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Wind generation dropped lower overnight, providing just over 7GW this morning, whilst gas burn generation picks up to provide c. 50% of the stack. #energymarkets

May 21 Brent is down $0.24/barrel, as US gasoline stocks rose unexpectedly and fuelled fears around demand. #energymarkets #stockmarkets

May 21 NBP is down 0.53p/therm despite delayed LNG arrivals and a short NTS on the first day of the month. #energymarkets

Carbon and oil push higher as gas is slow to get moving following the Apr 21 contract expiring. #energy #energymarkets

See this week's energy market update - #suezcanal blockages spurred contracts to post weekly gains with #LNG and #Oil supply fears being stoked.

Gas, carbon, and oil all dip lower this morning, likely helped by news of the #EVERGIVEN being partially dislodged after spending a week blocking the #Suez.

Apr 21 NBP is up 1.20p/therm, reduced production from Norway could be providing support despite generally bearish fundamentals. #energytrading

#windgeneration has picked up from yesterday’s lows, currently outputting c. 7GW whilst gas continues to contribute over 40%. #energymarkets

Contracts tumbled across the energy complex last week, despite carbon proving volatile and dragging gas and power pricing with it multiple times across the week. See the full update here

May 21 Brent is down $0.53/barrel with additional European countries entering new #lockdowns, sparking demand recovery fears. #energymarkets

Wind load factors dipped overnight and currently, there is only 4.8GW of wind output on the grid, with gas filling the gap at 18.6GW. #energymarkets

May 21 Brent is down $0.78/barrel as official data highlighted US crude and fuel inventory rises whilst pauses to Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine rollouts in some countries and supply issues in others, is putting strain on-demand recovery expectations.

May 21 Brent is up $0.63/barrel as demand worries persist with a series of European countries suspending vaccinations using Astra Zeneca’s product due to some reported cases of blood clots.

Gas and carbon are flat to settlement in a slow start for the commodities whilst oil pushes higher at the open. #energy

Forecasts of high wind levels for the next 3-4 days led to a fall in gas demand to well below seasonal norms, with wind contributing 33% of generation to the grid this morning.

May 21 Brent is down $0.27/barrel, on a stronger US dollar and receding fears of disruption to Saudi exports. #energytrading #DailyUpdate

See this week's #energymarket update - "Last week saw the complex post gains due to strength late in the week."

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