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Do not worry, here at Energy Solutions, we do the same thing and even more!

With more than two decades of experience in energy procurement, we can help you do a tariff comparison and find the most competitive energy contract. We have partnerships with most UK suppliers and can offer you deals that you would not find on your own.

Our mission is to help people save money, time, and effort.

If you hire us as your broker, you can expect to receive the highest quality services and the best energy prices.

      About UsEnergy Solutions is a dedicated energy broker that works with small and large businesses. We focus solely on energy procurement so you can be sure that all our effort will go into finding the best energy deal for you.  

What can we help you with?

With our specialist knowledge, we offer a variety of services centred around your electricity, water, or gas supply. We are committed to helping our customers save money on their energy supply.

        ElectricityChoose us as your broker and never overpay for electricity. Researching and comparing electricity tariffs can be time-consuming. We know that as a business owner you have more important things to focus on. That is why we want to help you avoid this hassle and do it all for you. We will analyse hundreds of electricity contracts available on the market and will present you with a few options that best match the individual needs of your business.   You can be sure that we look at the contracts offered not only by the most popular suppliers but also by some smaller ones that sometimes are more competitive.
              GasIf you are looking for cheap gas rates, you have come to the right place. We have strong partnerships with UK gas suppliers so you can be sure you are getting the best price.   Understanding the terms and conditions of a gas contract can seem difficult but we are here to help you understand all the aspects of it.   Moreover, while your gas contract is in place, we will validate and approve all your bills to make sure you are being charged the right rates and paying only for the gas you consume.
                WaterWe are dedicated commercial water procurement specialists and we do more than just run a price comparison. If you are based in Scotland, we can help you switch suppliers and save money on your water bills.   If you are based in England and Wales, switching water suppliers is not as easy as in Scotland. Nevertheless, we offer other services too! We can, for example, do a water audit for you to help you better understand your consumption and identify any opportunities for savings.

We care about the privacy of our customers. That is why we will give your contact details to suppliers only after you give us permission to do so. First, we will show you some energy deals tailored for your business so you can choose which suppliers you would like to talk to and discuss the details. You can be sure that at Energy Solutions your request will be treated in confidence.

Energy Use Reduction

At Energy Solutions, we care about our Planet and we want our customers to do the same. That is why Energy Solutions offers an energy management service to help you use energy more efficiently. Thanks to our advice, you can not only reduce your energy bills but also lower your impact on the environment.

If being green is important to you, when comparing energy tariffs for you we will look at which suppliers offer the best environmental products and the greenest tariffs. We can help you find contracts that allow you to source 100% of your energy from renewable sources.

We can also offer advice on how you can be more environmentally friendly. We will give you some tips and ideas you can implement in the office or at home to reduce your carbon emissions. There are many ways in which businesses can use less energy but many people are not aware of them. We will help you notice them and introduce positive changes to the way you use energy.

Moreover, if you would like to generate your own energy, we can help you find out more about installing solar panels, biomass boilers, or heat pumps. Producing your own energy comes with many benefits including:

  • Lowering your dependence on energy suppliers
  • Making substantial savings
  • Having more control over costs related to your energy consumption
  • Being able to use 100% renewable energy
  • Reducing your carbon emissions
  • Being protected from energy unit prices rising.

Domestic Energy

If you are looking for an energy supply for your home, not a business, Energy Solutions can also help. For years we have been specialising in commercial energy, but we have expanded and now we offer expert advice and procurement services to domestic customers too.

How can you be sure you can trust us?

We have been interviewed and quoted by some of the major UK news outlets including 5Live, BBC Online, Financial Times, The Guardian, and Daily Telegraph.

You can sign up to our Buying Group completely for free. Once you do it, we will send you information, based on your usage, showing you how much you could save if you used our services. If you hire us, we will offer you support throughout the whole process of switching suppliers. Do not worry if you have never switched suppliers before, we will guide you through each step.

Why should you use our services?

Here are some things that you can expect if you use our services:

  1. Competitive prices – we will make sure that the deal you are getting is the cheapest one on the market
  2. Good understanding of the contracts – before you sign a contract with a supplier, we will go over it with you to help you understand all the charges and terms
  3. Expert advice – we have over 20 years of experience in energy procurement so you can be assured that we know the energy industry very well
  4. Stress-free process – we will do a price comparison for you and will handle the process of switching suppliers so you won’t have to worry about anything
  5. Transparency – we will not be hiding anything from you. We will tell you which suppliers we contacted and what prices they offered
  6. Constant support – we will always be around to assist you. You will be able to contact us at any time of day or night.

If you choose us as your broker, you will not have to deal with any paperwork. We will fill and submit all the forms for you. All you will have to do is enjoy the new energy contract! We will also ensure that you never miss the end date of your contract. This way you will avoid being placed on an expensive rollover contract.

For more information about what you can expect if you hire us, get in touch today.

We are always happy to hear from you and answer your questions.

We know that you are busy running your business so we give you the chance to have someone else find the right energy contract for you.