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Would you like to be able to track exactly how much energy your household is using? ⚡

Let us tell you all you need to know about smart meters.

Your boiler can stop working for several reasons, one being because your boiler pressure is too low or too high.

Rather than call an engineer straight away, check out this video.

You can also read our guide to common boiler problems and easy fixes here:

Today we are supporting #letthemusicplay. What was the last live show you went to? share using the hashtag.

Here's @LewisCapaldi on stage just hours before his first of TWO sold out shows here back in early March.

The SSE Hydro is proud to support the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign. We want to get back to live music and we know you do too.

Celebrate the importance of live music today and share your last gig experience before lockdown using #LetTheMusicPlay

We're keeping our FAQs more up-to-date than ever to help you through this time:

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Yesterday, the Chancellor talked about the need for a green recovery, but how does the UK follow through on that commitment? Our event will explore the substance of that debate to understand how we can deliver a cleaner, more resilient economy. Email to register.

Risking net zero and the green economic recovery: view our response to Ofgem’s plans for GB’s electricity transmission system

Funding for green homes and energy efficiency is a welcome boost but more action will be needed in the National Infrastructure Strategy and the Autumn Budget to build a long-lasting green recovery:

SSE Enterprise is playing a role in the decarbonisation of heat to help meet the UK’s net zero targets. #climateaction #decarbonisation #climatechange #netzero #heat

“One thing that motivates me is knowing the small part I’m playing is helping the UK’s fight against COVID-19.”

Ross Barnett tells us what it’s like keeping the power on for people staying at home while managing social distancing at @SSE Peterhead Power Station.


Calling all Grads: We're looking for talented individuals to join the @SSE Business and Commercial graduate programme, starting in September.
#graduateprogramme #graduatejobs

As some lockdown measures lift in Scotland, we've teamed up with @scottishcanoe to urge people to stay safe on the water by keeping clear of man-made structures at our hydro sites #safety #lockdown #Scotland

Our CEO Alistair Phillips-Davies spoke at the recent @BritishAcademy_ #PurposeSummit alongside @khalafroula @darrenpjones @danlabbad @NgaireWoods watch again ➡️

Read our Greenprint here: @theCCCuk @ChiefExecCCC @COP26 @AlokSharma_RDG

Our network’s business @ssencommunity has announced two major investment projects across southern England totalling £2.3m

Our colleague Lesley Speedie is at the helm of Blackwood and Kirkmuirhall Resilience Group, helping her community respond and recover to the coronavirus outbreak. today they got a mention from the House of Parliament – well done!

Today is #InternationalWomenInEngineeringDay. In line with this year's theme to #ShapeTheWorld, we caught up with colleagues to find out how they're working to make our planet a better, safer, more innovative and exciting place: #INWED2020 #WomenInSTEM

Happy International Women in Engineering Day! Maybe you could join some of the talented female engineers forging a career in energy to help #ShapeTheWorld? #IWED20 @INWED1919

Just one example of how critical @ssencommunity workers have been ensuring safe and reliable supplies of electricity:

#coronavirus #keyworker #keepingyougoing #electricity #renewables


Our teams have been ensuring safe and reliable supplies of electricity and supporting communities across the UK and Ireland.

#sseresults #coronavirus #keyworker #keepingyougoing #electricity #renewables

Stirring call to action for a clean, resilient recovery from @SSE CEO Alistair Phillips-Davies - massive commitment to accelerate investment in zero carbon power system, creating jobs and improving the air we breath.

Find out more about our new series of comprehensive carbon targets, validated by @sciencetargets.

#greenrecovery #netzero #climateaction #renewables #electricity

Our teams have been ensuring safe and reliable supplies of electricity and supporting communities across the UK and Ireland.

#sseresults #coronavirus #keyworker #keepingyougoing #electricity #renewables

It’s been a year of change for SSE. As the sun has set on coal, it’s risen on a low-carbon future. #SSEresults #greenrecovery #netzero #climateaction #renewables #electricity

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