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Although there has been a rise in businesses seeking out greener energy solutions, unfortunately, this has also seen an increase in companies making false claims pertaining to the environmental credentials of their products and services. Find out more:

Gas prices have traded down slightly on the back of a drop in carbon. Langeled and LNG send out were forecast to be flat today. Barrow North restrictions remained this morning with a potential return tomorrow which added to the bearish risk.

Great to see large companies like Ikea leading the change - committing to ensuring that all of its direct suppliers are powered by 100% renewable electricity! #green #renewables #greenelectricity #sustainability

We are still hearing reports of people impersonating energy suppliers to try and hoodwink customers into providing personal details or money. We have put together some tips and things to look out for should you receive one of these, follow the link:

UK gas prices have traded down today with carbon dropping and news of Nord Stream 2 preparations to begin in the coming months, but should still finish higher week-on-week as the general bullish sentiment persists.

Back in March, Trader Tom Cunningham, commented on the contrasting market conditions at the time compared to 12 months prior. Find out how they are looking three months on, in our latest blog:
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UK gas prices have again edged up slightly further, with oil and carbon gains continuing to offer support with the outlook still tight.

Great news for #NetZero– the ban will cut 1.26 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. Although slightly more expensive, LED lights last five times longer than traditional halogen bulbs, are just as bright & use up to 80% less power. #energyefficiency

Power Up isn't just a strapline- it was born from our values and years of empowering our customers, communities and colleagues. We empower our people to be their complete, authentic selves; championing inclusivity, diversity and equality. We're proud to support #Pride. #Pride2021

UK gas prices have risen again through today though less strongly than yesterday, with carbon still strong and maintenance schedules keeping the prompt market relatively tight despite warmer weather

Today we hosted a virtual event with our partners around the role SMEs play in the race to #NetZero. #SMEs make up 99% of businesses and are responsible for 20% of emissions, so we are working together to help businesses better understand the ways in which they can go green.

UK gas prices are up again today, with global LNG prices holding strong with re-stocking demand in Europe and Asia still high, and carbon and coal also trading bullish again.

Did you know that there are over 15 different meter sizes that each serve a different purpose to the end user? Find out how to determine what size gas meter is right for your business:

UK gas prices have opened the week bullish despite the warm weather outlook continuing, following coal and carbon upward - the latter recouping half of it's losses from last week through today.

UK gas prices are up slightly on last week, with continuing strong demand for LNG in Asia as well as ongoing domestic maintenance supporting NBP prices, despite warmer weather and weakened carbon.

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UK gas prices have again tracked carbon, rising in the morning before dropping through the afternoon - EU carbon prices have fallen to their lowest in 2 weeks.

Ofgem has announced a strategic review of the microbusiness market to ensure broker transparency and effective dispute resolution. We believe that our broker community operates ethically and responsibly and we work with brokers who share our values of fairness & transparency.

Moving properties doesn't have to be a hassle. Customer Experience Team Leader Rebecca Jones, discusses how CNG have simplified the process and shares some top tips to make your move as straightforward as possible: #movingbusiness #changeoftenancy

UK gas prices have started the week on the up, correcting some of the sharp downfalls last week - with support from similar movements in oil and carbon despite warmer weather, though all three commodities have tailed off from highs reached earlier in the day

After another week of volatility, UK gas prices look set to end the week down from last Friday with the prolonged cold snap replaced by an incoming warm spell, and weakness in carbon and oil.

UK gas prices have fallen today, with oil and carbon down as well as forecasts for the weekend into next week turning warmer, which could support stronger storage injections.

Check out our latest feature in @BFM_Magazine, where Head of Data and Analytics Chris Henderson discusses how to better manage energy supply! #EnergyManagement #PublicSector

UK gas prices rose in early trading continuing gains from yesterday on Russian supply news and strong carbon, but have corrected some of those gains through the afternoon.

Amidst the excitement of reopening, we understand there still may be some worries around your finances. Head of Financial Planning, Verity, shares her thoughts on what actions business owners can take to help steer themselves through the months ahead.

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