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Overview of the company

Brightwater is a Scottish company that provides water and wastewater services to businesses in Scotland. The company is motivated to offer the best prices and excellent, reliable customer service. It helps customers save money on their water supply and gives them advice on how to be more water-efficient. Brightwater employs industry experts and customer service professionals to make sure the customers’ experience is flawless.

Why should you switch to Brightwater?

There are a number of reasons why Brightwater is a great water supplier. The main ones are:

  • Competitive tariffs on water and waste services
  • No hassle when switching suppliers as Brightwater will handle everything for you
  • Tips on how to lower your water consumption and be more environmentally-friendly
  • Friendly yet professional customer service team who will quickly respond to all your queries
  • Transparent and honest service.

If you decide to switch water suppliers, it will take between 15-21 days for your water services account to move to Brightwater.

How much can you save with Brightwater?

No matter the size of your business, Brightwater can help you save money on your water bills. Find out how much you could save if you made the switch from the table below.

business sizecharacteristicsestimated annual savings
small businessaround 10 employees 1 location 1 water meter£235.00
medium businessaround 30 employees 1 location 1 water meter£1900.00
large businessmore than 100 employees several locations several water meters£6500.00

The estimates are based on the experiences of actual Brightwater’s customers. You have to remember, however, that the overall cost is determined by usage so it is different for each business.

What is Brightwater’s revenue?

Brightwater’s revenue is around £5 million.

Water Services

Supplying water to your business

Brightwater is a licensed provider of water and wastewater services to businesses in Scotland. It ensures that customers get clean water and foul wastewater is quickly removed from premises for further treatment. Brightwater’s water and wastewater services include:

  1. Water – your business gets clean, drinking water that can be used by staff and customers.
  2. Wastewater – foul water is removed into the sewage system from kitchens, washrooms or toilets. 
  3. Surface Water Drainage – rainwater is removed from your business’s premises into the public sewage system.
  4. Trade Effluent – any liquid waste that is produced as a result of industrial processes is removed.

Gap sites Applications

All premises need to pay for water services. Businesses are charged by a Licensed Provider (LP), for example, Brightwater. A gap site is a property that is connected to the Scottish Water network for water and wastewater but hasn’t yet been registered to pay.

If your property is a gap site, you will need to register it with Scottish Water. To do so, you will have to submit an application via a licensed provider. Brightwater can help you with this process.

Water consultancy

If you want to find out more about cost-saving measures for your business or you need help with developing a water efficiency strategy, Brightwater can help and advise you. The company offers several services in this area:

water consultancy servicedescription
Benchmarking and usage analysisBrightwater will analyse the water usage of your business and will compare it with other business in your industry to tell you whether you use more water than you should.
Bill validationBrightwater will help you assess whether you are being charged accurately and for the right services.
Leak detectionBrightwater will help you locate and fix any leaks at your property, even the ones that are difficult to find.
Rainwater harvestingBrightwater will explain to you how to collect rainwater.

Connections and metering

Brightwater works directly with Scottish Water to ensure that your water supply is smooth and all repairs and new connections are put in place promptly. Several metering services that Brightwater offers are:

  • installing new connections
  • arranging re-connections
  • upgrading or downgrading meters
  • temporarily disconnecting premises
  • repairing or replacing meters.

Brightwater’s water charges

Brightwater explains that water and waste charges are made of three main elements: supply of water to business’s premises, disposal of waste from the premises, and removal of rainwater around the premises. In addition to that, water charges cover the costs of treating the water and maintaining pipes.

The charges for the supply of clean water to the premises are composed of two elements:

fixed chargevolumetric charge
Determined by the size of the meter, or, if there is no meter, based on the Rateable Value (RV) of the premises.Based on the volume of water record by the meter and charged per m3, or, if there is no meter, based on the RV of the premises.

Wastewater charges are calculated in a similar manner.

Promoting water efficiency

Brightwater cares about the impact its customers have on the environment. Hence, the company helps them reduce their carbon footprint and waste less water. Brightwater offers several tips on how businesses can be more water-efficient:

  1. Reducing consumption by 10%.
  2. Arranging a site audit to find opportunities to reduce water usage.
  3. Improving employees’ awareness about the benefits of saving water.

Thanks to Brightwater, everyone in the business can get involved and make a positive change. Through that, businesses improve their environmental performance and save money.

Brightwater’s Management Team

Steve Langmead – Chairman


Steve joined Brightwater in January 2017. Prior to that, he managed several large businesses and start-ups. He has experience in delivering business growth and transformation in both the public and private sectors.

Roger Green – Chief Executive


Roger is not only a Chief Executive of Brightwaterbut also a co-founder of the company. He has extensive experience in B2B and developing strategic partnerships. When he was still at university, he established Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd, which is now a leading national cleaning company with £11 million turnover and 1,200 staff.

Rich Rankin – Managing Director


Rich is a co-founder of Brightwater. He is charged with developing the operational strategy for the company and lead the team in providing high-quality customer service. Rich is passionate about delivering customer excellence and he has a background in internet marketing.

Advisory panel

In addition to Brightwater’s executive team, the company has an advisory panel. The members of Brightwater’s advisory panel bring insight, experience and advice to the company’s team. 

Sean Elliot

Sean has over three decades of experience in IT. Since 2003 he has been growing Network ROI, which is a leading IT services firm respected in SMB/SME sectors. In his spare time, Sean enjoys music, cars, guitars, and tennis.

Colin Grant

Colin is an experienced finance director who has previously served at boards of numerous companies. He specialises in driving performance through optimisation, efficient financial control and effective management. He created Adapt, which is a firm that helps other companies improve profits, reduce costs, and promote innovation.

Contact information

If you have a question about water and wastewater services, you want to switch water suppliers, or you want to find out how to better manage your energy consumption, do not hesitate to contact Brightwater’s team.

You can reach them by filling in the company’s contact form, calling 0330 022 05 70 or 0131 510 6909, or sending an email to or The customer service team’s office hours are 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

If you want to visit Brightwater’s website, click here.

You can also find Brightwater on Facebook.

If you want to visit Brightwater’s head office or send the company a letter, the address is:

Suite 7 – First Floor, Stuart House, Eskmills, Station Road, Musselburgh, East Lothian EH21 7PB.

Financial Data

A lot of Brightwater’s financial data isn’t available to the public, apart from their full accounts in 2019 and 2020. In 2019 the company held £68 million of net assets, however in 2020 they saw a decline with £45 million in assets.


Brightwater is proud to be a water company that cares about customers. It offers them competitive prices and expert advice on how to be more water-efficient and save money on water bills. The primary task of Brightwater is to supply clean, potable water to businesses in Scotland and handle their wastewater. Nevertheless, on top of that, the company does things such as installing new connections, upgrading water meters, or temporarily disconnecting premises from the water network. Brightwater is committed to helping businesses reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and wasting fewer water resources. Hence, it provides them with tips on how to achieve that. Brightwater makes the process of switching water suppliers as smooth and quick as possible, even if a business has several premises. The company serves all kinds of businesses, from small to large industrial ones. Brightwater is transparent in its services and prices so the customers always know what they’re paying for and how the company operates. There are no hidden charges or taking advantage of clients. Brightwater strives to provide customers with excellent and friendly customer services and quickly respond to their inquiries and solve any problems that might occur.