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We've produced an exclusive report on the current state of play in the electricity market 📖

Designed for those managing energy in the I&C sectors, it aims to make sense of the times we're going through and what they mean for the electricity market 👇

Neil Murphy, CEO at @Bytes_software commented, “We chose Haven Power for a number of reasons, but the foremost being that they provide power from renewable sources and therefore the electricity that we now use is 100% renewable” 👇

Do you know about these charges on your energy bill?🤔

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The UK’s leading the #LowCarbon revolution, with our electricity system having decarbonised at almost twice the pace of any other major economy ⚡

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📊 Strong performance, strong delivery for stakeholders and strong progress on our strategy
Our full year results for the twelve months ended 31 December 2020
👉🏽 $DRX

COVID-19 has forced businesses to rethink and reimagine 💭 #Sustainability was already on the minds of many organisations. But, the pandemic has accelerated the shift in thinking...

Thanks to our 100% #RenewableElectricity @Bytes_software can report their carbon emissions as zero under Scope 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, delivering an estimated carbon-emissions saving of 110 tonnes over the lifetime of their contract 👇

The road to #CarbonNeutral is not a straightforward one, and getting your business to #ZeroCarbon emissions may feel out of reach. 👣

Which is why we've created this ebook - packed with steps you can work through to give our planet a brighter future:

We expect third-party costs (TPCs) to rise this year due to COVID-19. The pandemic created difficult circumstances for the energy network, making it more expensive to manage the grid⚡

This could have an impact on your bill 👇

Your smart meter installation visit is purely to install your smart meter and give energy efficiency advice. There's regulation that tells precisely how a meter visit should run 👇

As we emerge from lockdown and edge back to a more normal way of life, it’s important that we prepare for a more #sustainable future🌏 To prevent a return to the status quo, #BusinessLeaders must be prepared to make braver decisions 👇

In 2020 #renewables overtook fossil fuels for the first time to become Britain's biggest source of electricity over the whole year. Wind, solar, hydro and biomass provided 39% of Britain's consumption.

Read the latest @DraxGroup #ElectricInsights report👉

#Biomass is helping us along the way to a zero-carbon future. Here's how 👇

ESG is measured, quantifiable and criteria led, and is used by 93% of the world’s largest companies. Using #ESG allows businesses to better understand the lifecycle impact of their products on services 🔄

Beyond COVID-19, we need a vision to reach net zero emissions💡

Energy suppliers will play a central role in supporting the journey to #NetZero by incentivising more sustainable behaviour amongst businesses and consumers 👇

Volume tolerance clauses are a common element of energy contracts for medium and large business customers.

Understand what they are, and what they might mean for you 👇

📊 These charts show the growth of #renewable electricity generation in Britain (the share of electricity generation over the year) [left] and the number of days per year that renewables produced more than fossil fuels [right]. 🌿🔆💨⚡️

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This chart shows the #carbon intensity of #electricity generation (g/kWh) since 2010, and predictions for the decades to come. 📊💡⚡️


The world of #energy has changed radically since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Understanding what these changes might mean for your business is a major challenge ❌

With our expertise, mitigate the risk to your business 👇

We're proud to announce that Bytes Head Office is now powered by 100% #renewable energy from @HavenPower

Read the full announcement here:

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From dodgy meters to hearsay of supplier misbehaviour, we've heard some pretty odd things about the smart meter roll-out 🤷

So, we've borrowed Bjoern Reinke, our Director of Data and Data Science to bust some myths 👇

Did you know about these 4 charges on your #BusinessEnergy bill?🤔👇

To meet emissions targets, and to evolve the role of business #sustainability, a new term has been coined: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Together, these three categories allow businesses to measure their social and environmental impacts 📊

Lockdown led to an enormous fall in demand for #electricity – with weekday peaks almost disappearing and the entire week tending to look more like a weekend⚡ This drop in demand has significantly reduced the charging base for Third-Party Costs (#TPCs)👇

With a #SmartGrid, monitoring consumption in real-time lets consumers become stakeholders in the energy system. By facilitating a form of #DemandSideResponse, your business could use less energy when demand is high, saving on costs 💸 Learn more:

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