Switch suppliers via the commercial water procurement experts and you could save thousands.

Finding a better water supplier for your business takes time – and mistakes can be costly. We’ll help you avoid them.

At Energy Solutions, we offer our clients a comprehensive and ongoing water procurement service. We believe that it’s not enough for a broker to simply price everything on a like-for-like basis and then disappear. Businesses deserve much more. Our APOLLO system offers six ways that we help medium-sized to large companies save on their water and waste bills. When used together, we’ve achieved savings of up to 45% for our clients, as well as substantial refunds in many cases.

We make it easy and seamless to switch suppliers

Energy Solutions take the stress out of the entire process, as we handle everything from start to finish, including procurement, tendering, negotiating and liaising with you to ensure a smooth changeover for substantial water bill savings. And, because we take our fee from the supplier, switching to a cheaper water supplier really couldn’t be simpler.

Our Water Bureau And Bill Validation Service

Water and wastewater audit

Our experienced consultants can carry out a comprehensive water audit of all component charges of the bills that make up your current water charges, taking into account staff populations and water facilities on site.

Our audit checks include:-

  • Surface water charges.
  • Highways drainage charges.
  • Site area charges.
  • Property drainage charges.
  • Band charges.

Even if your actual water usage is low, these additional charges can make up a significant proportion of the bill. The highest component charges are levied by the following water companies:-

  • United Utilities
  • Scottish Water
  • Severn Trent Water
  • South Staffordshire Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Yorkshire Water

We have also found numerous cases where these charges have been incorrectly levied, resulting in significant savings for the client and refunds that in some instances dated back six years. Last year alone, our partners secured refunds of over £1.5m for many high street clients, universities, colleges and schools.

Existing clients include:-

Water Audit Clients

  • Asda
  • Dixon Group P.C World
  • Lidl
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Cannons Health and Fitness
  • Royal Mail
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Cable and Wireless
  • Morrisons
  • Halliwells LLP
  • Somerfield Stores
  • Travelodge
  • Little Chef

Other water audit investigations include:-

  • Meter standing charges.
  • Environmental charges levied by British Water Ways and Environment Agency (for surface water discharge).
  • Water volumetric tariffs.
  • Wastewater charges.
  • Trade effluent discharge rates.
  • High water consumption issues.

In fact, any and all component charges that make up your bill.

Preliminary water and waste water audit report.

Upon completion of an in-depth water audit, preliminary reports are generated on a site-by-site basis. These reports contain specific water and wastewater accounts, a brief overview of findings and recommendations for cost reduction savings.

On some occasions, the reduction in costs may require an application to the relevant water supplier to reduce a component charge and a refund without the need for a site survey.

Fee structure

The application fee for reducing these charges and application for a refund/credit will be detailed within the water audit for client approval prior to commencing.

Savings and refunds

The target savings will be detailed within the water audit services report, together with the expected refund/credit.

Site survey

Our water audit report may recommend that a site survey be undertaken in order to identify the reason for the high water consumption. Upon completion, you’ll receive a detailed report indicating areas of savings, action required to achieve those savings, cost to carry out the works required and the payback, which is normally under 6 months or less.

Typical project work to save water where there may be high consumption includes:

  • Underground water leaks.
  • Water leak detection.
  • Urinals flushing uncontrolled.
  • Can we save water with a water saving flush or a water saving toilet?
  • High volume showers operating Leisure Centres, Hotels, Fitness Clubs.
  • Inefficient water use in production.
  • See where water conservation can take place.
  • Faulty water meter.
  • Incorrect meter readings.
  • Clients metered supply feeds others in error.
  • Overflowing tanks storage cisterns.
  • Swimming pools leaking.
  • Faulty pool makeup systems.

Subject to our client’s approval, Energy Solutions and our partners will commit to completing the work, whether installation, consultancy, leak detection and repair and supply and fitting of water-saving devices.

Target savings/refund report

Upon completion of all work to achieve savings and or refunds/credits, you’ll be provided with a final water audit services report and evidence that the savings and or refunds/credits have been achieved, thus giving you complete peace of mind.

So, could you be saving money on your company’s water?

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