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Enjoy lower water heating costs this summer. Water heating accounts for about 18% of the energy consumed in your home and should never be set above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Try lowering this by 5 degrees a day to see how low you can go. #energysavingtips

London’s black cab drivers really are a bunch of know-it-alls. They must complete a stringent test called ‘The Knowledge’, which means memorising every street in the capital. It can take up to a couple of years to learn all the side streets and shorts cuts. #energysaving

Today in 2003 the UK was basking in its hottest ever heatwave as temperatures soared to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time. In Brogdale, Kent, a temperature of 101.3F was recorded - the highest ever in the United Kingdom since records began in 1875. #energysaving

Did you know geothermal energy was first harnessed around 2,000 years ago in China? It consists of natural hot water and hot rock a few miles beneath the earth’s surface, and even deeper to very hot molten rock called magma. It’s considered clean and sustainable. #energysupplier

Why not give your cooker a couple of nights off each week and save a significant sum. Summer's here and the time is right for BBQs, cold buffets and even gourmet salads. Fridge to plate food can be as healthy or calorific as you like. #energysavingtips

Today in 1981 (Rachel) Meghan Markle, the actress, was born in Los Angeles, California. Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Prince Harry. They could just as easily have been known as 'Henry and Rachel' as Harry's birth name is, in fact, Henry. #energysaving

A bustling 80% of the UK’s population live in busy urban centres, with only 20% residing in the leafy countryside. The vast majority of Britons live in and around the main centres of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. #energysaving

Try Waitrose’s BLT salad with avocado and new potatoes. Waxy new potatoes and rosemary sprigs are served with smoked streaky bacon, fresh avocados, cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce tossed with lemon juice. http://ow.ly/daOp50AehfL #energysaving

If air con is a must for you, replacing old cooling equipment with a new, energy-efficient model is the best way to save on energy costs. Contact a professional to determine which replacement is ideal for your home. #energysavingtips

The full, official name of the Tower of London is ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of London’. The Crown Jewels, with a total value estimated to exceed £20 billion, were moved to the Martin Tower after the Jewel House was demolished. #energysaving

Our goal is trusted customer service. One reviewer says: “The staff I have dealt with over the past 6 years are amazing and nothing is too much trouble for them. Problems are sorted (when needed) quickly and efficiently and they are very friendly.” #CustomerService

Today in 1567 King James VI of Scots was aged just 1 when he came to power, as Mary Queen of Scots was forced to leave the thrown. She had become queen when she was only 6 days old and her father King James V died. #energysaving

Switching on your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer after dark will help keep you home cooler. This way, you rely less on fans and air-con to save money. For some, it will also be cheaper to run appliances overnight too, saving even more. #energysavingtips

The prehistoric monument Stonehenge is in fact, even older than the ancient pyramids. One of the UK’s most famous tourist attractions, Stonehenge was believed to be created around 3000BC, meaning it dates back even further than Egypt’s iconic structures. #energysaving

Try Tesco’s tasty roasted salmon with beetroot and fennel and add a rainbow of colours to your dinner. Tender roasted salmon with fresh dill and creamed horseradish is perfectly paired with zesty beetroot and fennel in this one-tray bake. http://ow.ly/t6qh50AehcG #energysaving

Today in 2017 the BBC announced the first-ever female Doctor played by 35-year-old West Yorkshire actress Jodie Whittaker. A robed figure was faced with a wheezing Tardis. The stranger pushed back their hood to reveal a female Doctor, unlike no other before. #energysaving

Refrigerators and freezers operate most efficiently when full, so keep your refrigerator and freezer well stocked. At the same time, be careful not to overfill them as this will reduce airflow and cause the appliance to work harder. #energysavingtips

Everyone loves the Great British banger! It is believed that sausages were introduced first by the Romans around 400 AD and are still as popular as ever in the UK. They are enjoyed the whole year round both in summer BBQs and winter kitchens. #energysaving

Did you know birds can safely perch unruffled on high-voltage power lines without being electrocuted? That’s as long as they don’t touch another line at the very same time, which would create a complete circuit. It’s all about the connections they’re not making. #energysupplier

Today in 1977 we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II with fireworks, parties, bunting, rain and Ford Capris in the driveways. Many parks and structures were created to celebrate the event and mark 25 years since Elizabeth II had ascended the throne. #energysaving

Now the weather is warming up, make sure you close blinds and shades on the sunny side of your house. This will help keep your home's temperature cooler and reduce the energy needed for fans and lower your bills, too. #energysavingtips

Did you know Big Ben is not actually called Big Ben? The UK’s famous timepiece was formerly known as the Clock Tower and was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in 2012, in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Big Ben is, in fact, the name of the bell. #energysaving

Sainsbury’s ultimate barbecue steak sarnie is bursting with fresh, tangy flavours and is cooked in just 20 mins on the BBQ or grill. It combines fresh mixed veg with courgette and steak slices on lightly grilled ciabattas topped with salsa. http://ow.ly/rdiZ50Aeh59 #energysaving

Today in 2005 Bob Geldof organised Live 8, a string of benefit concerts timed to precede the G8 conference and coincide with the 20th anniversary of Live Aid. More than 1,000 musicians performed across 182 television networks and 2,000 radio networks. #energysaving

We try to be as personable and helpful as possible to all our customers. Lynne says on Trustpilot that “Zog are a great company to deal with. Their online communication is excellent and their telephone customer service is the best I have experienced.” #ZogEnergy #HappyCustomers

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