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Who are SmartestEnergy?

Smartest Energy is a supplier in the UK’s energy market that focuses on providing renewable energy solutions. As a business division of SmartestEnergy Ltd., they offer a range of tariffs tailored to meet the specific renewable energy requirements of their customers. With a company profile rooted in their commitment to renewable options, Smartest Energy aims to help businesses make sustainable choices and reduce their carbon footprint.

Led by Robert Groves, Smartest Energy has established itself as a leading purchaser of independent generation and a supplier of renewable electricity. They have built a strong reputation for excellent customer service and are known for their expertise in the energy industry. Their customer service team is dedicated to assisting customers with their energy contracts, supply, and any enquiries they may have.

Smartest Energy’s business customers include a diverse range of companies, from small businesses to large enterprises. They offer a range of fixed and flexible tariffs, including half-hourly meter readings and market-leading renewable power options. They strive to help businesses navigate the complex energy market and provide solutions that align with their sustainability goals.

With a focus on transparency, Smartest Energy ensures that customers have access to real-time energy usage data and clear invoices. They also facilitate direct debit payments for convenience and ease of managing energy costs. Trustpilot reviews from their current customers highlight their excellent customer service and their commitment to helping businesses use energy more intelligently.

Established in 2001, Smartest Energy has been at the forefront of the renewable energy industry. They have developed a robust network of independent generators, allowing them to supply renewable energy to businesses across the UK. Their annual turnover and national average market share demonstrate their position as a key player in the energy market.

Who owns SmartestEnergy?

SmartestEnergy is owned by the John Lewis Partnership and JLL, making it part of a reputable and well-established group. The John Lewis Partnership, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, has a strong presence in the retail industry. JLL, a leading global real estate services company, brings expertise in property and investment management. Together, they provide a solid foundation for SmartestEnergy’s operations and strategic direction.

SmartestEnergy’s ownership by the John Lewis Partnership and JLL reflects their focus on ethical and sustainable business practices. The partnership’s commitment to the environment and social responsibility aligns well with SmartestEnergy’s core values as a renewable energy supplier.

With their extensive experience and resources, the John Lewis Partnership and JLL support SmartestEnergy in its mission to help businesses navigate the energy market and make sustainable choices. This partnership also enables SmartestEnergy to access a wide network of business customers and expand its reach in the industry.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, SmartestEnergy has garnered a strong reputation for its renewable energy solutions and excellent customer service. Their commitment to providing a range of fixed and flexible tariffs, tailored to specific renewable options, sets them apart in the market. They work closely with business customers, including small businesses and large enterprises, to help them achieve their energy goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

With their expertise in energy systems, fuel mix, and energy generation, SmartestEnergy has become a trusted supplier for businesses seeking renewable energy solutions. Their focus on transparency, efficient billing processes, and responsive customer service has earned them positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot.

Who are SmartestEnergy competitors?

SmartestEnergy faces competition from several key players in the energy supplier market. These competitors offer similar services and solutions to businesses seeking reliable and renewable energy options. Some of the main competitors of SmartestEnergy include:

  1. British Gas Business: As one of the largest energy companies in the UK, British Gas Business provides a range of energy solutions to businesses. They offer competitive tariffs, renewable energy options, and a strong customer service team.
  2. EDF Energy: EDF Energy is a leading supplier of electricity and gas to businesses across the UK. They provide renewable energy solutions, flexible tariffs, and expertise in energy management.
  3. Ørsted: Ørsted is a prominent supplier of renewable energy, specializing in wind power. They offer businesses access to green electricity and work closely with customers to develop sustainable energy strategies.
  4. Octopus Energy: Octopus Energy is known for its innovative and customer-centric approach. They provide renewable energy solutions, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service.
  5. Engie: Engie offers a wide range of energy services to businesses, including renewable energy supply, energy management solutions, and sustainability consulting.

These competitors, like SmartestEnergy, focus on renewable energy, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. They have established themselves as trusted suppliers in the industry and have a strong presence in the UK energy market.

How big is SmartestEnergy?

SmartestEnergy is a leading supplier of business energy in the UK and has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. With a strong focus on renewable energy, SmartestEnergy has grown significantly since its establishment in 2001.

As a supplier, SmartestEnergy serves a wide range of business customers, including large businesses, independent generators, and small businesses. The company has developed a diverse portfolio of renewable energy options, allowing customers to choose their preferred sources of renewable power. Their renewable energy supply helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability goals.

SmartestEnergy’s expertise in the energy industry and commitment to excellent customer service have contributed to its success. They have a dedicated customer service team that assists businesses with their energy contracts, meter readings, invoices, and other queries. The company’s strong reputation is reflected in positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, where customers appreciate their renewable options and excellent customer service.

With an annual turnover reflecting its substantial market presence, SmartestEnergy has become one of the UK’s leading purchasers of independent renewable generation. The company has also formed strategic partnerships with notable organizations like the John Lewis Partnership and JLL.

Who is Zoe Spurgeon SmartestEnergy?

Zoe Spurgeon is a prominent figure in the energy industry and holds a key position at SmartestEnergy, a leading supplier of business energy in the UK. As part of the company’s business division, Zoe Spurgeon plays a vital role in shaping SmartestEnergy’s strategies and ensuring excellent customer service.

With years of experience in the energy sector, Zoe Spurgeon brings extensive knowledge and expertise to her role. As the Head of Customer Service, she leads a dedicated team that provides support to business customers, assisting them with their energy contracts, queries, and other customer service needs. Zoe Spurgeon’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service aligns with SmartestEnergy’s core values.

Under her leadership, SmartestEnergy has strengthened its reputation for outstanding customer service and has received positive reviews from its customers. Zoe Spurgeon and her team work tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction, helping businesses navigate through their energy usage, billing, and any related enquiries.

As a key player in the UK’s energy market, SmartestEnergy, under Zoe Spurgeon’s guidance, continues to offer a wide range of energy supply options, including renewable energy solutions. The company’s focus on renewable electricity and its expertise in the field of independent generation and renewable options have contributed to its success.

Company History

Founded in 2001, SmartestEnergy acquires energy from both small and large scale operations, then distributing this energy throughout the United Kingdom. SmartestEnergy is an owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation, a trading company with business divisions in a whole range of different sectors.

The Marubeni Corporation, founded over 150 years ago are one of Japans biggest trading houses. SmartestEnergy work hand in hand with Marubeni Europower, their sister company with projects across the globe including Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

SmartestEnergy became the first UK supplier to supply renewable energy with support from the Carbon Trust. This meant the supply was reinforced with “origin certificates”, guaranteeing the energy comes from specific renewable sources.

2008 was the year that SmartestEnergy Limited became a registered supplier, supplying UK businesses with energy. Later, in 2019, SmartestEnergy Business Limited (formerly Dual Energy) was acquired.

In 2020, SmartestEnergy expanded worldwide, with the launch of their Australian branch. SmartestEnergy Sydney supports industrial and commercial businesses to New South Wales and beyond.

Company Today

Today, SmartestEnergy has become the UK’s leading purchaser of independent generation and supplier of renewable electricity. They were awarded ‘Energy Supplier of the Year’ twice, both in 2012 and 2018. SmartestEnergy has also been nominated for six industry accolades. These include the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, for improving transparency in the renewables market.

They boast popular clients such as Toyota, British Airways and Marks & Spencer. Their current portfolio of independent renewable generators provides up to 40% of the renewable energy in the UK.

SmartestEnergy stick by their core values, these are:

  • Own it – caring about the work they do, making sure to enjoy it.
  • One team. One future – considering a sustainable future through diversity and without borders.
  • Innovate to accelerate – looking at creativity and challenging the status quo as they move towards a net-zero future.
  • Think customer – putting customers first and building relationships based on trust.

Map of Business

Smartest Energy Map
UK Overview

SmartestEnergy currently provides energy to the equivalent of 1,281,234 British homes and supply 14,555 MPANs. SmartestEnergy has also launched a new online platform SmartFlex, aimed at UK customers to flexibly sell their power online.

In the industrial and commercial scene, SmartestEnergy has a 5.1% market share, leaving them in 8th place in the UK. Their GWh contracted annual volume was 6652 and had a Net Promoter Score of +23.

In 2020. SmartestEnergy worked with the highly established Cambridge Collages, supplying 33 collages across over 130 sites. SmartestEnergy also became partners for Birmingham Net-Zero which is a 5 step plan to get 2000 businesses on the journey to net-zero within 5 years.

For smart generation in 2020, SmartestEnergy had a market share of 9.1%, ranking 4th with a Net Promoter Score of +39. SmartestEnergy also added 185MW of wind capacity to their SmartFlex platform.

Operations Overseas

With operations in both Australia and the United States, SmartestEnergy is a global company. Both branches have developed during their short lifespans. SmartestEnergy US recently became a member of TEPA (The Energy Professionals Association) and SmartestEnergy Australia secured a deal with CEP Energy for 400MW Battery Storage Virtual Power Plant.

SmartestEnergy US has seen a growth in their team, from 20 to 35. In 2020, there were over 1400 active meters. They signed an agreement in 2020 with Green-e, launching 100% voluntary renewable RECs products, in line with their net-zero plans.

American LocationsAustralian Locations
New York 
District of Columbia 
New Jersey 

Products & Services

Being outside the ‘Big 6’, SmartestEnergy offer a range of electricity and gas products.

SmartestEnergy I&C products include:

  • Fixed Fully Delivered
  • EnviroPass
  • Energy Only Fixed Price
  • FlexiLite
  • FlexiBase
  • Flexible Framework

SmartestEnergy business products include:

  • SmartPay
  • SmartFix
  • SmartTracker


In an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, SmartestEnergy purchased gold standard carbon offsetting certificates from tether Xenamnoy 1 Hydropower Project based in Laos. This reduces 48,000 ICO2e each year.

Fuel Mix

Energy companies are required to provide detailed publishing of their fuel mix each year. This gives a transparent view of how the company is working within the guidelines and requirements set to help us deal with climate change.

Below are 4 diagrams showing the fuel mix for 4 separate supplies from SmartestEnergy:

Executive Committee

Hiroyuki Sawada: Executive Chairman

Hiroyuki Sawada started his business career at Marubeni Corporation Japan in 1987. After numerous roles in the energy sector, he joined SmartestEnergy in 2007 as Deputy Vice President of Finance. After some time spent at Marubeni Europower Limited, he returned to SmartestEnergy in April 2020.

Robert Groves: Chief Executive Officer

Robert Groves began his energy career with Enron in 1997. Becoming Chief Operating Officer in 2006, he was later announced as Chief Executive in 2011. As a former submarine engineer in the Royal Navy, Robert Groves  has an MBA from London Business School and a BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering.

Takafumi Shigemura: Chief Operating Officer

Takafumi Shigemura began his career at Marubeni Corporation in 2007 as Foreign Exchange & Financial Products Dept. With 8 years of experience in business in Japan, covering the renewable sectors, he became Chief Operating Officer in April 2019.5

Louise Wapshare: Vice President Supply

Louise Wapshare became part of SmartestEnergy in 2016 as VP Finance, from her previous role at Centrica. Louise Wapshare is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants as well as the Chartered Institute of Management.

James Graham: Vice President Sales

James Graham joined SmartestEnergy back in 2012. He started out as a Business Development Manager, then after over 10 years experience in the energy sector, he became Head of Direct Sales. James Graham has also held roles at Reactive Technologies and Bergen Energi.

Rob Pringle: Chief Technology Officer

Joining in 2019, Rob Pringle has over 25 years worth of experience in the energy sector. He has held senior roles at Gazprom Marketing & Trading and Centrica Energy. Also, he was the co-founder of the European Energy Trading CIO Forum.

Goula Charalambous: Vice President Human Resources

Goula Charalambous has been employed in Human Resources for over 15 years.  Her role involves the responsibility of the coordination of Human Resources related activity at SmartestEnergy.

Websites & Social Media

Unlike many other energy companies, SmartestEnergy hosts their own podcast. Currently 17 episodes in, they talk about a range of topics related to the energy sector, including news headlines. The podcast SmartestEnergy Talks also hosts energy experts who give their insights into the current energy market. You can find out more here:

SmartestEnergy also has a successful blog. The long-standing service reached over 16,000 views last year. The blogs can be found here:

Alongside the podcast and blog, SmartestEnergy host events and webinars. The webinars are a great way to stay on top of the energy industry, with insights from key members of the industry. You can find more information here:



Marubeni Corporation
Marubeni Europe PLC


Formerly Dual Energy, SmartestEnergy Business was formed in 2019. This latest department in the company is responsible for the energy supply to medium-sized  and small enterprises across the UK.

Recent News

In recent news, SmartestEnergy unveiled a new partnership with Ventient Energy. This new combined venture added more sites to the SmartFlex program. This will provide enough power for  117,279 home via renewable, natural energy.

Back in November 2020, Aviva, UK insurance provider Aviva announced their new solar and storage project in Perth. SmartestEnergy worked alongside Aviva, providing guidance on storage and a net-zero future.

Key Financial Data

Based on the most recent financial report submitted by SMARTESTENERGY LIMITED on March 31, 2021, the company recorded a Turnover of £213 million, with a Gross Profit of £52 million and Cash holdings of £10 million. In comparison to the prior year, the company’s Turnover experienced a substantial growth of 36.98%.