’s consolidated bills, along with being able to manage your account 24/7 online. Wave has water-efficiency experts that can create a tailored solution for your business, getting you the best value for money.

Find out more information here.

Third-Party Intermediary Services

Wave works with third-party intermediaries closely to ensure customers receive support and service that they’re proud of. Through Wave’s various water-efficiency services, brokers and consultants can give their customers value for money.

Find out more information here.

Water Efficiency Services

Wave’s water efficiency services are tailored to help businesses lower their bills, reduce water usage and have a positive impact on your environmental footprint. Wave aims to guide businesses on ways to save water by planning and analysing current water usage. This could be by fixing leaks and using innovative efficiency methods.

Find out more information here.

Energy Services

With experience in the energy industry, Wave can use their knowledge to offer competitive business energy prices with companies they trust.

Energy Comparison Services

Wave offer to help compare business tariffs from up to 15 of their trusted suppliers to help customers find better deals on their energy.

Find out more information here.

Other Wave Utilities Services

Wave also have several other services that can help businesses manage water and wastewater. They include:

  • Flexible payment methods.
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).
  • Leak detection services.
  • Single site and consolidated billing.
  • Online account management.

Are Wave Utilities Green Efficient?

Wave has created a commitment to help with the protection of the natural environment when delivering its services. This includes a continuous improvement in their environmental management and performance.

Some of the commitments in their plan are as follows:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Ensuring appropriate resources are available to monitor, maintain and improve environmental performance.
  • Consider the environmental impacts when decision making.
  • Minimising water use within their own buildings, and advising customers of water efficiency methods.
  • Reduce energy use within their buildings and processes, as well as choosing sustainable energy sources when possible.

Wave Utilities Tariff Prices

More detailed information regarding Wave tariff prices can be found here.

Northumbrian Area

Northumbrian Area 21-22Consumption (m3)Retail rate
Standard Portable Water500£1.1439
Standard Sewerage500£1.1450
Trade Effluent (Reception)500£0.4247


Essex & Suffolk Area

Essex & Suffolk Area 21-22Consumption (m3)Retail Rate
Standard Portable Water500£1.4564

Hartlepool Area

Hartlepool Area 21-22Consumption (m3)Retail rate
Hartlepool Streamline Water500£1.0352

Anglian Area

Anglian Area 21-22Consumption (m3)Retail Rate
Profile Plus Portable Water (customers with > 25,000 m3)25,00150,000£0.6323

Profile Interruptible Portable Water (customers with > 25,000 m3)25,00150,000£0.5177

Profile Plus SW (customers > 10,000 m3)10,00150,000£1.5762

Profile Plus TE (Reception) (customers with > 10,000 m3)10,00150,000£0.3016


Wave Utilities Board of Directors and Key Staff

Lucy Darch – CEO

Lucy Darch became CEO of Wave in September 2017. During Lucy Darch’s time as CEO, there has been a 96% customer retention rate, as well as £48m of growth in year 1. Lucy Darch is also the industry director at Market Operator Services (MOSL) and has held this role since 2020. Previous roles that Lucy Darch has held include managing director of NWG business at Northumbrian Water Group, head of digital and marketing at British Gas Business, general manager of energy at Money Supermarket, energy director at uSwitch along with multiple roles at British Gas Community Energy. Lucy Darch studied at Oxford Brookes University.


Oli Shelley – Head of Operations

Oli Shelley previously worked for Anglian Water before joining Wave as head of operations in November 2017. Anglian Water merged with NWG Business to become Wave in 2017. At Anglian Water, Oli Shelley worked with AGW Business as head of operations, value-adding service manager, special projects manager and regional business account manager. At Anglian Water Services, Oli Shelley worked as a collection’s manager and graduate management trainee. The Open University and the University of Greenwich was where Oli Shelley studied.


Peter Gaskell – Head of Sales

Starting at Wave in April 2017 as a sales manager, Peter Gaskell became head of sales in 2018. Peter Gaskell’s role at Wave includes being responsible for leading 2 sales managers and effectively developing Wave’s sales pipeline, with a focus on staff training and development. Peter Gaskell’s previous roles were with former Wave company, Anglian Water Business. At AGW, roles included national business account manager and business account team manager. Peter Gaskell studied at the University of East Anglia.


Lissa Balmer – Head of SME Business

Having joined Wave as head of the customer experience (North) in September 2017, Lissa Balmer became director of SME customers in November 2020. During Lissa Balmer’s time at Wave, the role of director of the customer experience was held. Lissa Balmer has previous experience in the energy industry, with roles such as SME customer director at NWG Business Limited, project manager of business retail at NWG and partner channel business development at Utilitywise. Lissa Balmer was also a member of the women’s advisory board at the North East England Chamber of Commerce, as well as studying at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


What Is Wave Utilities’ My Account?

Wave offers online account management. This allows customers to do the following:

Access to managing water services across individual business premises, along with multi-site businesses.

Meter read submissions

Wave customers can give regular and precise meter readings to make sure they’re not overcharged for business water rates. The Wave system will use previous meter readings to create estimate charges. Frequent meter readings will give more accurate charges on your bill.

View water consumption

My Account users can monitor water consumption for each individual site. This can be beneficial to see if water conservation is working, along with ways where improvements can be made.

Make payments and view payment history

Using secure encrypted payment software, payments made online are safe. Also, my account will keep records of previous payments.

Set up Direct Debits

Customers can choose to pay bills with either fixed or variable Direct Debit.

View and track your bills

Wave customers can track their spending across different sites on My Account, giving you an overview of how much they’re paying.

Update your customer account

To make any changes, just log into My Account and customers can make adjustments or updates to their information.

Wave Utilities Contacts, Websites and Social Media

Phone number: 0333 207 9283 (Mon-Thurs: 08:45 to 17:30 and Fri: 08:45 to 17:00)


General Enquiries: hello@wave-utilities.co.uk

Third-Party Intermediaries (TPI) or Brokers: tpi@wave-utilities.co.uk

Complaints: customerservices@wave-utilities.co.uk




Live Web Chat (Mon-Thurs: 8:45-17:30 and Fri: 8:45-17:00)

Wave Utilities In Recent News

Wave Utilities was recently named as Water Retailer of the Year at the Water Industry Awards 2021. The Water Industry Awards celebrate the work of UK water companies, shining a light on the best businesses, people and projects in the water industry.

Wave Utilities took the overall winner award at the virtual awards ceremony, with entries in the following areas:

  • Customer service – showing support to COVID-19 affected customers.
  • Environmental impact – highlighting their commitments to reducing carbon and waste.
  • Innovation – leading the industry in new practices, including their exclusive partnership with Deer Tech, installing innovative meter reading devices.
  • Resilience – protecting their operations from future risks and challenges.
  • People – investing in skills, health, safety and wellbeing.

Wave Utilities Key Financial Data

Wave Utilities Balance Sheet as of March 2020
 2020 £0002019 £000
Net Liabilities682682
Profit and Loss Account682682