Aimera Water

Aimera Key Facts

  • Offer the best prices in the commercial water and waste market.
  • Can trust them keep you updated with the best prices.
  • Dedicated customer service team.
  • Switching process is easy.
  • Highly competitive prices and will beat better prices than theirs.
  • Offer impartial advice at every stage of the transfer process.
  • Guarantee to make savings versus the Industry Standard Tariffs.
  • Free audit of your service .
  • Largest independent Licence Provider in Scotland.
  • Expansion in Scotland.

Who Are Aimera?

Founded in April 2008, Aimera is the largest independent licensed provider in Scotland. They started with 6 customers and now are an upcoming competitor in the water supply market.

For the past 3 years, Aimera has been the fastest-growing licensed provider in the UK and in April 2009, Aimera was granted water and sewerage services licences.

In 2017, Manchester-based service provider Verastar bought Aimera. Verastar, who supply essential services to 10% of UK small businesses made it their 8th transaction between 2016-17. Verastar provides the following services:

  • Electricity.
  • Gas.
  • Water.
  • Fixed and mobile telecommunications.
  • Broadband.
  • Fibre connectivity.

Verastar has experience in the Scottish water industry, with the 2013 acquisition of Clear Business Water. They currently provide water services in England after the deregulation of the English water market in April 2017.

The acquisition of Aimera would increase the water customer volumes for Verastar, along with supporting their future organic growth and creating new sales channels. The combination of Aimera and Verastar is the biggest challenger in Scotland, with the aims of creating a larger UK market share.

Aimera Today

Aimera has the slogan ‘Same water, better price, great service’.

Same Water – Aimera know the quality of the product is what matters. They aim to supply the same water as you received before you switch. They use the Scottish Water delivery network to serve their customers.

Better Price – Aimera prides itself on reducing costs, along with minimising waste so that you can trust them to give you the best, up to date prices with quality service.

Great Service – Aimera sells their service, not water. With their dedicated customer service team, they aim to meet all customer’s needs, along with helping with enquiries in a professional way.

Where are Aimera Based In The UK?

Aimera is based in Scotland and their parent company Verastar are based in Manchester. They have the following locations listed:

Abbey Mill Business Centre Paisley PA1 1TJ272 Bath St,
 G2 4JR
Aimera Limited,
 No. 1 Dovecote,
 Old Hall Road,
 M33 2GS

Aimera Products and Services

Industrial Consumers

For companies that use large amounts of water, or produce trade effluent, then Aimera could be suited to you. Aimera offer to:

  • Reduce levels of consumption.
  • Returns of waste.
  • Reduction of waste.

Supply Water and Sewage Services

Aimera aims to supply water and sewage services at the lowest prices around, along with high levels of customer care and customer service. They promise to ensure your business is on the best tariff to suit your company.

Price and Service Guarantee

The Aimera guarantee is to keep customers up to date with the current best prices of water and waste supply in Scotland, along with a professional level of service. This is by listening to customers’ needs and feedback, never forgetting you’re the customer and they intend to grow with your business.

They place value on efficiency and customer service, with the services being their priority and operate in a simple way, removing nonsense, gimmicks and surprises.

Water Watch

Aimera has a focus on saving you money on water and waste supplies. With Water Watch, customers can recover money that was paid to your previous provider. By providing historical bills, Aimera can help you to reduce further charges.

Simple Switch

By simply giving Aimera copies of your previous 12 months invoices from your last supplier, (includes; wastewater, surface water and trade effluent invoices), they can monitor and analyse the figures to help you when switching supplier.

New Customer Benefits

New customers to Aimera can benefit from a tailored tariff analysis and adjudication service. This will make sure that customers will only pay the current standing charges and tariffs. Not only this, but customers can extend the service across a UK portfolio. After initial research, Aimera finds that customers usually benefit from immediate savings, along with lower tariffs.

Aimera Board of Directors and Key Staff

Gillian Hill – Secretary

Aimera secretary Gillian Hill is general counsel at parent company Verastar. Gillian Hill has held this role since June 2015 and the main responsibilities of this position include mergers and acquisitions, litigation; data protection and complying with the regulatory requirements of the likes of Ofcom and Ofgem, keeping Verastar up to date with any regulatory changes. Previously, Gillian Hill held the position of senior solicitor and associate director at NCC Group, along with other roles such as solicitor at O2, solicitor at BAE Systems and solicitor at Squire Sanders. Gillian Hill studied at both the University of Sheffield and Chester College of Law.

Paul Doherty – Director

Paul Doherty is a director at Aimera, along with the role of the chief financial officer at Verastar, the parent company of Aimera. Paul Doherty has held this position since October 2011. Previous roles include CFO (interim) at Spire Healthcare in 2011, numerous roles at SSL International plc; head of corporate affairs, head of investor and banking relations, group financial controller and a head group of accounting. Paul Doherty studied at the University of Leicester.

Lee Hull – Director

The director at Aimera, Lee Hull is also the chief executive officer at parent company Verastar. He has held the role of the chief executive officer since October 2020. Alongside, this role, Lee Hull is a board trustee at the University of Salford. His previous experience includes managing director at TalkTalk Business, executive director at Intercity Technology, CCO at UKFast, director of strategy, planning and transformation at Liberty Global, director of business markets and public sector at Virgin Media Business along with numerous roles at Telewest Business. He studied at the University of Salford.

Piotr Nowosad – Director

Piotr Nowosad is a director at Aimera, as well as a role at parent company Verastar: executive board member, strategy, change management, marketing, product, M&A, payments P&L. Piotr Nowosad is part of a 3 person executive team at Verastar, taking them from £62m in revenue to £183m. During Piotr Nowosad’s time at Verastar, there has been a focus on expanding the business telecoms to enter insurance, payments, water, gas and electricity supply markets. Previous roles include interim chairman at Bluebella Ltd, managing director at Alegro Capital, engagement manager at McKinsey & Company, senior engineer at Parsons Brinkerhoff, founding member at Amnesty International South Africa and engineer at Eskom. Piotr Nowosad studied at London Business School, Columbia Business School and the University of Pretoria.

Who Are Aimera’s Shareholders?

Aimera is mainly owned by Verastar. Verastar was founded back in 1998, aiming to have a strong focus on small businesses. They first started in the telecoms sector and helped to launch new brands into the micro-SME market.

In 2010, Verastar started their mobile virtual network operator project, supplying broadband, fixed-line telecoms, and mobiles. During this time, they had 160,000 customer contracts. 2012 saw Verastar offer four products, following the acquisition of Economy Gas, gas was added to the supplier list.

One year later, Verastar had six products, with now supplying electricity and after the acquisition of Clear Business Water, they entered the water sector.

2016 and 2017 were huge years for Verastar, seeing them increase their customer base size by 10% after the acquisitions of Crown Telecoms, The Insurance Octopus, The Media Octopus and Business Comms Solutions. This also saw the transaction of OVO Energy’s commercial customers along with Aimera, now holding a 25% market share.

Aimera Contacts, Websites and Social Media

Telephone: 0141 354 7664


For free, no-obligation quotations, you can visit the contact us page on their website, or request a call back from a member of Aimera’s customer service team.


Help And Advice



Scottish Water Customer Helpline – 08000 778 778
Scottish Water Emergency Helpline – 0845 600 8855

How Can I Switch To Aimera?

According to Aimera’s website, they state that there are 3 easy steps to switching. They are:

Firstly, provide Aimera with your current business location details. From there, Aimera will supply your business, all with a free, no-obligation quotation for you to look over.

Next, after speaking with Aimera and agreeing on a tariff with the company, or simply saying ‘Yes’, Aimera can transfer you over within 15 working days.

Finally, Aimera will let you know of the transfer date. Once this is provided, Aimera will give you all the statements and invoices that will meet the specific business requirements for your company.

Aimera In Recent News

In a recent news article published by the Daily Record, Aimera was mentioned after a customer was left ‘bullied and broken-hearted’ by their commercial water company, Business Stream.

Customers of Business Stream have been complaining due to the firm sending in debt collectors after customers refused to pay ridiculous bills. One customer moved to Aimera, where their water bill was halved.

Aimera Key Financial Data

 30th April 2018 (£)30th April 2019 (£)
Gross Profit3,552,814482,363
Administrative Expenses3,408,72826,599
Profit For The Financial Year75,571327,024
Net Assets1,271,4001,598,424
Total Equity1,271,4001,598,424
Total Comprehensive Income For The Year