Service Level Agreement for Energy Solutions

What to expect from your Energy Broker

Service level agreements act like an umbrella spanning our entire portfolio. They are one way for our customers to ensure that they receive the best possible service.

Guaranteed availability of staff as well as short response times can all be included.
These agreements minimize the customer’s operational risk to a calculable factor by defining which individual procurement and emergency response services will be provided. A variety of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be incorporated in a service level agreement.

Although the service level agreement is customised for each client there are a number of area which are fairly standardised.

Service Description

Energy Solutions will provide a reliable supply of gas, electricity and water throughout the client’s sites,
including negotiating to achieve the most competitive terms of supply. We will produce, implement and promote an energy strategy.

The aim will be to support the Client’s Carbon Management Plan in a way which optimally
balances impact on users, impact on the environment, and cost.

Standard Services
  • Energy Strategy – development of a strategy, linked to the Carbon Management
    Plan, covering all aspects of energy purchasing, supply, management and usage
  • Energy Management – implementation of a plan for efficient and cost effective use
    of energy, including management of building temperatures
  • Promotion of Energy Efficiency – publication of targets and standards, awareness
    campaigns and advice on efficient use of energy, including Display Energy
    Certificates (DECs)
  • Purchasing Gas
  • Purchasing Electricity
  • Purchasing Water and Sewage Services
  • Maintenance of supplies to critical activities or equipment – customer consultation, planning of interruptions, supply and installation of equipment to provide temporary supplies, e.g. generators

Our standard Service Level Agreement is available upon request.