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Looking for competitive energy prices and expert personal service?

Were you a client of Church Energy Savings Consortium?

Do not worry, here at Energy Solutions, we offer the same services and the highest quality.

We have more than 20 years of experience and we can help you obtain beneficial contract rates for gas and electricity. We have expert knowledge of the energy sector and we work with all major UK suppliers. If you hire us as your energy broker, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal available on the market.

We are happy to offer assistance to all kinds of businesses and organisations. No matter if you are a church, a charity, or a small business, we can help you find a perfect energy contract.

Who are we?

Energy Solutions is an energy broker with years of credentials and specialist industry knowledge that can help you save thousands on your energy bills.

Words that best describe us are:

SpecialistWe focus solely on energy procurement so you can be sure that we are experts in the field
ExperiencedWe have been working as an energy broker for more than 20 years
TrustedWe have helped hundreds of customers

We specialise in helping customers get their energy supply and find the best contract for their individual needs. If you hire us as your energy broker, we will compare business gas and electricity for you. We also provide water procurement services for businesses located in Scotland and England. Thanks to us, you will quickly notice substantial gas, electricity, and water savings.

We offer advice to customers looking for a new supply and to those who want to upgrade their existing one.

Do you want your water, gas, or electricity supply to be better and more cost-effective? Energy Solutions can help.

We are also committed to ensuring that our customers pay only for the energy they consume. Many people overpay for their energy bills without even realising. Luckily thanks to Energy Solutions you can avoid that.

Energy Solutions can check your past energy bills and validate any future bills to make sure that you are being charged correct rates and only paying for energy you use. Billing mistakes happen often in the UK. Moreover, energy customers often forget to submit their meter readings and end up paying high estimated bills.

If you have been paying too much for your energy, Energy Solutions will help you recover your money or at least a proportion of it.

Why should you choose us as your broker?

There are several reasons why we should become your trusted broker:

  • We can help you save money – we look at prices offered by multiple energy providers and show you the best ones. In addition to analysing the unit prices, we take into consideration all other charges included in the contract so you can be sure you get the cheapest deal available.
  • We can help you save time – looking for the best offer and comparing energy prices yourself can take up a big part of your day. Using our services saves you the hassle of doing all that. We can also fill in all the paperwork for you letting you avoid spending hours completing forms and signing documents.
  • We have great market knowledge – we know all the energy suppliers that operate in the energy industry, including the small ones. We also know what prices are considered to be competitive. If you are looking for a new energy deal yourself you will most likely focus on just a few providers, for example, the ones that belong to the Big Six. We will offer you a big selection of different suppliers making sure you switch to the one that best matches your requirements.
  • We will find the best contract for your business – hiring us as an energy broker will help you avoid being automatically put on the Rollover contract that not only includes very high rates but also might mean you won’t be able to change it for at least a year. We will explain to you what types of contracts are available on the market and will help you choose the best one with the most competitive prices.
  • We are fully impartial – we do not work for any specific UK gas and electricity supplier. We look at deals from all providers operating in the market and do not prioritise any of them. That’s why if you use our services, you can be sure the deal we offer you is the best deal available.
  • We analyse all elements of the deal – when doing a tariff comparison most people look only at unit prices. While rates are a very important element of each deal, there are other things that need to be looked at like the length of the contract, exit rates or a standing charge. If you use our services, we will analyse all aspects of your chosen energy tariff to make sure you don’t get stuck with something you’re not satisfied with.
  • We help customers be more energy efficient – nowadays more and more people switch to renewable energy sources. Thanks to us, you will be able to find the best green deal available. Moreover, we can advise you on how to lower your emission and how to better manage your energy consumption.

We do more than just energy procurement

In addition to helping you find the best energy contract, we offer constant support and advice. If you choose us as your energy broker, we will be around to answer any questions and clear any doubts you might have.

On top of that, we regularly post energy-related content to our Blog. We cover a variety of topics so you can be sure to find out something that will interest you. Thanks to our Blog you can find out more about how the energy market operates and what the latest news from the energy industry is. We write about suppliers, green electricity, new supplies, and other topics that cover everything you have to know. If you regularly check our Blog, you will soon become an energy expert.