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What is the difference between a gas shipper and a gas supplier?

In the energy industry, there is a distinction between a gas shipper and a gas supplier. A gas supplier refers to a company that sells and provides gas to customers, whether they are residential or business customers. They are responsible for the procurement, transportation, and delivery of gas to end-users. Gas suppliers offer a range of tariffs and contracts to meet the energy needs of their customers.

On the other hand, a gas shipper is a company that transports and distributes gas through the gas network infrastructure. They are responsible for the physical movement of gas from the source to the end-users. Gas shippers typically work in partnership with gas suppliers to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of gas.

In the context of d-energi, a business energy supplier based in Manchester, they act as both a gas supplier and an electricity supplier. They provide gas and electricity to businesses across the UK, offering competitive tariffs, renewable energy options, and excellent customer service. As a gas supplier, they procure and deliver gas to their business customers, while also managing the supply of electricity.

By managing both gas and electricity supply, d-energi can offer comprehensive business energy solutions to their customers. They work closely with their customers to understand their energy needs, provide tailored tariffs and contracts, and support them in achieving their energy goals.

What is it like to work at D-ENERGi?

Working at D-ENERGi provides a fulfilling and dynamic experience within the business energy sector. As a reputable energy supplier based in Manchester, D-ENERGi offers a wide range of services, including gas and electricity supply, renewable energy options, and exceptional customer service.

Employees at D-ENERGi have the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and make a positive impact in the industry. The company’s commitment to renewable energy and addressing climate change creates a meaningful and purpose-driven work environment.

D-ENERGi values its workforce and strives to provide a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. The company fosters a culture of great customer service, ensuring that customers receive competitive quotes, accurate billing, and reliable energy supply. The dedicated customer service team works closely with clients, addressing their needs and delivering excellent service.

With a diverse portfolio of business customers, including care homes, hospitality establishments, and more, employees at D-ENERGi gain exposure to various industries and develop a comprehensive understanding of business energy requirements. The company’s expertise in half-hourly electricity tariffs and energy management allows employees to work with complex energy usage data and provide tailored solutions to clients.

D-ENERGi’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident through its achievements and industry recognition, such as winning awards in the energy sector. The company’s focus on renewable energy and offering fixed-rate agreements further demonstrates its dedication to meeting the highest level of energy sustainability.

D-Energi Business Reviews

D-Energi, a leading business energy supplier in the UK, has received positive reviews from its customers. As a reputable provider of gas and electricity, D-Energi has established itself as a reliable and competitive energy supplier in the industry.

Customers appreciate the great customer service provided by D-Energi. The company’s dedicated team ensures that customers receive excellent support throughout their energy journey. From competitive quotes to accurate billing, D-Energi is committed to delivering a seamless and efficient experience for its business customers.

The company’s renewable energy options have also received praise in reviews. D-Energi offers a wide range of renewable energy solutions, including solar power, to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change. This commitment to sustainability resonates with customers who prioritize green energy sources.

D-Energi’s half-hourly electricity tariffs have been particularly advantageous for businesses looking to manage their energy usage more effectively. With access to detailed usage data, customers can make informed decisions to optimize their energy consumption and reduce costs.

Furthermore, D-Energi’s account managers play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction. They provide personalized support and guidance, assisting businesses in understanding their energy needs, navigating contracts, and exploring suitable tariff options.

The company’s reputation as an independent and customer-centric energy supplier has earned it recognition in the industry, including awards for its outstanding energy services. D-Energi’s commitment to its customers, coupled with its wide range of services and expertise, has solidified its position as a trusted energy provider.

D-Energi has garnered positive reviews for its competitive pricing, great customer service, renewable energy offerings, and expertise in managing business energy needs. With a commitment to sustainability and a dedicated team, D-Energi continues to support businesses across various sectors in achieving their energy goals.

D-ENERGi Awards & Accolades

D-ENERGi, a prominent business energy supplier based in Manchester, has received several prestigious awards and accolades in recognition of its excellence in the industry. These achievements showcase the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional energy services to its customers.

One notable accolade received by D-ENERGi is the Business Energy Supplier of the Year award in 2021. This recognition reflects the company’s dedication to providing competitive tariffs, outstanding customer service, and renewable energy solutions to businesses across the UK. D-ENERGi’s ability to meet the diverse energy needs of its customers while maintaining a high level of service has contributed to its success in the industry.

The company’s expertise in managing energy contracts and delivering fixed-price agreements has also earned it recognition. D-ENERGi has been acknowledged as a finalist in various energy awards, highlighting its ability to provide tailored solutions and competitive pricing options that suit the specific requirements of businesses.

D-ENERGi’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices has not gone unnoticed. The company’s efforts in promoting clean energy sources, including solar power, have garnered praise and positioned D-ENERGi as a leader in the transition to a low-carbon future.

In addition to its industry accolades, D-ENERGi has gained a reputation as an independent and customer-focused energy supplier. The company’s dedication to resolving customer issues, offering transparent billing, and providing excellent customer service has been acknowledged through positive customer reviews and testimonials.


Brought together in 2002, D-Energi claims to be one of the longest established independent energy solutions providers in the UK, and market themselves as an alternative to other business electricity and gas suppliers like the big six.

Brought together by two brothers, the company Manchester-based company is fully independent and provides bulk LPG, business gas and electricity to a range of businesses including small and large care home groups, and other specialised sectors like hospitality, education, retail and manufacturing, even sharing a “meet our customers” video on their website;

This explains a handful of reasons why D-Energi are more reliable than the big six, too- whether you are paying too much for your electricity and gas, or looking for social responsibility with your utility suppliers. D-Energi pride themselves on not budging from their core values for over 20 years, which includes creating a diverse workforce and a responsible and accountable environment for both clients and staff.

D-Energi have earned a number of titles throughout their lifetime, with an AA Hospitality Award, and becoming a finalist in The Energy awards and then again at UKBA’18 Business Awards. They were shortlisted by the likes of Lloyds Bank and NatWest in 2017 under the category of “Newest Great British Entrepreneur” by offering dual fuel discounts and dedicated specialists within the company to deal with alternatives such as solar power options, and face to face service given to you on a direct line, so that informed staff can deal with complaints on a personal level, with someone who understands the history of your account and any changes in your situation.


Not only do they offer fixed price electricity and gas contracts, but hold a 4.6 star rating on TrustPilot, with 87% of customers satisfied with their service and only a 3% rating in distrust. D-Energi specifically plans for those on half-hourly meters and a multitude of renewable energy options including designing, building and installing biomass systems alongside solar, Air and Ground Source Air pumps solutions, and alternatively offering a fully managed service via an Energy Supply Contract. The company also offer;

  • Meter Installation and removal
  • Meter changing and re-sitting
  • Meter accuracy Checks
  • Energise / De energisation sites
  • New Connections
  • A designated rebates team to help charities and non-profits reclaim VAT and CLL overpayments.

Financial Review

The financial year of 2019/2020 was yet another successful one for D-Energi, who saw a rise in turnover by 21% from the previous year and breaking over £25m for the first time. They saw a growth of 12% in the number of accounts under their care this year with an overall gross profit turnover at 12.7% in 2019 and 10.2% in 2020, making a liquidity ratio move from  1.42 to  1.72. You can view some of their profits ending March 31 2020 on pages 16 to 21 of this Strategic Report of the directors and Audited Financial Statements.

ServiceCommon RatingThings to consider (pros)Things to consider (cons)
Tariffs4D-Energi tariffs suit a variety of businesses from small to large, whether this is to fit half-hourly meters, renewable energy promises and fixed contracts.A handful of customers claimed that the company changed their quotes within days or hours of offering it to the customer for their business, and even in the case of a three year fixed contract, they saw prices rise each year.
Customer Service4In contrast to finding it difficult to contact the team on social media, D-Energi claims to answer every call within five rings, and clients confirm this to be accurate. 
Online Website/Social Media3E-Energi is active on LinkedIn through a variety of it’s leading names.Some clients said that it is difficult to get a response online from the D-Energi team on social media, and found that their links are lacking in activity.
Meter readings3Meter readings can be submitted online easily.Some clients complained that a number of services offered including meter readings and smart meter installation is not advertised on their site and therefore makes it harder to find, with some even going to alternative sources for this.   There is no option for online account management.

Meet the team

Directors Shak and Zico work in an open plan office with all staff, who say they are passionate about investing in their staff and their company by taking a hands-on role in all aspects of the business.

Shak Amed – Joint Owner and Managing Director

Shak Amed studied Computer Systems Networking and Communications at The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, alongside running another company known as ATT, the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Hena Ahmed – Business Manager

Hena Ahmed is a University of Salford student in Business Management and has worked alongside his brothers at D-Energi for just over two years.

Zico Amed – Co-Founder

Zico Amed is the second brother at the head of the D-Energi group and has held this title alongside his brother for almost 20 years. Studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Derby, Zico is said to be “a real person with incredible amounts of passion, energy, and entrepreneurial flair to the company”.

Wendy Wilks – Partnerships Manager

Wendy Wilks has been with D-Energi for over 10 years now and has worked under a number of titles within the company such as Account Manager, Retention Team Leader and Supplier relations Manager(/Ofgem compliance), and now TPI and Supplier Partnerships Manager. She continues to volunteer at Francis House Children’s Hospice and has done so for over 14 years by helping with support and fundraising events. She holds a certificate in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) of England as of January of 2020 and studied a PC Masters at the Scheidegger Training Institute.

Mohammed Ashraf – Operations Manager

Operations Manager Mohammed Ashraf changed his occupational title in July of 2018 with the company, from Director.

Lee Doran – TPI Account Manager

Lee Doran has been a part of the D-Energi group since March of 2013, and has held various roles within their professional career including Broker Account Manager, General Account Manager and now TPI Partnerships Team Supervisor. They are skilled in sales, coaching and hold a BSc (Hons) focused in Product Design and Development at the University of Salford.

Pamwan Johnston – Energy Consultant

Lancaster University educated Pamwan Johnston has spent a number of years in the gas and electricity industry outside of D-Energi within companies such as Switch My Business as a Business Utilities Account Manager. He studied a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Kent in Society and Politics to later move into a Master of Science in Energy and the Environment.

Barry Kay – Business Acquisitions Consultant

Juanaid Zafar – Account Manager

Joanne Campbell – Sales Team Leader

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Common Questions

Who owns D-Energi?

D-Energi is owned by brothers Shak and Zico Amed,

Where is D-Energi Based?

D-Energi are based in Manchester, but operate throughout the entirety of the UK

Who is the CEO of D-Energi

D-Energi CEO Shak Amed is the managing director and joint owner of the business D-Energi with his brother, Zico Amed.