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For windows, try sticking draft proofing strips (made from either foam, plastic or metal) around the frame. Letterbox brushes and purpose made keyhole covers will stop the chill coming in through the front door. #EnergySavingTip

Loch Ness is famous for the mysterious sightings of The Loch Ness monster. it also holds the record for being the largest body of fresh water in Britain by volume. It also keeps a temperature of 6°C all year round, even in the coldest Scottish winters. #LochNess

Customer service is not high on many energy companies’ priorities that I have been involved with, but that has all changed. Zog Energy should be proud of their care team, they can not be faulted on any aspect of the operation. Keep up the good work, thank you. #ZogEnergy

As the nights get longer it’s important to turn your lights off when not using them. If you switch a light off even for just a few minutes, you will save more energy than it takes for them to start up again. Simply, the more you switch off, the more you save. #EnergySavingTip

Today in 1836 William Schwenck Gilbert the English dramatist, poet and illustrator was born in London, England. Best known for his collaboration with composer Arthur Sullivan, duo Gilbert & Sullivan went on to produce fourteen comic operas. #GilbertandSullivan

The English use different words for animals and their meat. The animal is from the Saxon farmers and the meal is from wealthy meat-eating French speaking Normans. So cow is beef (boeuf), pig is pork (porc), deer is venison (venaison) and sheep is mutton (mouton). #SundayRoast

Whisk up a tea-infused treat with Waitrose's Fruity Earl Grey tea loaf. You’ll need two Earl Grey tea bags mixed with dried vine fruit mix or sweet & tangy fruit mix. Stir in muscovado sugar, ground mixed spice and orange zest. Top with orange slices.http://ow.ly/vunW50BLJQ6

Turning down your room temperature by just 1°C could cut your heating bills by up to 10%. NHS guidance suggests that healthy under 65 year olds can safely have a room temperature cooler than 18ºC, if comfortable. Over 65s should heat homes to at least 18ºC. #EnergySavingTip

Today in 1918 the WWI Armistice signed by the Allies and Germany came into effect, ending World War I hostilities at 11am. Famously, this time was "the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month" – now remembered as Poppy Day each year. #PoppyDay

Back in Shakespeare’s day, mattresses were fastened to bed frames by ropes; by doing this you were able to pull the ropes which would make the mattress tighter, therefore making it firmer to sleep on hence the saying “goodnight, sleep tight”. #Goodnight

Did you know? Around half of all natural gas used in Britain to cook, warm our homes and power our businesses comes from our own North Sea gas field. This is an area of the North Sea where gas is found under the seabed just off the coast of the East of England. #EnergyFact

Today in 1975 the Sex Pistols, four working class punk-rock teenagers performed in public for the first time at Central Saint Martins College, London. This single event is regarded by many as the unofficial beginning of the 70s punk movement in the UK. #PunkRock

When shopping for a new appliance, it’s easy to be wowed by the stylish design and latest smart features. So make sure to take notice of the energy efficiency rating. A+++ indicates the most energy-efficient, while D is the worst rating and will be costly to run. #EnergySavingTip

The London Underground, more commonly known by its nickname the Tube, relies on 409 escalators to transport passengers deep below the city streets. The distance covered by the moving stairs over the course of a week is equal to several trips around the world. #TheTube

Try Aldi's Thai Coconut Pumpkin Soup to warm you to the bone this Halloween. Fill your pot with scooped pumpkin flesh, skin of lemongrass and spine chilling chillies. Stir in coconut milk and season with salt & pepper and a ghoulish garnish of basil leaf. http://ow.ly/wKCM50BLJG2

Be extra saucepan savvy when you’re cooking a meal on the hob. Using the biggest ring to heat up a tiny saucepan is a real waste of energy, as is putting a large pot on the smaller ring. It sounds basic but matching the pan to the ring size saves you money. #EnergySavingTip

London’s famous Tube allows travellers to move around the city quickly. However, some journeys are a total waste of time. Going from Covent Garden tube station to Leicester Square takes way longer on the underground as the stations are just minutes apart on foot. #LondonFact

Zog Energy’s customer service is exceptionally good. They've been excellent helping me during lockdown, one of the few companies who I've been able to speak to during these difficult times. Highly recommended as they're definitely a 5 star company. #ZogEnergy

Today in 1896 Frederick Lanchester was born in London. A truly visionary mechanical engineer, he was credited with the first four-wheel all-British petrol automobile. Autocar magazine once said he was behind half of the 36 key features in modern cars. #FrederickLanchester

Using an automatic timer you can set your heating to come on and off throughout the day. You can set different temperatures for each day of the week so you can customise the settings to their most efficient and effective, to fit in with when you’re at home. #EnergySavingTip

The Flag of Scotland is considered the oldest national flag in Europe. According to a legend, the Scottish flag with a white cross over a blue background represents the shape of clouds formed when Scotland was fighting with the Angles, a tribe of Germanic invaders.

Spice up your supper with Sainsbury's delicious Autumnal Veggie Curry. A medley of veggies combined to create a warming and filling meal. Squash, sweet potato and aubergine flavoured with chilli, coriander and garam masala all mixed with coconut milk. http://ow.ly/AAWj50BLP8Y

Today in 1847 Charlotte Brontë's book "Jane Eyre" was published under the pen name of Currer Bell. The novel follows Jane, a seemingly plain and simple girl as she battles through life's struggles. Novelist, Charlotte was the eldest of the three Brontë sisters. #JaneEyre

When you have finished cooking, and it’s safe to do so, why not open the oven door wide and allow the extra heat to warm up your kitchen instead of locking in the heat or just wasting the warmth by allowing the extractor fan to whip it up and take it outside. #EnergySavingTip

The first person ever to get a speeding ticket is believed to be Walter Arnold, of East Peckham, in 1896. Arnold was fined 1 shilling plus costs for driving at over four times the speed limit – a reckless 8 mph (13 km/h) after being chased by a bobby on a bicycle. #SpeedingFact

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