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Gas markets reverse some of yesterday’s losses whilst carbon and oil trade lower.

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This morning's opening was somewhat muted, but with gas, carbon and oil are all pointing upwards.

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Planned and unplanned outages at Norwegian gas fields meant capacity was reduced, but with weather forecasts expected to be at seasonal normal or above, it doesn't seem to pose too much of a problem in the market.

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Gas and electricity were both weaker yesterday with much of the action focused on the front couple of months. This morning the market has opened stronger, helped by a strong opening in carbon pricing.

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After initially trading higher yesterday, the market shrugged off concerns of colder weather forecasts in Japan and potential feed gas issues into US LNG plants.

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Gas and markets rallied yesterday as extreme cold weather in Texas curtailed some of the feedstock into LNG liquefaction plants prompting at least one LNG operator to call Force Majeure on cargoes.

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After initially trading higher yesterday, prices fell later in the day, reflecting below seasonal-normal demand in the UK and the expectation of higher wind generation for the next couple of weeks.

Gas and electricity started the day trading lower yesterday across the forward curve, due to lower demand for both and an uptick in wind. #energy

Last week saw gas markets soften particularly at the front of the curve as weather models found some common understanding that cold weather was due to come to a halt at the end of the week.

With temperatures forecast at well above seasonal norms for the next couple of weeks, the #gasmarket has continued its slide lower this morning.

Gas and electricity traded lower yesterday, thanks to higher #LNG send out and the forecast of a rise in temperatures next week.

Increased LNG send-out and warmer weather forecasts saw prices fall yesterday, in what was a relatively choppy day of trading. #energymarkets

See this weeks #energy market update - "Last week saw #carbon take the limelight as the #commodity rose a whopping €5.25/tonne"

#Gas and #electricity rallied on Friday, in anticipation of colder weather across Europe and growing energy demand this week and into next.

As forecasts increased their certainty around colder weather next week, prices traded higher over the course of the day yesterday - with both gas and electricity showing gains down the curve. #energy

The market sold off quite aggressively in early trading yesterday, but by mid-morning rallying, carbon prices supported gas and electricity. #energytwitter

Markets were stronger yesterday with carbon the leader on the day. Gas and electricity followed suit and despite some weakness towards the end of the trading session, they finished the day in positive territory. #energytrading

Markets were once again weak yesterday, with March gas trading over 8% down on the day in what was a very volatile session. #energymarkets

In this week's #energymarket update - "A volatile week across the energy complex eventually saw contracts dropping lower, although not without some fight."

After initially opening strong on Friday, the market drifted lower over the course of the day before selling off later that afternoon. #energy

Initially, today was another strong open as we come to the end of the month, but the weather will really determine where prices go next. #energytrading #EnergyTwitter

After a bearish start to the day, an afternoon rally saw gas move back to close the day almost unchanged. #energymarkets

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