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There'll be no more rushing to top-up when your balance is getting low - we give you £15 Emergency Credit on your smart PAYG meter! ⚡

Check out the video to find out how Emergency Credit works👇 https://youtu.be/76XssNOp3kA

This weekend do something amazing ✨

Sign up to take on our @PrincesTrust #FutureSteps wellness challenge to support young people this February 💪

Register today > search ‘Future Steps’ on your App Store now 📱

Have you been eco-shamed by your kids? If your In-Home Display is at your child's eye level, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re amongst the smartest in the land. 🤓

It’s official – check out the video to hear how we can all become more eco-friendly with #EnergyHigh5!

What difference can 10° make? It could save you £9 a year on your energy bill - simply by dropping your wash from 40° to 30°. Plus, you can save even more by putting on a full load! 🧺

Do you have any top laundry hacks? Tag #EnergyHigh5 to share - we’d love to hear them. ✋

💡Are you guilty of leaving the lights on?💡
It’s pretty fair to say we’ve all done it at some point – but remembering to switch out the lights when you leave a room could save you £14 a year! Any tips to help remind us? Tag #EnergyHigh5 and let us know.

Who knew it'd be so easy to get £5 FREE energy credit? ⚡ Simply order your free #UtilitaMobile SIM, activate your account and choose the Pay Monthly Plan to suit you.

Get started now, head over to 👉 http://mobile.utilita.co.uk

Make February the month you, and your colleagues do 10,000 steps every day to support young people across the UK 💪

Sign up today and take on #FutureSteps powered by @UtilitaEnergy > search ‘Future Steps’ on your App Store now 📱

🧛 Beat the vampire energy in your home! 🧛
Unplug inactive electricals to save yourself up to £60 a year – those pesky devices drain power when left on standby.

Have you got any top tips to beat standby, tag #EnergyHigh5 to let us know.


Your top-ups should go onto your smart meter automatically - but what happens if they don't? 🤔 You can enter the top-up manually - check out this video to find out how 👉 https://youtu.be/7vjm3Kk69UQ

Grab your cosiest jumper and turn the heating down by just 1° – you could save a massive £80 a year! 💰 Do you have any energy-saving tips you live by?
Tag #EnergyHigh5 to share - we’d love to hear them ✋

WIN! Anyone else think #January is the longest month EVER? 🙋 If you need a mid-month pick me up, head over to the My Utilita app to be in with the chance at winning prizes from Amazon, Argos and Sainsbury's!

Visit http://www.extra.utilita.co.uk/ to find out more.

Debunk the myths about smart meters at tomorrow's #EnergyHigh5 webinar with @UtilitaEnergy!

Smart meters monitor your spending in real time & encourage more efficient use of your electricity & heating to save money.

Register ➡ https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/smart-meters-green-doctorsutilitanea-tickets-132378937967 #BESW #BigEnergySavingWeek

It’s #BigEnergySavingWeek – so let's talk about the ways you could save! Stay tuned this week as we talk energy-saving tips. ⚡

Find out how you could save up to £163 a year, join the #EnergyHigh5 movement http://www.utilita.co.uk/energyhigh5

Forget #BlueMonday! We'll be calling one lucky Utilita customer with the news of a £5,000 CASH win today! Is there any better way to start the week?

🤞Fingers crossed🤞

Ready to sign up to our #FutureSteps challenge and looking for the next steps? 🤔 Here you go!

We’re here to support you every step of the way! Simply download the Future Steps App 📱 and you’ll be able to:

✔️ Track your steps
✔️ Get on the leaderboard
✔️ Be inspired

Lets start 2021 off with a bang - one lucky Utilita customer will win £5,000 CASH on Monday! Plus, another 750 customers will win £20 free energy credit. 🎉
How would you splash the cash if you won?

Visit http://extra.utilita.co.uk/jackpot to find out more.

Families in Southampton can join the #EnergyHigh5 movement @UtilitaEnergy and follow five simple and free-of-charge ways to save up to £163 on your energy bills each year. I’ve given it a go and it’s made a difference already. Get involved here: https://utilita.co.uk/campaigns/energyhigh5

Pedometer at the ready! It's almost time for #FutureSteps! Are you up for the challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day and help change young lives? 👣

Download the Future Steps app or visit http://ow.ly/lHN950D8x16 to find out more.

Could your child play a role in helping to #SaveThePlanet? 🌍 If your kids are energy-aware and aged 5-15 - we’d love to hear from you!

Please email Lisa@sensecommunications.co.uk to find out how you could get involved.

Get that vavavoom with Utilita Mobile! 📱💨
We run on the UK’s fastest, most reliable 4G network - discover the connection speed in your area by using our coverage checker 👉 http://mobile.utilita.co.uk/coverage/

Taking part in #FutureSteps, powered by @UtilitaEnergy? You'll need some tracks to keep you stepping. Check out this playlist with tunes chosen by @OfficialSteps, guaranteed to give you positive vibes > https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5XjR6hebmqcKdASWHZHTPa

We’ve pledged to give 1,000 hours to support good causes throughout January! ❤️ Starting off with our Gateshead-based Face to Face sales team - who’ve been helping @durhamfoodbank and @sunderlandfb move supplies into a larger warehouse that will house both food banks.

Are your kids energy-aware and aged 5-15? If so, we would love to hear from you. Your child could play an important role in helping to save the planet and people’s pockets - please email Lisa@sensecommunications.co.uk for more details on how you could get involved! 🌍

Our TV’s are seeing quite some use over lockdown - but did you know they could be costing you £30 a year whilst on standby? 🤯 Switch them off at the wall and save on your energy bill!

For even more #EnergyHigh5 tips, visit http://www.utilita.co.uk/energyhigh5

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