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Wind output remains relatively strong, 10% more of the stack than gas contribution, but underdelivering against forecast, which could support morning peak prompt prices.

Aug 21 Brent is down $0.42/barrel as the EIA report showed a gain in gasoline stocks, suggesting demand has not lifted much as hoped, and Libyan supply is set to pick up again.

#Wind output has picked up through this morning but still provides just c. 17.5% of the stack. However, this coupled with stronger #solar output recently should lead to a robust #renewable showing.

In this week's #energymarket update - Last week saw UK gas and power push higher on a short trading week thanks to the bank holiday...

Aug 21 Brent is down $0.48/barrel, likely on profit taking after the contract’s strength last week and ahead of the continuation of the Iran nuclear talks.

Wind output has dipped overnight and with less solar expected today we could see an overall weak showing from renewables today.

Dec 21 EUAs are up €1.11/tonne, back above €52.50/tonne after weakness yesterday fuelled by a big supply injection with both a European and UK auction.

#Renewable output provides over 30% of the stack and is expected to pick up over the course of the day to become the main contributor.

In this week's #energymarket update - Last week saw wide daily trading ranges across the space as volatility continues to be a key theme...

Aug 21 Brent is up $1.03/barrel, pushing back above $70/barrel, a level not seen since late 2018. Support is coming from strong Chinese manufacturing data, strong US fuel demand, and OPEC+ signalling the market as tight.

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Wind output dipped overnight and currently provides close to just 3GW, although an uptick in solar today and through to the weekend could see renewables well represented in the stack.

Wind output has started to pick up from yesterday’s lows although still only represents 17% of the supply stack with gas filling in the gap.

In this week's #energymarket update - Last week’s trading saw the energy complex, along with wider markets, take a dive from the weeks open...

In a continuation from yesterday’s strength, gas and carbon are both pushing higher early on whereas oil sits flat to settlement.

Wind output is picking up from yesterday’s lows and is forecast to rise to over 12GW by the evening peak, helping to depress power auction pricing for delivery today in comparison to recent days.

Jul 21 Brent is down $0.72/barrel amid worries of the U.S. increasing interest rates and still high #COVID19 cases in Asia.

Dec 21 EUAs are down €0.69/tonne giving up €56/tonne in early trading in a continuation of yesterday’s weakness.

See this week's #energymarket update - Carbon continues to provide direction for gas and power contracts which is leading to increased volatility across the commodities...

Wind output continues to languish in the low 3GW range, supporting short-term gas and power pricing with system pricing pushing above £120/MWh in the early peak. #energymarkets

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