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Make sure to consider decorating in an energy-efficient way. If drapes, curtains and furniture block your air vents, heating costs can be higher. Covering bare floors with carpeting or rugs can also help insulate your home to save on heating costs. #EnergySaving #ZogEnergy

#Gas is shrunk by 600 times to form a liquid before being transported. It makes for a much more efficient method of transport, which is essential because the UK gets gas from all over the world – shipped from as far as the Arabian Gulf (6,140 miles away).

Smart thermostats can make your heating more efficient by only warming the rooms you are using. They learn how long it takes to heat your home, so they can have it at the right temperature at exactly the right time. #StaySmart

Gretna Green has a reputation as ‘Scotland’s Las Vegas’. Traditionally, young English couples have married there as under Scottish law, parental consent is not needed from the age of 16, whereas in England it is required until 18.

Strawberries are summer's stand-out sensation, but don’t ignore other fresh produce. Broad beans, tomatoes and fresh peas are also unmissable in June. But for now, try this no-bake strawberry cheesecake: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/no-bake_strawberry_30276.

If you install room thermostats, programmers and thermostatic radiator valves, you could save around £75 a year. They can also be controlled by your phone, which means you won’t have to come back to a cold home. #Heating

The world-renowned Wimbledon Tennis Championships takes place each summer in South West London. Over the course of the two-week event, over 27 tonnes of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream are enjoyed as the event’s famous treat. #Yummy

Did you know? The Women's FA Cup trophy was one of the first prestigious trophies to be made in the Thomas Lyte silver workshop. #FunFact #FACup

Our goal is speedy and quality customer service. One reviewer says: “Having had some bad experiences with other utility companies I have found Zog easy and pleasant to deal with. They responded positively to my most recent email regarding my account within 6 minutes.”

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, is the first writer in the world to become a billionaire. The seven books have sold a total of 400 million copies in England and are published in 55 languages, including Latin and ancient Greek. #Billionaire

Did you know? Using a washing-up bowl to wash plates or cutlery twice a day rather than having the hot tap running could save around £25 a year on your gas bill and about £30 on your water bill (if you have a water meter). #WashingUp

Golf is #Scotland’s national sport. The sport was invented in St. Andrews in the 15th century. In 1457, it was famously banned by King James II because it was interrupting archery practice. Scotland still boasts the finest links courses in the world.

Happy #MayDay. It's the time of year when we welcome the coming of summer on this ancient Northern Hemisphere spring holiday. Enjoy the warmer weather as the flowers and trees start to blossom.

Googling uses more energy than you think. The energy it takes to conduct ten searches on Google could power a 60-watt light bulb. At any one time the energy used by the search engine could power 200,000 homes. #Google #EnergyFacts

The first London Marathon was held on 29th March 1981 and more than 20,000 people applied to run. 6,747 were accepted and 6,255 crossed the finish line on Constitution Hill. The marathon’s popularity has grown at a steady pace since then.

British classics pave the way to summer, led by majestic Jersey Royals and May’s crowning glory, asparagus. Make a meal of these seasonal big-hitters with tender young lamb and samphire. Here’s a recipe to try: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/stuffed_lamb_chops_with_41286. #Summer

Washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can help reduce your energy usage, and if you can cut out one wash cycle per week you’ll snip £5 off your annual energy bill. #WashingMachines #EnergySavingTips #Advice

Did you know? The towering British Library in King’s Cross, London, has over 170 million items in its catalogue.

We’d like to thank Sheila for her lovely review on our customer service on Trustpilot. She says: “I have been with Zog a few years now and have to say that I am very impressed by their excellent customer service.”

You can save energy by upgrading your old boiler to a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls. Based on fuel prices in March 2019, a detached house upgrading from a G-rated boiler could save around £300 a year.

While the UK’s humble pound coin changed its design in 2017 – with older coins now only accepted at the bank – the currency itself remains the oldest in the world that’s still in use, having clocked up an impressive 1,200 years. #GreatBritishFacts #GBP

You can consume less energy by adjusting your PC or laptop's power settings. For example, you can make sure your hard drive and monitor go into "sleep" mode when they're left idle for a few minutes. #EnergySaving #ZogEnergy #WorkFromHome

Use plug sockets that can be turned on and off via your phone to make sure you’re not using unnecessary energy. You could use cheaper timer plugs to schedule switching appliances off, too. #EnergySavingTips #StayEfficient

On Tuesday night of The Masters tournament week, the previous year’s winner gets to host a Champions Dinner. That winner chooses what will be on the menu for all past winners of the tournament. #DidYouKnow #Yummy

April's seasonal ingredients peak like soufflés, so make the most of them before they run out of puff. Get cracking with your crabs, pick your own watercress and go wild for morels. Explore seasonal recipes here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/seasons/april. #Yummy

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