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Improved Hector at Proof of Concept 2.0


What smart device would be most useful for you? What do you expect from an application that tracks your electricity consumption? How would you improve Energysquare, the wireless phone charger? What if the customer became a co-creator? This is the goal of EDF Pulse & You, a digital laboratory of crowd-sourced innovation. Since April 2016, start-ups and companies have been using it to present...

Planet Progress: a smart projector, a marine turbine and an electric skateboard


This new episode of Planet Progress will take you on the discovery of various smart objects that could seduce the whole household. This is true of Egger, a connected projector that will enchant your children. Teenagers on the other hand will quickly become enthralled by Eon, a system that can make any skateboard electric. As for women hoping to become mothers, the Ava bracelet will be their new...

And there was Li-Fi!


Residents of the Camille Claudel eco-district in Palaiseau (Essonne) will be some of the very first in France to enjoy Li-Fi network access at home. The technology uses light to carry information wirelessly using extremely precise geolocation. Already a leading player in rolling out Li-Fi in public spaces, EDF is now looking to bring this idea right into people's homes. To achieve this, EDF...

Top-up charging technology makes electric buses more efficient


The expert : After his thesis on induction melting of metals, Bernard Maestrali joined the EDF research and development centre in the microwaves and high frequencies team. Currently the head of Energy Optimisation & Industrial Procedures Expertise, he leads three teams: one develops industrial heat pumps, another creates tools to optimise the use of energy and materials on industrial sites...

“Let’s build our electrical future together!”


What is EDF Pulse & You? Gaël le Boulch: This platform allows anyone to drive innovation with the EDF teams. Anyone can have ideas to improve their daily lives, project developers and start-ups alike create everyday new practices to improve the wellness of the greatest number of people, especially regarding the home space : well, EDF Pulse & You is THE community that tests, develops...

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