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There'll be no more rushing to top-up when your balance is getting low - we give you £15 Emergency Credit on your smart PAYG meter! ⚡

Check out the video to find out how Emergency Credit works👇

This weekend do something amazing ✨

Sign up to take on our @PrincesTrust #FutureSteps wellness challenge to support young people this February 💪

Register today > search ‘Future Steps’ on your App Store now 📱

Have you been eco-shamed by your kids? If your In-Home Display is at your child's eye level, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re amongst the smartest in the land. 🤓

It’s official – check out the video to hear how we can all become more eco-friendly with #EnergyHigh5!

What difference can 10° make? It could save you £9 a year on your energy bill - simply by dropping your wash from 40° to 30°. Plus, you can save even more by putting on a full load! 🧺

Do you have any top laundry hacks? Tag #EnergyHigh5 to share - we’d love to hear them. ✋

💡Are you guilty of leaving the lights on?💡
It’s pretty fair to say we’ve all done it at some point – but remembering to switch out the lights when you leave a room could save you £14 a year! Any tips to help remind us? Tag #EnergyHigh5 and let us know.

Who knew it'd be so easy to get £5 FREE energy credit? ⚡ Simply order your free #UtilitaMobile SIM, activate your account and choose the Pay Monthly Plan to suit you.

Get started now, head over to 👉

Make February the month you, and your colleagues do 10,000 steps every day to support young people across the UK 💪

Sign up today and take on #FutureSteps powered by @UtilitaEnergy > search ‘Future Steps’ on your App Store now 📱

🧛 Beat the vampire energy in your home! 🧛
Unplug inactive electricals to save yourself up to £60 a year – those pesky devices drain power when left on standby.

Have you got any top tips to beat standby, tag #EnergyHigh5 to let us know.


Your top-ups should go onto your smart meter automatically - but what happens if they don't? 🤔 You can enter the top-up manually - check out this video to find out how 👉

Grab your cosiest jumper and turn the heating down by just 1° – you could save a massive £80 a year! 💰 Do you have any energy-saving tips you live by?
Tag #EnergyHigh5 to share - we’d love to hear them ✋

WIN! Anyone else think #January is the longest month EVER? 🙋 If you need a mid-month pick me up, head over to the My Utilita app to be in with the chance at winning prizes from Amazon, Argos and Sainsbury's!

Visit to find out more.

Debunk the myths about smart meters at tomorrow's #EnergyHigh5 webinar with @UtilitaEnergy!

Smart meters monitor your spending in real time & encourage more efficient use of your electricity & heating to save money.

Register ➡ #BESW #BigEnergySavingWeek

It’s #BigEnergySavingWeek – so let's talk about the ways you could save! Stay tuned this week as we talk energy-saving tips. ⚡

Find out how you could save up to £163 a year, join the #EnergyHigh5 movement

Forget #BlueMonday! We'll be calling one lucky Utilita customer with the news of a £5,000 CASH win today! Is there any better way to start the week?

🤞Fingers crossed🤞

Ready to sign up to our #FutureSteps challenge and looking for the next steps? 🤔 Here you go!

We’re here to support you every step of the way! Simply download the Future Steps App 📱 and you’ll be able to:

✔️ Track your steps
✔️ Get on the leaderboard
✔️ Be inspired

Lets start 2021 off with a bang - one lucky Utilita customer will win £5,000 CASH on Monday! Plus, another 750 customers will win £20 free energy credit. 🎉
How would you splash the cash if you won?

Visit to find out more.

Families in Southampton can join the #EnergyHigh5 movement @UtilitaEnergy and follow five simple and free-of-charge ways to save up to £163 on your energy bills each year. I’ve given it a go and it’s made a difference already. Get involved here:

Pedometer at the ready! It's almost time for #FutureSteps! Are you up for the challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day and help change young lives? 👣

Download the Future Steps app or visit to find out more.

Could your child play a role in helping to #SaveThePlanet? 🌍 If your kids are energy-aware and aged 5-15 - we’d love to hear from you!

Please email to find out how you could get involved.

Get that vavavoom with Utilita Mobile! 📱💨
We run on the UK’s fastest, most reliable 4G network - discover the connection speed in your area by using our coverage checker 👉

Taking part in #FutureSteps, powered by @UtilitaEnergy? You'll need some tracks to keep you stepping. Check out this playlist with tunes chosen by @OfficialSteps, guaranteed to give you positive vibes >

We’ve pledged to give 1,000 hours to support good causes throughout January! ❤️ Starting off with our Gateshead-based Face to Face sales team - who’ve been helping @durhamfoodbank and @sunderlandfb move supplies into a larger warehouse that will house both food banks.

Are your kids energy-aware and aged 5-15? If so, we would love to hear from you. Your child could play an important role in helping to save the planet and people’s pockets - please email for more details on how you could get involved! 🌍

Our TV’s are seeing quite some use over lockdown - but did you know they could be costing you £30 a year whilst on standby? 🤯 Switch them off at the wall and save on your energy bill!

For even more #EnergyHigh5 tips, visit

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