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Business Electricity & Gas from United Gas & Power

United Gas & Power (UGP) is a leading energy supplier in the UK, providing business electricity and gas services. With a strong focus on customer service and a commitment to renewable energy, UGP has established itself as a reliable and trusted energy supplier in the industry.

UGP’s company profile is characterized by its dedication to delivering excellent customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. The company has received a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, a testament to its commitment to providing quality customer care. UGP understands the importance of putting customer service at the heart of its organization, always being available to handle customer inquiries and concerns.

When it comes to switching energy suppliers, UGP makes the process as hassle-free as possible. The company offers competitive prices for both business electricity and gas, tailoring its services to meet the specific needs of businesses across the UK. UGP provides transparent quotes and ensures a secure and seamless switching process.

UGP’s renewable business electricity options allow businesses to make greener choices and reduce their carbon footprint. The company offers a range of tariffs, including gas tariffs, to provide businesses with options that suit their energy requirements. UGP’s commitment to renewable energy reflects its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With UGP, businesses can expect an easy-to-understand billing and invoicing process, supported by an account manager who acts as a single point of contact. The company’s service team is always available to handle any inquiries or issues that may arise.

United Gas & Power stands out as a business energy supplier that prioritizes customer service, offers competitive prices, provides renewable energy options, and ensures a seamless switching process. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to sustainable practices make them a recommended choice for businesses looking for a reliable energy supplier.

United Gas & Power Company Profile

United Gas & Power (UGP) is a leading energy supplier in the UK, specializing in business energy solutions. As an established energy supplier, UGP has built a solid reputation for its exceptional customer service and commitment to providing renewable energy options. The company has received a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, reflecting its dedication to customer satisfaction.

UGP’s company profile revolves around its mission to offer businesses a hassle-free and reliable energy supply. With a comprehensive range of services, including electricity and gas supply, UGP provides tailored solutions to meet the unique energy requirements of businesses across the UK. The company is based in Leeds and serves customers nationwide.

When it comes to customer service, UGP truly puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its organization. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of care. From providing transparent and competitive pricing to handling the entire switching process, UGP’s service team is always available to assist customers with their energy needs. The company understands the importance of being a trusted point of contact for businesses, particularly when it comes to handling the complexities of energy contracts and renewals.

UGP’s commitment to renewable energy is another key aspect of its company profile. With a focus on green energy solutions, UGP offers businesses the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. The company provides renewable business electricity options and supports the use of smart meter technology to monitor and manage energy consumption.

United Gas & Power is a business energy supplier that stands out for its excellent customer service, renewable energy options, and commitment to providing hassle-free solutions. With a dedicated service team, competitive pricing, and a wide range of services, UGP is a recommended choice for businesses seeking a reliable and sustainable energy partner.

United Gas & Power Energy Reviews

United Gas & Power (UGP) has received excellent reviews for its business energy services, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable energy supply. With a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, UGP has proven its dedication to providing exceptional service and value to businesses across the UK.

Customers have praised UGP for its excellent customer service, highlighting the company’s ability to handle the entire switching process seamlessly. UGP’s service team is always available, providing quality customer care and making customers feel at ease throughout the renewal process. The company’s account managers have gone above and beyond to secure the best prices and tailor contracts to meet specific business needs.

One aspect that stands out in the reviews is UGP’s focus on renewable energy. Businesses appreciate UGP’s commitment to green energy solutions, which allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. UGP offers a range of renewable energy options, including business electricity sourced from renewable sources.

Customers also appreciate the competitive pricing offered by UGP. The company ensures a hassle-free experience by providing transparent quotes and options that align with the specific requirements of each business. UGP’s expertise in the energy industry, combined with its personable and professional approach, has garnered positive reviews from businesses looking for the best energy supplier.

United Gas & Power has received glowing reviews for its business energy services. With its focus on customer service, renewable energy solutions, and competitive pricing, UGP is highly recommended by businesses across the UK. The company’s commitment to providing hassle-free energy solutions and excellent customer care has positioned it as a top choice for businesses seeking a reliable and sustainable energy supplier.

Do United Gas and Power offer green and renewable products?

United Gas & Power (UGP) is committed to offering green and renewable energy products to businesses across the UK. As a trusted energy supplier with a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, UGP truly puts customer service at the heart of its operations and understands the importance of sustainable energy solutions.

UGP provides businesses with the option to choose renewable energy for their electricity and gas supply. The company’s renewable energy offerings contribute to a greener future by reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices. UGP’s renewable energy products align with the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions and allow businesses to lower their environmental impact.

Customers who have switched to UGP have highlighted the company’s commitment to green energy in their reviews. They appreciate the opportunity to choose renewable energy and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable business environment. UGP’s expertise in the energy industry enables businesses to make informed decisions and select the best option for their renewable energy needs.

UGP’s dedication to providing renewable energy is reflected in its company profile and customer service approach. The company’s account managers work closely with businesses to tailor energy contracts that include renewable energy options. UGP ensures that the switching process is seamless and hassle-free, making it easy for businesses to transition to green and renewable energy sources.

United Gas & Power is an energy supplier that offers green and renewable energy products to businesses across the UK. With a focus on excellent customer service, UGP helps businesses switch to sustainable energy solutions, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a more environmentally conscious future. By choosing UGP, businesses can be confident in their decision to support renewable energy and create a greener business environment.

Company History

United Gas and Power, also known as UGP were founded in 2013 under their previous name Lancashire Gas & Power, or LGP. They are an independently owned energy supplier based in the UK and they offer gas and electricity contracts for businesses of all sizes.

United Gas and Power are based in Yorkshire and are solely focussed on supplying energy to businesses all across the UK.

United Gas and Power Today

United Gas and Power have created a set of standards called The UGP Pledge. These are to give customers an idea of the service they’ll receive and they include:

  • To act according to our company values.
  • To work with you and for you.
  • To truly listen and ask more questions.
  • To be straight talking.
  • To make things easy for you.
  • To be in this for the long term.

United Gas and Power also have a partnership with The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT). With the goal of becoming net-zero by 2050, it is estimated that the UK will need to plant 1.5 billion trees to reach the target. Their partnership with YDMT has created the campaign ‘together for trees’ which funds the planting of a new tree within the Yorkshire Dales each time a new customer signs up with United Gas and Power.

United Gas and Power advertise that pricing can be generated within 15 minutes. Also, 97% of customer enquiries will be responded to within 72 hours.

Where are United Gas and Power Based In The UK?

United Gas and Power are based in Yorkshire, England. Their headquarters address is:

United Gas & Power
16 Otley Road
LS20 8AH

United Gas and Power Based Products and Services

United Gas and Power offer energy tariffs to businesses solely in the UK. This includes both business gas and electricity. Some of their energy tariffs have no standing charges.

Business Gas

United Gas and Power aim to beat renewal quotes and focus on making switching suppliers easy. They offer tailored business gas packages that can suit all types of businesses, small and large.

Being an independently owned company, they can offer competitive rates, claiming to have tariffs with savings of up to £700 for business gas supply.

Their gas contracts are fixed deals of 1, 2 and 3-year contracts, which are protected from unexpected market price rises. Market prices can fluctuate daily, so fixed contracts remove any changes to contract prices.

Business Electricity

United Gas and Power’s business energy contract rates are based on energy consumption. Businesses usually pay more VAT than domestic rates but are typically at a lower unit rate price than domestic rates.

United Gas & Power offer up to 70% savings compared to current business electricity rates. They also advertise they can reduce carbon footprint levels with their 100% renewable business electricity supply.

Meter installations

United Gas and Power have a team of experts that can install new smart meters. With their meter installations, they offer to:

  • Inform you of the company used for installation.
  • Give you the time and date of installation in advance.
  • Allow no sales during the installation to be conducted.
  • Give you energy efficiency advice.
  • Ensure data privacy with full control over your customer data.
  • Have customer care agents available to give advice.

Smart Meters

United Gas and Power have AMR, with half-hourly or full SMETS2 smart meters. United Gas and Power offer no additional cost for having meters installed.

Smart meters allow you to have full control of your billing with the ability to monitor the electricity you use. These smart meters are connected to your utility company and give regular readings. This ensures accurate bills every time.

With United Gas and Power, they offer new smart meters that give you more options, such as monitoring your reduction of carbon footprints.

Personalised Account Management

With United Gas and Power, you will receive your own dedicated account manager that is based in the UK. This gives you access to all aspects of business energy account management. Their account managers aim to develop key relationships with their TPI clients. Working with internal support teams, they claim to cover all aspects of account management and reporting.

United Gas and Power Fuel Mix 2019/20

With United Gas and Power, 100% of their electricity is supplied from renewable sources. Each year, energy suppliers are required by Ofgem to advise customers where they source their energy from. Below is a table for United Gas and Power’s fuel mix for April 2019 – March 2020.

Electricity Sourced FromElectricity Supplied by United Gas and PowerAverage for UK
Natural gas0%39.4%
Renewables e.g. Solar, Wind, Biomass100%37.9%

What Is United Gas and Power’s Carbon Emissions?

Electricity supplied by United Gas and PowerUK Average
CO2 emissions (g/kWh)0208

United Gas and Power Green Performance

With their 100% renewable power, United Gas and Power aim to help business customers reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their sustainability programs. Their electricity is generated from solar, wind, hydro and biomass. United Gas and Power guarantee they are supplying 100% renewable electricity as they use REGO eligible renewable electricity from generators.

United Gas and Power also will provide a renewable certificate and a 100% renewable logo. Businesses can display these at your premises to show commitments to environmental sustainability and can be used on websites and email signatures.

With United Gas and Power’s partnership with The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, they are showing promise to help with the UK’s target of becoming net-zero by 2050. Each new customer results in a new tree being planted in the Yorkshire Dales.

United Gas and Power Board of Directors and Key Staff

Philip Kane, Co-Founder


Philip Kane has been involved in the commercial side of the energy sector with extensive experience. In 2013, Phillip Kane joined up Ross Taylor and Mohammed Hafeez to create what we now know as United Gas and Power. He has previously owned a successful commercial energy supply company. Phillip Kane has spent most of his life in Yorkshire is passionate about sports and has featured in charitable sporting events.

Ross Taylor, Co-Founder


Ross Taylor has more than 12 years’ experience in the UK energy sector. He co-founded United Gas and Power with his colleague Mohammad Hafeez, and his friend Philip Kane back in 2013. Ross Taylor has previous experience in running an energy brokerage, but he had a clear vision of creating a transparent company with customers put first. In 2018, he went through with the plan of making United Gas and Power 100% renewable. He also led the development of their CRM system.

Mohammad Hafeez, Co-Founder


Another co-founder of United Gas & Power, Mohammad Hafeez is a business entrepreneur. He has more than 12 years of experience in the UK energy sector. Mohammad Hafeez has previous experience running an energy brokerage company with his colleague and another co-founder of United Gas and Power, Ross Taylor. Mohammad Hafeez helps to drive the strategy at the energy supplier, with a focus on the direction and growth of the business. He has driven United Gas and Powers’s charitable approach and nominated locally-based Downs Syndrome Training & Support Service as their charity of choice.

United Gas and Power Websites and Social Media

Telephone: 0844 318 0044

Email: cs@ugp.co.uk

Twitter – 165 followers

Facebook – 1,991 people like them and 2,025 people follow them.


United Gas and Power also run a blog. They have posted about a range of topics, usually, they are tailored around notable current events and how they relate to the energy sector. Some of their recent blog posts include:

United Gas and Power In Recent News

In July 2020, Ofgem launched an investigation into United Gas and Power and whether they breached certain billing, meter reading and communication rules. During the investigation, for some customers, United Gas and Power were acting on behalf of Hudson Energy Supply UK Ltd. This meant that Hudson Energy Supply UK Ltd was being investigated also.

United Gas and Power Key Financial Data

According to United Gas and Power’s 2022 annual reports, they had a turnover of £32m, which is an increase from £26m in 2021.

Gross Profit£’0001,4531,782
Gross Profit Percentage%611

What is United Gas & Power’s SIC and NAICS code?

United Gas & Power’s SIC: 492,493

United Gas & Power’s NAICS: 22,221

How Do I Get A Quote From United Gas and Power?

United Gas and Power is just one of the many suppliers that we work with.